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Nov 15, 2021

♫ “Pacheco” by Kate Wolf

Reason has been superseded by the need to obey, by David Mamet

What It Means to Experience “Social Death,” by Thomas Harrington
Do Not Give Up Your Rights: Dr. Julie Ponesse’s Remarkable Speech (Video)
Covid Box Car, Vaccine Plunge Dip and Faucian Bargain, by Linh Dinh
Whitney Webb: UN-Backed Banker Alliance Announces “Green” Plan to Transform the Global Financial System
     Another Housing Crisis in America Is Coming, by Tim Kirby
Note about the current naval operations in the Black Sea, by The Saker
WaPo Begins Scrubbing and Deleting Prior Articles Using the Steele Dossier to Promote Trump-Russia Narrative
An Antidote to the Jewpill (Part I: Group Evolutionary Strategy), by James Lawrence
It’s getting bad again – The Week In Review – Bournbrook Magazine Podcast
The FBI as an Official Enforcement Mechanism of The Fourth Branch of Government, by Sundance
Leading Dem calls on Blinken to ‘unambiguously denounce’ Israeli action against Palestinian human rights orgs
     Jack Ruby: Israel’s Smoking Gun, by Laurent Guyénot
Russian Foreign Ministry on Afghanistan, Ukraine and Nicaragua, by Stephen Lendman
Saudis Provoke Another Lebanese Crisis, by As`ad AbuKhalil
Monty Python Comedian John Cleese Cancels Himself “Before Someone Else Does,” by Steve Watson
MSM’s Mandate Is Brainwashing and Suppressing What’s Vital to Know, by Stephen Lendman
Healthy Top Level Athletes Dropping Dead Worldwide from Covid Vaccination, by Paul Craig Roberts
     PANDA´s Letter to British Society of Immunology
Thousands march through Melbourne streets in protest against Victoria’s pandemic laws
“It Raises Serious Constitutional Concerns” – Appeals Court Re-Affirms Stay On Biden Vaccine Mandate
     Biden Regime War on Humanity with Mass Destruction in Mind, by Stephen Lendman
Nearly 40% of people had depression during the pandemic, study finds
     Scottish govt puts tampons in men’s toilets
Nasrallah: Israel in deep existential crisis, Yemen victory to have huge regional effects
Mendeleyev, Witte and the Revival of Russia’s Lost Revolutionary Potential of 1905, by Matthew Ehret
Pulling back from the brink: Religious and ethnic intolerance threatens to spin out of control
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