Lost and Found – Civil Discourse in Reply to Dr. Michael Brenner – Part 1 , by Simius Cognitius

Dr. Michael Brenner, a brilliant scholar and a frequent public commentator, recently published a well-written essay, entitled ‘Signposts to Perdition‘, warning us that the election of Donald Trump will herald the onset of overt ‘fascism’ in our nation. He wrote his essay before the brazen absurdity of the recent ‘debate’, (any self-respecting citizen must surely feel angrily insulted that those running our absurd Kabuki-show political system have so little respect for us as to give us a choice between two such ‘clowns’), although the sad truth of Biden’s obvious dementia has been apparent for quite some time. 

One wonders if Dr. Brenner truly thinks that electing a poor doddering old senile sock puppet is somehow ‘better’ than electing a pitifully pathological narcissist like Trump? Who does Dr. Brenner think is actually running the White House now? Is Dr. Brenner really so naive as to think that if this shallow, self-adoring real-estate developer, (who can be as easily manipulated by means of flattering his desperately massive ego as a powerful bull can be easily controlled by a ring in his nose), once again occupies the White House, that the US Military will maybe choose to obey his commands this time? Has Dr. Brenner forgotten that they, our nation’s top military commanders, refused to obey ‘direct orders’ from the “Commander-in-Chief”, (as defined by the US Constitution) last time? I myself would never vote for either of these hapless impotent clowns, even if this shameless, brazen crook, poor ole Skinny-Joe Biden, a life-long loyal bagman for Big Money, was not obviously suffering from rapidly advancing dementia.    

‘Fascism’ is an interesting word. It means different things to different people. One widely held definition, often attributed to Mussolini, is the joining together of corporate economic power with the power of government. We’ve most certainly long ago, decades ago, fulfilled that definition. In his essay here Dr. Brenner provides us with his thoughts on the characteristics of people in power who adhere to the political ideology to which the word ‘fascism’ refers. In doing so, he ascribes these fascist characteristics exclusively to Donald Trump and his MAGA Faction followers, without much in the way of actual substantive evidence, but rather as part of a now well-established political ritual of outright ‘demonization’, (known widely in some circles as “Trump Derangement Syndrome”), of anyone who opposes the extremist, and overtly fascist policies of the Woke Cult Faction now ‘in office’, ostensibly led by a doddering old man that his own wife talks to as if he were her pre-school child. (“You answered all the questions. You knew the facts”, she gushed to him, as he grinned like a proud kindergarten child).  

Dr. Brenner clearly has not yet come to understand that NEITHER of these two artfully wrought factions vying for ‘office’ has any prospects whatsoever of coming anywhere near actual ‘power’. The One Locus of Actual Power in our broken nation lies firmly in the hands of the Super-Wealthy Elite Forces who finance and control BOTH the Woke Cult Left AND the MAGA Right. 

Our nation’s Common People, even the most brilliantly intelligent among us, (like Dr. Brenner), are somehow so inexplicably confused, by facts that they themselves know perfectly well, that they just cannot think clearly. We ALL surely know that the forces of Big Money controls BOTH political parties, in a political system whose ‘winner take all’ rules limit to being a two-party system. The term, the “uni-party”, has come to be used by most all commentators that are worth taking at all seriously. The degree to which Big Money controls our government and our nation, (largely through its centralized control of Mass Media), is almost universally recognized as a ‘given fact’. 

Any person who does not understand that our nation has fallen under the complete and total (as in totalitarian) control of these Jewish-dominated forces of the Super-Wealthy Elites, (and their hired and well-bribed lackeys in government, both in elected office, and in the so-called ‘deep-state’ bureaucracy, and also, of course, their opulently paid lackey-stooges in corporate management), is just not aware of the stark REALITY of our deadly dangerous predicament.

It’s just not credible that a person of Dr. Brenner’s brilliant intelligence does not fully understand that “fools line up to vote, while those with the REAL power choose the candidates”. A large percentage of us have advanced even beyond a clear perception of that ‘old adage’, to realize that a similar ‘old adage’, often attributed to Joseph Stalin, is now also fully in effect. “Fools line up to vote for candidates their rulers’ stooges have chosen for them, while those with the REAL power artfully count the votes”.      .  

We’ve come to such a point of clinically pathological extremism in our sad, broken nation, (about as truly ‘insane’ as political discourse can get, before blood begins to flow freely into the street-gutters and sewers), that any concerned parent who objects to highly sexualized Drag Queen Story Hours for pre-school and kindergarten children, conducted by burlesque performers wearing bizarrely exaggerated and highly sexualized make-up and costumes, is demonized by the crazed Woke Cult as an extremist ‘Nazi fascist’. Any concerned parents who love their children and object to books being in grade school libraries explaining the term “blow job” in graphic terms, or even just “oral sex”, (with actual illustrations), is demonized by the crazed Woke Cult as a “Nazi fascist book-burner”. Anyone who refuses to believe that people with male genitalia can somehow magically transform themselves into actual ‘real’ women, who thus have the ‘right’ to be naked in gender-sequestered spaces (locker room showers, etc) with actual women, (people with female genitalia), is demonized by the crazed Woke Cult as a ‘Nazi fascist’. “We’re HERE! We’re QUEER! And we’re coming for your children!” How ’bout that latest ‘Pride Parade’ in SF.. Eh? Parading stark naked down public streets. Men giving each other blow jobs in public. And if these things aren’t OK with you, you are a no good Nazi Fascist extremist, and if you express your objection by exercising your constitutional rights, we’ll use the full raw power of ‘the state’, which flies the Pride Flag right beside our national flag, in our own capitol and in front of US Embassies all over the world, to arrest you, charge yopu with being a dangerous extremist, and imprison you. 

It’s people from the MAGA Faction that are being arrested and imprisoned. It’s the Woke Cult Faction that is using the raw power of ‘the state’ to fly the Woke Cult Pride Flag and to do the arresting and imprisoning. And you think that the former, the people being arrested and imprisoned for exercising their rights to object to having this crazily bizarre Woke Cult ideology forced on them, are the ‘fascists’ in this bizarre, and carefully stage-managed Kabuki Show, Dr. Brenner? 

The crazed Woke Cult Faction now ‘holding office’, (we should NOT use the term “now in power”, because both these two major factions represent the priorities of the SAME forces that actually control our nation and rule over all our lives, the forces which fund and control BOTH these factions), the crazed Woke Cult Faction thinks it has both the right and the raw power to FORCE people to believe these bizarre ideas that violate our most basic human sensibilities. They think they can FORCE people to believe these bizarre beliefs. And they are shooting and killing people, and putting people in prison, for objecting to being FORCED to believe these extremely bizarre beliefs. 

The Woke Cult Faction is NOW using, (not merely threatening to use), the full police / legal powers of ‘the state’ to intimidate, prosecute, and imprison its political opponents, including Trump, of course. But in Dr. Brenner’s description of the characteristics of fascist governments, he somehow neglects to mention that prosecuting and imprisoning political opponents is among THE most salient characteristics of fascist governance. Dr. Brenner does not say so much as ONE WORD about that… Does he?… Did I somehow miss that part?…

Dr. Michael Brenner is telling us that it is NOT the Woke Cult Faction, which thinks they have both the right and the raw power to FORCE people to believe what the Woke Cult Faction commands them to believe, that are the ‘fascists’. It is rather the people re-acting to this FORCE being applied to them, the people objecting to being told what they are COMMANDED to believe, who are the fascists. 

That is most certainly a very ‘interesting’ conclusion, Dr. Brenner. Could you please explain how you came to it?

As an ‘objective’ observer, as a person looking at both these two Major Factions from the outside, I think that they BOTH most certainly DO have fascist characteristics. Each faction wants to ‘conquer’ and ‘rule over’ the other faction. Each faction foolishly believes that it CAN ‘conquer’ and then ‘rule over’ the other faction. 

This is EXACTLY what the Ruling Elite Tyrants, the Jewish-dominated Elite Forces that finance and control BOTH factions, most want all these poor duped people to believe. Just as is Dr. Brenner, all these people are allowing their own Common Enemy, the Elite Tyrants that rule over our nation, that rule over the Woke Cult, and over MAGA, and over all the rest of us, over ALL the Common People, to control their own behavior. The Ruling Tyrants have used the immense psychological powers of their centrally controlled Mass Media to artfully divide us, to divide the nation’s Common People, into these two factions, with each of them, with each faction, financially dependent on, and thus controlled by, the SAME Ruling Elite Powers.

Our entire political system has been reduced to a giant, and carefully stage-managed, Kabuki-type Reality-TV Show. Imagine that you had all that power. Imagine an unlimited budget, (these Elite Powers own $TRILLIONS, and control $TRILLIONS more), and imagine you had fully centralize control over Mass Media. Imagine you controlled not just what information the public was allowed access to, but that you controlled what books are published, what ‘music’ is heard on the radio, what TV shows and movies are made, what cartoons children watch, what web sites people are drawn to by spying on our browsing habits. Imagine YOU had all that power, Dr. Brenner. Can’t you ‘see’ how EASY it would be to do what ‘they’ ARE doing? How EASY it would be to stage-manage the Kabuki-style Reality-TV Show we are all forced to regard as our clown-show political system?

Both Major Factions stupidly believe they can conquer and rule over the other faction. They can’t. The very belief that they can makes ‘democracy’ completely impossible. A “tyranny of the majority”, a slim majority conquering and ruling over the minority, does NOT comprise True Democracy. The very fact that most of us seem to not know that just shows us how far away from any semblance of a functional ‘democracy’ we’ve fallen

Divide and Rule… They’ve got us EXACTLY where they want us. As long as we refuse to ‘see’ this, that is how long we will remain in our current state of complete and utter political impotence, with no organized force in the entire nation actually opposing the powers that actually rule over us. Our Ruling Tyrants rule unopposed. COMPLETELY unopposed. The Woke Cult Left is fighting the MAGA Right, and vice versa. NOBODY is fighting the Tyrants who control both the Woke Cult Left and the  MAGA Right. NOBODY…. Capisce???…. NOBODY!!!.

BOTH these poilitically stupid Major Factions have ‘fascist’ designs to rule over the other by means of force, by means of Raw Power. The Tyrants who finance and control BOTH factions have artfully trained both factions to think and behave this way. But.. between the two factions, one is very obviously the aggressor. The MAGA Faction is very obviously ‘reacting’ to the naked socio-political aggression of the overtly crazed, and overtly fascist, Woke Cult Faction. The MAGA Faction is threatening fascism. But these crazy Woke Cult forces are already overtly practicing naked fascism. 

Remember ‘Spy vs. Spy‘ in Mad Magazine when we were kids, Dr, Brenner? This artfully stage-managed ‘Woke vs MAGA’ Reality-TV Show has the exact same ‘plot’. Both ‘sides’ in this Kabuki Show are wearing the exact same costumes, only one side wears white, the other black. ‘Fascists vs Fascists’. Gee… Sounds t’ me like ‘fascists’ stand a pretty fair chance of winning… Eh?…

We, meaning our nation’s Common People, have been fatally divided into these two mutually hateful factions of more or less equal size by our cunning Enemy. Each faction wants to, and each thinks it can, ‘conquer and rule over’ the other faction by ‘winning’ absurdly crooked and corrupted contests we call “elections”. Each of the two factions, the Woke Cult Faction, and the MAGA Faction, thinks it can win, but each of them are under the control of the Ruling Powers that are ‘running’ this ‘show’.  

Dr. Brenner’s foolishly misguided thesis, (so misguided that it is, speaking frankly, ‘delusional’), serves his own avowed Enemy’s highest priority, which is to keep our nation’s population so divided into mutually hateful tribal factions that we remain perpetually trapped in our current state of complete and utter political impotence.


Fascism is indeed rapidly descending upon our sad-sack, broken nation, but anyone who cannot ‘see’ that the Biden Regime is already openly practicing naked fascism, (using police power to prosecute and/or intimidate political opponents?… Geez… It just doesn’t get more ‘fascist’ that that), on behalf of the Ruling Elite Tyrants who control BOTH political parties, is blind to this as a matter of their own delusional will. 

The Biden Regime, under the absurd auspices of a poor doddering senile sock puppet, is openly using the police powers of the state, the ‘muscle’ of the nation’s legal system, to both persecute and prosecute the current Regime’s political opponents, and the Woke Cult Faction that supports this classic practice of all fascists, is not only cheering on this nakedly fascist behavior, but, like Dr. Brenner, is telling us that any who oppose the Biden Regime’s fascist behavior are dirty no-good rotten fascists. 

Psychologists call this pathological phenomenon of accusing others of one’s own behavior ‘projection’. Our government, under this blatantly murderous, war-mongering Biden Regime, has effectively repealed the US Constitution, not merely the Bill of Rights, which has been effectively nullified, but, in its highly selective application of the law, (prosecuting opponents for doing things the personnel of the Biden Regime itself are openly doing), the actual mechanics of the defined separation and balance of powers themselves have been effectively nullified as well. (Under Trump, the US Military top command refuse to follow direct orders of the Constitutionally defined “Commader-in-Chief”.

Anyone who cannot see that this fascist Woke Cult Regime has repealed the US Constitution and is now openly practicing naked fascism is willfully blind to it as a matter of delusional factional bias. This is a clinically pathological degree of mass delusion.

Dr. Brenner himself is practicing an essential element of fascism in not merely expressing his blind tribal loyalty to one of the two Major Factions into which our cunning Ruling Tyrants have so artfully divided us, (and so completely control). He is openly ‘demonizing’ anyone who dares to oppose his own factional loyalty. By his own assessment, he is openly ‘demonizing’ fully half the population of his fellow Americans, for daring to oppose the Biden Regime’s Woke Cult Faction. He is characterizing ‘the other’, the MAGA Faction, as evil demons, as evil ‘fascists’, simply for daring to oppose the Woke Cult Faction.


Just a quick review…

An elemental aspect of our deadly dangerous political predicament is that only ONE Central Locus of centrally controlling power now exists in our broken bleeding nation. This element of our predicament is so obvious that anyone who pretends not to ‘see’ it is being willfully delusional

Our nation has been captured under the tyrannical power of a ‘Syndicate’ of the nation’s Super Wealthy Elites, and, of course, their lackeys in the giant government bureaucracy, (their paid lackeys both in elected office, and the entrenched ‘deep state’), and in highly overpaid corporate management, the latter of which includes complete ownership and highly centralized control of ALL our nation’s means of Mass Communications, which is the Ruling Syndicate’s primary lever of power. (The means of communication are the means of power). 

All who are not willfully and pathologically self-blinded by the insanity of intense factional (cult) bias can see that this Ruling Syndicate of Elite Powers is made up from various elements that among themselves have opposing interests, (as the legendary Mafia Syndicate was made up from separate ‘families’ that had diverse interests). Anyone not willfully self-blinded by pathological factional bias can easily ‘see’ that this US Ruling Syndicate is dominated by its single most powerful faction, highly organized American Jewry. The immensely powerful Jewish Faction of the Ruling Syndicate, itself holding only a minority of about 35-40% of the Ruling Syndicate’s power, but which comprises the largest single faction, by FAR, and thus the dominant faction, have made our once powerful nation of some 350 million people into a lackey / vassal of the tiny foreign country of Israel, and, together with Israel, into the most passionately reviled nation on Earth. (That’s us, folks… Look into the mirror to see a citizen of the most passionately hated nation on our planet).   

As so many of us, (likely most of us), do, Dr. Brenner fashions himself into his own Enemy’s unwitting (duped) operative. By agreeing to participate as a fanatically loyal tribal advocate for one of the two mutually hateful Major Factions into which the Ruling Syndicate has so artfully divided the nation’s Common People, he is allowing his own Enemy, the Ruling Syndicate, to control his behavior. 

In openly ‘demonizing’ his own fellow American citizens, in ‘demonizing’ the very people who should be his political allies against the ruling power of the Ruling Syndicate, he is behaving EXACTLY as the nation’s cunning Ruling Syndicate most wants him to behave.  

It’s actually even much worse than that. More than merely allowing his own Enemy to control his behavior, he is allowing this cunning Syndicate of Elite Tyrants to control his thinking. He is allowing the Ruling Syndicate to control his brilliant MIND!… 

As his own Enemy’s ‘duped operative’, Dr. Brenner is enlisting his magnificent brilliance of mind to serve his own Enemy’s highest priority. Despite all his brilliance of mind, he is stupidly allowing his immensely cunning Enemy to leverage his deepest and most primitive tribal emotions, his entirely admirable feelings of ‘tribal loyalty’, against him, to cause him to serve that Enemy rather than his own ‘enlightened self-interests’, which can only be served by forging political alliance with the very people he so willfully and stupidly demonizes. 

People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies… 

Divide et Impera“, saith our sad, broken nation’s Ruling Tyrants. “I’ll certainly be glad to help”, Dr. Brenner so stupidly replies, as he falls, like a proverbial ‘ton of bricks’, for what is, quite literally, THE ‘oldest trick in the book’, (THE oldest). “Divide and Rule”. It has worked ‘like a charm’ for some 100 centuries, since the very dawn of Human Civilization, as it has been used by ‘the few’, by the Ruling Elites over all these 10,000 years, to subjugate and cruelly exploit the lives of ‘the many’, the lives of the Common People. 

I can hear poor ole Sun Tzu’s groans from here, as he rolls in restless frustration in his moldy grave. The First Rule in the Art of War, Dr. Brenner, is “If you allow the enemy to control your own thinking, and thus your behavior, you will lose every battle, and fall to ruinous defeat in the war”. 

O America, heirs of Glory, heroes of unwritten story, nurslings of one mighty Mother, hopes of her, and one another; rise like Lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number, shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you –

Ye are many – THEY are few!” — PB Shelley… from ‘The Masque of Anarchy‘ (with minor liberties taken)… 


“I once was lost… But now I’m found… Was blind but now I ‘see’ “

Free Will… A choice always challenges us with both temptation and redemption.

End of Part 1

Simius Cognitius