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Oct 17, 2021

Guarding the stash – Opium fields in Afghanistan
♫ Stan Rogers – Down The Road

Nations Built on Lies – How the US Became Rich, by Larry Romanoff

It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid, by Caitlin Johnstone
Can We Escape from the Consequence of Our Insouciance? by Paul Craig Roberts
Was America’s Longest War for Opium, Oil and Propping up the Stock Market? by John Potash
Endless Enemies and the Permanent War Economy, by John O’Kane
Stand-up comics stand up for Julian Assange (Video)
     Journalism is on Trial: Don’t extradite Assange (Videos)
What Baraitser Thought About the Plot to Kill or Abduct Assange, by Joe Lauria
When the West Was Itchin’ to Go to China, by Pepe Escobar
Supply Chain of Fools, by Jeffrey St. Clair
British government ministers have been complicit in millions of deaths since 1945, escaped justice
London Is Exploiting Danger of Conflict in Ireland to Extract Brexit Concessions from EU, by Finian Cunningham
US Writes Belarus into Its Familiar Regime-Change Script, by Alan Macleod
Friday “Humor”: Vaccine Efficacy ‘Science’ Explained (Video)
     PHE Data Shows Infection Rate in Vaccinated People in Their 40s Now More Than Double the Rate in Unvaccinated
          Final Messages – Part 1 – How the Mandates End (Video)
     Proof that the CDC is lying to the world about COVID vaccine safety, by Steve Kirsch
         “Expert” Calls For Denying Life-Saving Hospital Treatment To The Unvaccinated, by Paul Joseph Watson
Protests and Strikes Expected as ‘Green Pass’ for Italian Workers Comes into Force, by Michael Curzon
Why Did They Even Bother Ousting Trump Just to Continue His Foreign Policy? by Tim Kirby
Kevin Barrett: Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould Expose Political Assassinations and War-Trigger Provocations
Activism Uncensored: Donald Trump Addresses Ashli Babbitt Ceremony, by Matt Taibbi (Video)
Why Is Stalking Legal? by Ted Rall
The Holocaust and the Myth of the Past as History, by Howard F. Stein
     A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel Incites Hate Against Germans, by Robert Faurisson
The Ukronazis place a twelve (12!) year old girl on their “black list,” by the Saker
“People vs. Fossil Fuels”: Over 530 Arrested in Historic Indigenous-Led Climate Protests in D.C.
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