Viva Palestine and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Never in history has humanity had as much ability to exchange and for each
of us to taste and get immersed in cultures of people from around the
world. Yet, the old inhibitions and fears get a hold of so many. A minority
venture beyond their cocoon to deeply know other societies. Even fewer go
to complete immersion by intermarriage, living in other societies. The
number of children being raised in multicultural surroundings is
increasing. And a global awakening driven by the lack of ability of elites
to control the message is spreading. More humans are moved by love, life,
death, suffering, and injustice. This is posing a grave danger to
colonialism, Zionism, and other forms of racism. Millions are mobilizing
each acting in their own capacity and their own skills. The resistance is
growing. The most common chant in the ongoing demonstrations to end the
genocide in Gaza strip and decolonize our world: We will not stop. We will
not rest. disclose, divest.  We will not stop. We will not rest. disclose,
divest . Here in occupied Betlehem, we meet people of all backgrounds who
came to visit ( and say hello to us upon
return from Australia and Aotearoa (New Zealand) and we had to answer
hundreds of emails from those interested in our work. We welcome you to
visit. For those of you new to this list, you can view either my blog ( or emails (

Viva Palestina (viral song)
Original swedish with English subtitles

A thought provoking conversation between Palestinian daughter and father

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Radio Interview on environment and colonization (done 8 May 2024)
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Talk at St. Mary's Cathedral in Hamilton, Aotearoa
Environmental Impact of Explosive Weapons in Gaza panel discussion.
Recording here

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

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