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Dec 21, 2021

Nuclear Nightmare, Open Your Eyes and Awake
♫ Bess, You Is My Woman Now

Russia’s ultimatum to the West, by The Saker

America’s Foreign Policy Dilemma, by Paul Craig Roberts
Are Sino-Russian Relations Really the ‘Best in History’? by Tim Kirby
Does an East/West Showdown Loom? by Stephen Lendman
The Shadowy CIA Data Firms Behind the Creation of Digital Vaccine Passport IDs
The Great Supply Chain Collapse, by James Rickards
The Great ‘What if?’ for Julian Assange, by Joe Lauria
China Is Not A Problem That Westerners Need To Solve, by Caitlin Johnstone
     A Throne of Chinese Skulls! Oh Yeah? by Chris Faure
Manufacturing Contempt for Assange: How the Media Made WikiLeaks Founder into a Scapegoat (Video)
The Menticide Manual – Astroturfing, by Thorsten J. Pattberg
“This Is A No”: Manchin Announces He Won’t Vote For Build Back Better, by Tyler Durden
E. Michael Jones: I Will Vote for RFK Jr. When He Runs for President! by Kevin Barrett
Billionaires are Stealing Millions of Acres of Land Using ‘Climate Change’ as Their Justification
How the media lost touch with reality, by Batya Ungar-Sargon
Omicron: the Lockdowners’ Last Stand, by Ron Paul
     Emails reveal Fauci’s effort to ‘smear’ anti-lockdown scientists
Fauci says face masks will ALWAYS have to be worn on planes
     Dr. Bret Weinstein interview with Dr. Robert Malone – Dark Horse Podcast
Irrefutable: Flu/Covid Jabs Harm and Don’t Protect, by Stephen Lendman
     It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pravda…. Everywhere You Turn, by Sundance (Video)
Report Links Ballooning Fatalities to “Specific Batches” of the Covid-19 Vaccine, by Mike Whitney
The Scourge of Propaganda TV, by Stephen Lendman
BMJ Exposes Facebook “Fact-Checker” Facade, FDA Pill With Tracking Sensor.. by Ryan Cristián (Videos)
Is Ethiopia Next? The Strategy Session, Episode 40 with Matthew Ehret – Strategic Podcast
Ex-Marine Explains Why Oswald Alone Could Not Possibly Have Shot JFK, by Daniel Borgström
US Air Force embraces gender pronouns
The dystopian future of housing, by Roslyn Fuller
Babylon Bee: 10 Shocking Books Currently Available In Public School Libraries
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