Peter Myers Digest: July 2

(0) Mike Johnson urges Congress to use 25th Amendment to remove Biden IMMEDIATELY
(1) Trump vs the Deep State?
(2) Obama is trying to get Biden to pull out of the Election - Tucker Carlson
(3) RFKjr: Choice between 2 Corrupt leaders
(4) Col Douglas Macgregor says Deep State is running USA, calls for Early Elections
(5) Supreme Court codifies Presidential immunity from criminal prosecution
(6) Biden nearly got us into a nuclear war - Tulsi Gabbard
(7) Squad come out against Trump immunity ruling, revealing their Trotskyist agenda

There's no time to lose; he can't be allowed to stay on - Peter M.

(0) Mike Johnson urges Congress to use of 25th Amendment to remove Biden

Mike Johnson stands by 25th Amendment statements: 'We are at a dangerous moment'

Makenzie Boucher
Shreveport Times

Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office swore in Sheriff Julian Whittington for a fourth term Sunday, June 30.  ...

United States Speaker of the House, Rep. Mike Johnson-- native of Shreveport and resident of Bossier Parish administered the Oath of Office. ...
This visit comes days after the presidential debate in Georgia and Johnson commented on several topics regarding the state of the country. ...

"We are in a time of great challenge," said Johnson. "You can make an argument we are facing the greatest collection of challenges that our country has faced arguably since at least World War II maybe the Civil War." ...

He went on to discuss the debate calling it the "greatest mismatch in the history of presidential debates."

On Friday, June 28, Johnson told media during a press conference he believed President Biden's Cabinet should consider using the 25th Amendment. On Sunday, June 30, he stood by that statement telling the Shreveport Times:

"The 25th Amendment is an extreme measure. It was added to the Constitution to allow for a moment of crisis. After the debate last week, I take no pleasure in saying it, but everyone recognizes we're at a moment of crisis. This is a dangerous situation, to have a Commander in Chief/ President of the United States that is not seen to be fit for the office, to not be up to the challenge. We are at a dangerous moment."

He continued by saying that it is not his place to invoke the 25th Amendment but he would advise the Cabinet to serve their hearts because it is a dangerous situation. ...

(1) Trump vs the Deep State?

Michael Tracey

You don't understand! When Trump bombed Syria twice, tried to overthrow the government of Venezuela, started arming Ukraine, expanded NATO twice, got record-busting military budgets, dropped a record number of bombs in Afghanistan, signed off on FISA warrantless surveillance, imposed massive sanctions on Russia, tore up arms control treaties, handed over the State Department to Mike Pompeo, stationed US troops in Taiwan, assassinated Iran's top general, conducted a record number of drone strikes, installed a Raytheon Lobbyist as his Defense Secretary, gave Israel absolutely everything it wanted, did enormous arms deals with Saudi Arabia, and most recently orchestrated the passage of the $100 Billion War Funding Bill, he was doing all that to fight the Deep State
<> 8:28 AM · Jul 1, 2024

(2) Obama is trying to get Biden to pull out of the Election - Tucker Carlson
5:46 PM · Jul 1, 2024

Tucker Carlson

From an unusually good source: Obama’s tweet supporting Joe Biden was disingenuous. In private, Obama is telling people Biden can’t win, and he is therefore in favor of an open convention. Obama will not say whom he supports, nor as of yesterday afternoon had he met personally with Biden to deliver the message. Relations between the Obamas and the Bidens have never been warm. At times they’ve been hostile. But recently they’ve deteriorated further, mostly due to Jill Biden. In the hours and days after the debate, she kept her husband cloistered away from anyone who might convince him to drop out. Jill Biden is the driving force behind her husband’s reelection campaign, just as she was in 2020, when other members of the family (including Biden’s sister Val) considered him too impaired to run. The next generation of potential Democratic candidates understands all this as an opportunity and they’re circling, particularly Gretchen Whitmer, who is promoting herself aggressively.

(3) RFKjr: Choice between 2 Corrupt leaders
10:17 AM · Jul 2, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr

The debate revealed a profound crisis in leadership in this country. The problem isn’t just that one of the candidates is in cognitive decline – it is a corrupt system that gives us two such men in the first place. Don’t complain about it. Do something about it. You have another choice.

(4) Col Douglas Macgregor says Deep State is running USA, calls for Early Elections

Ken Freeland <>
Sun, 30 Jun 2024 08:43:29 -0500
[shamireaders] Col Douglas Macgregor Calls for Early Elections, Because Our Government Is Captured

Col Douglas Macgregor Calls for Early Elections, Because Our Government Is Captured

JUN 30, 2024

Col Douglas Macgregor responds to the first Presidential debate last Thursday.



Americans, the media worked closely with the White House to conceal the truth that was on display last night. President Biden is not fit to discharge the immense duties of the presidency. The alarming evidence of his cognitive decline was on display for all to witness.

Yet his enablers and political allies continue to exploit the President to substitute their destructive agenda for the interests of the American people. The unconscionable betrayal of the sacred trust that must exist between the Federal Government and American citizens is all around us. Destructive executive orders and policy directives, many of which were likely signed when President Biden was in a rapidly diminished state of mind, inflicted tremendous damage on our nation.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is a traitor.

By opening our Southern Border, unelected men and women in the White House allowed millions of migrants to illegally enter our country. To these must be added lethal drugs, like fentanyl and the endless numbers of human traffickers surging into our communities, jeopardizing the safety and security of our families, especially our children. The Executive Orders related to energy policy prioritized the demands of Climate Change advocates over the needs of hardworking Americans.

The outcome is skyrocketing energy costs and the end of our energy independence. This is not governance. This is pandering.

Reckless spending and money-printing has triggered record high inflation. This is not the leadership we deserve. The deliberate subversion of the Presidency also extends to foreign and defense policy.

Armed illegal aliens rob cops in New York City.

President Biden's manipulators fueled a proxy war in Ukraine, that risks drawing us into a catastrophic confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia. Their unqualified support for Israel's disproportionate actions in Gaza erodes our moral authority and credibility as a champion of peace and stability. These actions drained our defense resources and compromised our moral standing in the world.

Sadly, President Biden's fragile mental state was laid bare for all to see in last night's debate. His responses were frequently incoherent. He appeared lost, even confused, struggling to complete basic thoughts. It was heartbreaking, a spectacle that confirmed our worst fears about his deteriorating capacity.

No individual whose mental health is compromised should be allowed to continue in the most demanding job on Earth. Americans, we find ourselves at a critical juncture in our nation's journey.

In the private sector, or in matters of estate-planning, the validity of signatures made under such circumstances would be challenged and invalidated in a court of law. How can we accept crucial national decisions being made under these conditions? The American people deserve better.

It is time to ask, who truly governs this country? Is it we, the people, as our founders intended, or have we surrendered control to unelected bureaucrats, sprawling federal agencies, and affluent donors who do not have the best interests of ordinary Americans at heart?

To secure the blessings of liberty for this generation and those to come, we must reclaim the rightful sovereignty of the American people over a dysfunctional and unresponsive political establishment.

We cannot tolerate more aimless, self-defeating leadership and unaccountable governance. We confront existential threats at home, and the Biden administration has cultivated hatred and hostility to the United States abroad. President Biden should retire with grace and dignity and not be cruelly exploited in the twilight of his life. To say it's a national shame is an understatement. This travesty should end immediately.

It is now obvious that the governing power to determine our nation's destiny lies in unelected hands. Americans must raise their voices in opposition to this administration. The power belongs to the American people.

We must signal our discontent with policies we did not vote for: open borders, wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, soaring inflation, uncontrolled immigration, and demand the right to register our indignation at the ballot box.

<>In view of the questionable legitimacy of the many Executive Orders issued under President Biden's signature, Americans should consider holding the Presidential Election early. It's time for Americans to demand a new government that is legitimate, one that is devoted to peace abroad and prosperity at home.

(5) Supreme Court codifies Presidential immunity from criminal prosecution
6:36 AM · Jul 2, 2024

Michael Tracey

Presidents enjoyed functional immunity from criminal prosecution for "official acts" between 1789 and 2023. Now, the Supreme Court has codified that immunity. This is largely thanks to the Special Counsel purporting to criminalize a massive array of "official" actions undertaken by Trump, such as conferring with Justice Department officials, conferring with the Vice President, and even Tweeting -- under a cockamamie and newly concocted theory designed to specifically prosecute Trump. Given the clear excesses of this literal "conspiracy theory" proposed by Jack Smith, the Court has accordingly formalized a wide-ranging immunity for all presidents, even for future "official acts" which might be more narrow and concrete, and related to more straightforwardly "unlawful" conduct. So if the President has now been accorded King-like immunities for his "core Constitutional" acts, as well as far-reaching "presumptive immunity" for his "official" acts, the reason for this new monarchical standard ultimately stems from the heedless crusade of Jack Smith and the DOJ

(6) Biden nearly got us into a nuclear war - Tulsi Gabbard
10:16 PM · Jul 1, 2024

Tulsi Gabbard
The problem isn’t just that Biden is old. The problem is he’s insane. Only a madman would not consider a nuclear holocaust/war an existential threat, saying “the ONLY existential threat to humanity is climate change.” And this insane person has the power to launch a nuclear weapon. How could we even consider it would be safe to reelect this man?

(7) Squad come out against Trump immunity ruling, revealing their Trotskyist agenda

AOC planning impeachment effort against Supreme Court justices after Trump immunity ruling

by JACKSON WALKER | The National Desk

Tue, July 2nd 2024 at 3:24 PM

WASHINGTON (TND) — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., on Monday announced she will file articles of impeachment against justices of the Supreme Court.

The high court ruled Monday former presidents retain some immunity from prosecution after leaving office. The decision has significant implications on the 2020 election interference case against former President Donald Trump.

Taking to X, the “Squad” member reviled the decision.

The Supreme Court has become consumed by a corruption crisis beyond its control,” she <> wrote. “Today’s ruling represents an assault on American democracy. It is up to Congress to defend our nation from this authoritarian capture. I intend on filing articles of impeachment upon our return.”

Also chiming in were fellow members of "The Squad," who expressed outrage over the ruling.Make no mistake: this is a massive blow to our democracy,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., <> said.

The Supreme Court can no longer be trusted to uphold the Constitution,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., <> said. “If Donald Trump is reelected, this convicted felon, rapist, and twice-impeached former President will be able to do whatever the hell he wants. It’s a scary day for American democracy.”

Only one Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached. The House passed an impeachment resolution against Associate Justice Samuel Chase in 1805, but he was acquitted by the Senate, according to the court’s <,Justice%20Samuel%20Chase%20in%201805.>website.

The announcement follows a statement by AOC that Congress is composed of too many white men during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee last week.One of the things we need to take a look at is the world that they’re fighting for,” she said of some Republicans. “A world without diversity equity and inclusion policies, which is to say the default, which is to say workplaces that are honestly kind of like Congress.” ==

Rashida Tlaib: Coup attempts are not “official acts.”

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib

It is a dark day for democracy when presidents can commit any crime they want in their official capacity, and these justices are bribed for their decisions.
Coup attempts are not “official acts.”

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
Make no mistake: this is a massive blow to our democracy.