Plenty of Sources , by Ray Zwarich

To all the Really Good Ones, and to all who yearn for the truth:
I’m really not much interested in ‘conspiracy theories’, per se, but only silly Pollyanna-fools don’t understand that powerful political forces in our world, and in our nation, powerful people, are working together (conspiring) to try very hard to steer events in various directions that they think will benefit them.  
To ‘conspire’, (whose Latin root means ‘breathe with’), simply means to cooperate (breathe together with) other people to make certain things happen, (or try to), that are beneficial to all the ‘conspirators’. 
“Our real enemy has not yet revealed himself”… Michael Corleone. The End Game was fast approaching, and yet the aging Don Corleone (in the fable) had not yet ‘identified his enemy’. The people who make the most important decisions for the Ruling Elites are people whose names few of us would even recognize if we knew them. We will likely never be privy to what that sort of people do. Yet surely we all can ‘see’ that these decisions are being made by someone, somewhere, somehow, without meaningful input from the public. 
The Ruling Elites have ‘effective control’, but they do not control events. They have immense power to steer events, however. They have ‘effective control’ because they have so much more raw power than any other social agency. Their primary lever of control, (though hardly their only one), is their total (as in totalitarian) ownership and control of Mass Media. 
The Ruling Elites are not a monolithic entity. They are comprised of various forces, many of which are themselves intense rivals, or even bitter enemies. These various forces are like Mafia ‘families’. They are blood-deep rivals/enemies, but they cooperate in their shared selfish interests. The Ruling Elites comprise a ‘syndicate’ of independent but cooperating forces. The Ruling Syndicate owns and controls all Mass Media. It controls our government through our legislative system of legalized bribery, and through its Mass Media power and control of the electoral system, which in 2020, actually became a Mass Media ‘conspiracy’ to actually censor the news in the most crucial days right before the election. (The Biden Laptop Story is still an ongoing mass scale ‘cover-up’. How long can they keep such an explosive story buried?).   
What do we suppose that these people, these people who take a seat at the table when the Ruling Syndicate meets, (this is symbolic language, these people likely only rarely, if ever, actually ‘meet’), want to have happen in the US? 
In their wilderness mountain aeries, sitting in large soft chairs covered in finely pleated Spanish leather, before magnificent native stone fireplaces two stories tall, or… in gilded cabins on luxurious yachts secreted away on some deserted private South Seas bay, or… boarding a rocket to travel to outer space in search of amusement… wherever such people find their peace to ponder their desires, what IS these people’s desire? 
What are they trying to make happen? Do they WANT blood to flow in the street gutters? In their ongoing efforts to steer events, what is the ‘denouement‘ of our current threatening predicament  toward which they are trying to steer us? What is the outcome they are using all their power to try to create?
There are almost a BILLION white people alive on the Earth. Many have theorized, (Caesar wrote about it at some length), that people become tougher and stronger, the further north they have evolved to live. The comfort of warmer climates does not ‘temper’ people, (as wood or steel can be tempered), as a more “bracing climate” (Caesar’s term) does. 
It is clear to ‘see’ that events are progressing in a manner that will inevitably, (if it continues), polarize people into our most primitive human tribal enmities. White people, as a race, are not likely to ‘surrender’. When their collective back, as a race, is intentionally ‘put to the wall’, they will rise and fight back. Count on it… 
In the US, these people, speaking of them as a tribal grouping, (‘white people’), are heavily armed.
The US Ruling Syndicate is led by brilliantly capable people, most of whose names we likely have never even heard. Most of them are white people, (assuming that Ashkenazi Jews consider themselves white people), but only an infinitesimal percentage of white people are among their actual ranks. A larger percentage of white people are under their control, of course, often using manipulation of tribal emotions as a means of control. Many are their lackeys and sycophants among ALL races. People become loyal to the source of their ‘rice bowl’, to the source of their paycheck.  
The Ruling Elites are mostly white people, but they are cruelly victimizing MOST white people quite as enthusiastically as they victimize any and all other people, of any race, they can. There are an estimated THREE TIMES as many poor white people in the US, (‘poor’ defined as living in ‘sub-middle class’ conditions), as there are poor African Americans.
The US Ruling Elites are primarily of European heritage. They are primarily Caucasian people, including Ashkenazi Jewish people, (who have a different genetic heritage from the indigenous Sephardic Jews of the Middle East). But these Ruling Elites have ALWAYS been, since they acquired the power that superior technology brings, ‘equal opportunity exploiters’. 
White Ruling Elites were enslaving white people for thousands of years before Stone Age sub-Saharan African black people first became a source of slaves.   
Most of the population of Europe lived in some form of ‘indentured servitude’ for several thousands of years. They lived in constant jeopardy of tribal warfare, resulting in many indentured peasants being captured and sold into actual ‘slavery’. The more primitive tribes of Eastern Europe, the Slavic Tribes, were the sources of the ‘best’ slaves, so much so that their tribal identity, as ‘Slavs’, became our word for people owned by other people.
It was only about 500 years ago that the more advanced human civilizations, (meaning Europeans, North Africans, Arabs, Persians, and Asians), developed the confidence in their technology to sail far enough across the ocean to encounter the primitive Stone Age people of sub-Saharan Africa and the Americas. But slavery was already practiced by those Stone Age people before the more advanced civilizations came. 
Slavery was a virtually universal practice among humans for thousands of years. Looking back into the mists of Humanity’s evolution, the fact that some people owned other people, and used them as beasts of burden, was simply a fact of human life.
Americans are not very well educated people. We have a relatively high literacy rate, but relatively few people, even ‘educated’ people who hold college degrees, know or understand even rudimentary Human History. Our torn nation seems on the verge of erupting into widespread and bloody social violence between factions of people so ignorant of Human History that they think most American white people’s ancestors were slave owners. 
Most American white people’s ancestors were ‘slaves’ of some sort or degree. The people who came to America from Europe were fleeing horrific conditions of servitude. They made a dangerous journey seeking ‘freedom’. 
Few of them found anything much resembling ‘freedom’ when they got here. Many arrived as indentured servants/indentured labor. In exchange for the cost of their passage, they owed a certain number of years of work to whomever had paid the passage, (or to whomever a broker who had paid their passage might have sold the indenturement rights to). 
Conditions among white working people in America were horrific. Many white people lived in considerably worse physical conditions, (in terms of quality of housing, clothing, diet, etc), than the African chattel slaves of the South. They were paid wages that were too low to live more than a subsistence ‘beans and gruel in a hovel’ living on. 
Chattel slaves were like cattle. They were valuable ‘owned’ property. (A strong African male was worth as much as $40,000, in today’s money). People tend to take better care of their valuable property. The white ‘wage slaves’ of the North were completely expendable. Sure… They were ‘free’. Nobody owned them. When one broke down, no ‘owner’ cared about her or him. They were kicked into the gutter to die. There were plenty more Paddy and Colleen O’Reillys, and Pietro and Maria Mongonis, and Grigori and Magda Petrovitches arriving on the docks every day.
Children went to work in the mills at 8 or 9 years old. No bowl of gruel or beans was ‘free’. Every able body who could carry spools of thread from one machine to another was put to work, at 12 hour shifts, in noise so deafening that conversation was impossible, in air so thick with lint that the mill windows were sometimes mere rectangular orbs of fuzzy light. People commonly died in their mid-30s, after 25 years or so of choking to death from lung disease like miners choked on coal dust. Dead as young adults, leaving orphans behind toiling like… well… slaves… for their daily bowl of gruel and their bug-ridden bed.  
Such conditions of life were still common for white working people, for the American Common Folk, when my own parents were grade school children. In the early 20th Century, in the lifetimes of many of our own parents and grandparents, conditions among white working people were so bad all over America that the Elites who controlled the government, (then as now), feared actual armed revolution. Armed uprisings, running gun battles between white working people and ‘the police’, and even against soldiers, were taking place in both the west, in places like Colorado, (look up ‘Ludlow Massacre‘, in 1913), and in the East.
It’s bad enough that people do not know their own History, but it’s even worse when all-too-many do not yet even vaguely realize that they are being intentionally and deliberately deprived of that crucial knowledge of their own shared History and Culture. (They do not yet even know, even realize, that they are being intentionally subjected to someone else’s will by being intentionally deprived of the birthright of their own heritage and culture). 
Our History and Culture, as a nation, and/or as Humanity, and/or as part of our various ethnic heritages, are crucial elements of self-awareness that people are being intentionally deprived of.
This is REAL! This is REALLY happening!
We are really being subjected to an immensely powerful ‘will’ that wants to pretend that it does not exist. That ‘will’ is now snarling and demanding that we, the Common Folk, must agree to pretend, along with ‘the will’, that ‘the will’, whose immense power is apparent to all, does not even exist. 
Hey… Wait a dang minute here. This story was told long ago… Hans Christain published it in 1837, but he had read a source of the tale that traces back into antiquity, and through various other cultures, for a millennia, (or likely far more). A naked emperor is a naked emperor. Don’t be talkin’ at me, fool, ’bout his ‘new clothes’.  
But alas… This is effin’ REAL!… This is really happening… If we do not agree to pretend that we live in a ‘democracy’, and that the 2020 election was a shining beacon of our great democracy, (all genuflect), that anointed kindly Uncle Joe and saved us all from the mega-Evil Trump Monster, if we do not touch the knee as we swear our fealty to this clearly delusional mythology, we have been ‘branded’ as people to be persecuted as ‘outlaws’, (as potential “domestic terrorists”), by the leader of the Party in power, ole Skinny Joe his own dang self. 
Well… LOL… Okey doke, then… But a broke-down old silverback can’t help but wonder what these people who are trying to orchestrate events, who are now even often dropping their clown ‘democracy masks’ completely, baring their fangs and using all their power, even naked Totalitarian Censorship, (ask Greenwald), to try to control events, actually WANT to have happen?
Do the powers that control our nation WANT the Common People’s blood to flow? Doesn’t it surely seem that way? They seem to want to goad every faction into a fever’s pitch of volatile anger.
Why would they want to do that? 
To people who are not ignorant of our Human History, the answer is very obvious. When the orange glow in the night sky is close enough to flicker against the clouds, people will BEG The Police to take over. (Yup… You’ve heard an old ape say it before). THAT is how naked Fascism rises. (People don’t merely welcome it. They BEG for it). 
Once ‘martial law’ is declared, how will it ever be rescinded, except in ruins and ashes, (as it usually is)?  
“Better to avoid it”, muses a thick-skulled old simian. Better to ‘wake up’ from both ‘wokeness’ and ‘anti-wokeness’. Once we ‘see’ the old ‘divide and rule’ trick for what it is, we will feel sheepish all ’round… Sure… Yea… Well… Eff it!… Grown adult citizens can have a good laugh at ourselves, slap our palms on our skulls, (trying to pound in the lesson), and just move on.
When we awaken into new consciousness, isn’t that usually how it happens? A palm to the skull? A lesson learned? A shake of the head. And you just dust off and get on going again. (“That’s life… What the people say… You be ridin’ high in April… Shot down in May… ” Is that not as deep as any human wisdom? “You just get yourself up… You get back in the race”.
Hey… We’re ALL just ‘poor dumb humans’… Ain’t nobody here, or anywhere, that hasn’t made plenty of mistakes. We can ‘awaken’ to actually decide that we folks maybe outta cut each other some slack?
People who should be allies must first stop being enemies.
Identify the Enemy… Hint to the Common Folks: It’s not each other. Google “Human History”. There’s plenty of sources on it. 
R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm

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