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Jan 6, 2022

Novak Djokovic Numero Uno!
♫ Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté – Ai Ga Bani

Preparing for War, NATO Keeps the Propaganda Going, by Brian Cloughley

Presidential hopeful Melenchon says France should leave NATO and partner with Russia
America gets mad. They want Biden to launch war on Russia!
What if the largest experiment on human beings in history is a failure? by Robert W Malone MD, MS
     Govts Admit Using ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ As Tool of Population Control, by Paul Joseph Watson
Google Manipulates Results As “Mass Formation Psychosis’ Searches Explode Due To Collapsing COVID Narrative
Numbers Show Who America Is Watching and It Explains the Left’s Fears and Desperation
US/NATO Foreign Ministers Plot Anti-Russia Strategy, by Stephen Lendman
It’s the Economist, Stupid, by David Stacey
Emma Watson endorses Palestinian ‘solidarity’ — and Israeli officials lose their minds, by J North and P Weiss
AAPS News January 2022 – Overcoming the Great Divide
     Covid 2022: A New Year, New Fears, by Marilyn Singleton, MD
Why Mill’s ‘Harm Principle’ is Useless Against Mandatory Vaccination
     Upcoming Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington, by Stephen Lendman
AAPS Endorses Amicus Brief Submitted to the Supreme Court Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandates
Djokovic Granted Permission to Compete in Australian Open Despite Being Unvaccinated
     France detects new COVID-19 variant ‘IHU’, more infectious than Omicron
Quelle Surprise: Another Invented Flu/Covid Strain, by Stephen Lendman
     Technological Parasitism: Covid “Vaccines” Appear to Contain Self-Assembling “Nano-Octopus” Microparticles
Daily Sceptic News Round-Up 01/05
Meet Jed Rakoff, the Judge Who Exposed the “Rigged Game,” by Matt Taibbi
PCAP: The ‘free world’ cannot eulogize Desmond Tutu’s greatness and support Israeli apartheid
Ukraine’s gas prices bankrupt industries; women to face mandatory military service
The govt of Kazakhstan has been dismissed effective immediately, according to a presidential decree
     Color revolution in Kazakhastan, by The Saker
Andrei Martyanov: Kazakhstan and Russia (Video)
With the Clinton Brand Now Discredited, Its High Time to Reopen the Investigation into the Death of VinceFoster
A Critical Look at the Polish ‘Pogroms’ of 1914–1920, by Andrew Joyce
Babylon Bee: FBI To Host First Annual Jan 6 Reunion
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