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Sep 17, 2021

The Decline and Fall
♫ Blowing In The Wind (1963)

Breaking From Cycles of Destruction to a Multipolar Future, by Matthew Ehret

CDC Counts Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated Deaths, by Paul Craig Roberts
Whistleblower Claims the VAERS Database Tracking Vaccine Complications is Wrong and Undercounting by 100x!
Declining Anglo-Saxon Powers Intensify Alliance, by Joe Lauria
Australia Continues Its Plunge Into Authoritarianism And Military Brinkmanship, by Caitlin Johnstone
Up to Six Million People: The Unrecorded Fatalities of the ‘War on Terror,’ by Nafeez Ahmed
Another Look at 9/11: Ask Not ‘What Happened?’ but ‘Who Did It?’ by Philip Giraldi
America in Decline: Late Republic or Late Empire? by Julius DeGrandin
Top US gen´l: War with Russia & China would ‘destroy world’ & US must find ways to make peace with its Eastern rivals
US general Milley doubles down on call to Chinese counterpart about ‘rogue’ POTUS Trump, says it went through proper channels
Responding to “On the Media” on Free Speech: FIRE’s “So to Speak” Podcast, by Matt Taibbi (Video)
Treason! by John Kiriakou
How States and Communities Can Fight Back Against Biden’s COVID Tyranny, by Brandon Smith
Leading rabbi connected to AIPAC calls for limiting aid to the ‘fanatical,’ violent Israel, by Philip Weiss
We Anti-Zionists Speak for a Quarter of U.S. Jews, by Stanley Heller
My generation can liberate Palestine and end the occupation. But we cannot do this alone, by Janna Jihad
Anti-Palestinianism is as damnable as anti-Semitism: a statement is long overdue, by Stuart Rees
Opposing Hindutava: US conference raises troubling questions, by James M. Dorsey
Jeff Brown: HSBC is the 800-pound gorilla in the Canadian courtroom that no one is talking about (Video)
100 years since the Battle of Blair Mountain, by Andy Thompson, Jerry White
‘Dismaying’: Human Rights Groups Blast Biden Plan to OK Millions in Military Aid for Egypt, by Brett Wilkins
Israel’s Losing Battle: Palestine Advocacy in the University, by Hatem Bazian
On The Cusp: Earth systems could tip before 2050, by George Monbiot
WTF Dept: Red states are having big success with this one COVID treatment and now the Biden admin is going to start rationing it
The vaccinated sheep are being taken for a ride; how long before they jump off the train? by Jon Rappoport
New Missouri COVID Whistleblower: Hospitals are Lying to the public about COVID
Climate Inaction Has Left Majority of Young People Believing Humanity Is ‘Doomed,’ by Julia Conley


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