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Feb 13, 2022

♫ Santana – Black Magic Woman / Oye Como Va

Wake-Up Call, by James Howard Kunstler

Proposal: Just Run All Western News Media Directly Out Of CIA Headquarters, by Caitlin Johnstone
The Great International Convoy Fiasco, by Matt Taibbi
     Supporting Tyranny, Opposing Freedom, by Stephen Lendman
“Eyes Of The World Are On Us” – Ontario Declares ‘State Of Emergency’ Over Bridge Blockade, by Tyler Durden
     Will the Canadian State Cancel the Right of Protest? Freedom Convoy No More? (Audio)
The Federal Assembly Speech: Putin Vows to Rein in Capitalism and Shore Up Sovereignty, by Mike Whitney
Russia Is Learning the Price of Relying on Diplomacy with the West, by Paul Craig Roberts
From Tantura to Naqab: Israel’s Long Hidden Truths Are Finally Revealed, by Ramzy Baroud
Joe Rogan Steamrolls CNN – Slams Brian Stelter And Don Lemon Over Misinformation, by Tyler Durden (Video)
     Covid Wars: Dem SuperPAC Behind Rogan Smear Campaign (Video)
The Collapse of the COVID Narrative: A Brief Strategic Window to Regain Our Democracies, by Elizabeth Woodworth
     Daily Sceptic Latest Update
RFK, Jr, CHD Call on FDA to Deny Emergency Use Authorization of Pfizer Vaccine for Infants and Children Under 5
     Ryan Cristián: Pfizer Reveals Concerns With ‘Data Integrity’ Vindicating Previous Claims (Video)
U.S. media attacks China’s Covid-19 policies for saving lives, while Americans die, by Joe Scholten
Scott Horton Show: Branko Marcetic on the Nazi Insurgency in Ukraine (Podcast)
Americans must recognize the suffering their country continues inflicting in Afghanistan, by Kathy Kelly
‘I am exhausted by Israel’ — On the risk to Jews of supporting the ‘thug nation,’ by Philip Weiss
From Iron Dome to supply chains, US Christian group quietly shaping US-Israel ties, by Lazar Berman
     Inside the Illinois state pension board seeking to promote Israeli control over the West Bank, by Fran Zell
Keir Starmer accuses Stop the War coalition of siding with Nato’s enemies, by Heather Stewart
Russian Defence Minister Shoigu held talks in Moscow with his British counterpart Ben Wallace
French position on Ukraine revealed, by Layla Guest
Biden’s New DoE Hire Is A Queer Activist Who Brags About “Puppy Play” Gimp-Kink, by Paul Joseph Watson
     Our DoD Deems “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” Are Necessities for the U.S. Military, by Paul Kersey
Federico Pieraccini: Washington is pushing its European vassals to assume a more aggressive posture against Iran
Biden has merely rebranded the brutal war against Yemen, by Shireen Al-Adeimi
Rather Than Sink Main Street by Raising Interest Rates, the Fed Could Save It. Here’s How, by Ellen Brown
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