Assange, presidential debates, Bolivia, genocide, and three documentaries, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

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My presentation on human rights and environmental justice 23/6/2024

After a global campaign, Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange is finally free
on a plea bargain. The empire will continue to punish andstop anyone from
release of information even if the information provided evidenec of war
crimes, crimes against humanity and even genocide. Wikileaks published
groundbreaking stories of government corruption and human rights abuses,
holding the powerful accountable for their actions. For this invaluable
service to humanity, Assange was persecuted and spent five years in a 2x3
metre cell, isolated 23 hours a day. This after 7 years of persecution and
taking asylum in a foreign embassy. He reunited with his wife Stella, and
their two children after 12 years of suffering. The criminals who ordered
the killing of civilians in Iraq and Palestine and elsewhere are still
free. We need more disclosure and actions to bring down this global empire!
Wikileaks not only exposed the horrors caused by the US but also of Israel
and leaked papers about corrupt Arab leaders (including the Palestinian

The US/Israel empire marches on with some successes and some setbacks.
Zionist picked Conman Trump faced off against Zionist picked Genocide Joe
in a presidential debate mwith no public moderated by two committed Zionist
Jews Jack Tapper and Dana Bash. All four as many other media and political
elite support genocide for profit (and in some cases in response to
blackmail by those wo profit). It gives the US public a distraction to keep
the delusion that they still have democracy instead of dealing with real
challenges like climate change, rich getting richer and poor getting
poorer, the madness of war etc. The empire  just attempted and failed in
having a military coup in Bolivia. Bolivian leftist government had
condemned the US/Israel ongoing genocide!. Sephardic Israeli Chief Rabbi
says there will not be a ceasefire. There will be either an end to Israel
or the progress towards a greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. He
is right. Israel as an apartheid regime must end or the US/Israel killing
machine goes on and will lead us to global catastrophic war thanks to the
lobby/special interests. We need to focus efforts on stopping the addiction
to war (and genocide) for profit and to work to build a sustainable future.

Latest genocide numbers (and we are not just numbers):
Case of genocide well documented

Here are samples of outcome of US/Israel partnership in crime (You must
watch these, we will not stop posting, no one can say they did not know):
4000 kidnapped political prisoners being tortured and even killed in a
prison that is more horrific than  AbuGhraib. Now some information is
leaking even to:
Israeli site 972 Magazine
New York Times

But the collapse of Zionism is inevitable as Ilan Pappe wrote

Three documentaries worth watching
The night won't end
Landscape of occupation
Four Women of Egypt

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

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