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Mar 15, 2022

♫ Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Diplomats Are Talking But the Guns Are Not Silent, by Vladimir Solovyov

Big Brave Keyboard Warriors, by Caitlin Johnstone
Will Russia Be a Victim of Her Own Good Intentions? by Paul Craig Roberts
On the Origins of “Genocide”: What We Learn from Amnesty’s Report on Israeli Apartheid, by Miko Peled
Three important missile strikes, by The Saker
     Briefings by the Russian Defense Ministry, by The Saker
Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last Ukrainian? by Ron Paul
A COVID-19 Theory I Cannot Prove, by Larry Romanoff
Alexander Dugin on Ukraine & Geopolitics
When History Begins – Russia, Ukraine, and the US, by Sheldon Richman
US, NATO Rush MANPADS Systems Into Ukraine, Downplay Proliferation Risks, by Jason Ditz
The Globalist Enemy: Fighting in Ukraine is not about defending freedom, by eugyppius
     Ukraine and the Global American Empire, by eugyppius
U.S. Biological Labs in Ukraine: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Robert Bridge
The Great Reset is The Great Con, by Jon Rappoport
Anti-Russian hysteria in the US: Who does it serve? by Natalia Marques
What’s Behind Washington’s Denial of Biowarfare Weapons Programme in Ukraine? by Ekaterina Blinovo
Phase 4 of Ukraine war starts as rockets rain down on Mariupol, by Ben Aris
     Eastern Ukraine is close to falling, but Putin now needs a peace, fast, by Gav Don
Before Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, a Decade of Destabilization, by Jeff Carlson and Hans Mahncke
‘Syrian chemical attack’ – Ukraine edition coming soon? by Gavin O’Reilly
Chief of Staff Says Israeli Army is Ready to Invade Gaza
How Ukraine’s Jewish President Made Peace With Neo-Nazi Paramilitaries, by A Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal
Putin is Correct about NATO & Ukraine. U.S. Double Standard Explained (Video)
     Declassified Documents Confirm US Assurances of No Eastward NATO Expansion
Massive Conflicts of Interest at the NIH, by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Taiwan Will Defend Differently Than Ukraine in Event of Chinese Invasion, by Frank Fang
UK Supreme Court refuses Assange permission to appeal, by Joe Lauria
Massive lawsuit: pesticide causes Parkinson’s; how lawyer-logic and medical-hustle perform stage magic
Tensions Rise Between Ukraine & Israel After Zelensky Reportedly Told to “Surrender,” by Tyler Durden
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