80 days in numbers; five personal victim stories and five of hope, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

80 days on the genocide in numbers (a world record in conflict) and just
five victim stories so that you see we are not mere numbers and five
inspiring stories. In 80 days – 1,745 massacres

>28,000 martyrs and missing persons. (1.2% of Gazan population)
20,674 martyrs who arrived in hospitals (issued death certificates).
8,500 child martyrs and 6,300 female martyrs.
54,536 injured (2.4% of Gaza population) most can’t be treated
311 martyrs of medical staff; 40 Civil Defense first responders. 103
martyred journalists,
Over 5000 kidnapped by Israel: including101 health-care workers, 9
journalists, over 40 professors.
Essentially all 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip displaced from their
homes and being starved
475,000 infected with infectious diseases as a result of displacement and
lack of clean water/sanitation
58,000 Tonnes of high explosives used (equivalent to two nuclear bombs)
65,000 housing units were completely destroyed by the occupation.
26 government headquarters destroyed by the occupation.
92 schools and universities were completely destroyed by the occupation.
285 schools and universities were partially destroyed by the occupation.
115 mosques completely destroyed, 200 mosques partially destroyed by the
3 Churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.
290,000 housing units partially destroyed by the occupation.
27 of 35 hospitals taken out of service by the out of service and the 8
remaining have run out of most medical supplies and thus essentially offer
only first aid
53 other health centers that the occupation took out of service and 140
health institutions damaged
102 Ambulances completely destroyed by the occupation.

[Killed and injured now 3.6% of population proportionally equivalent to
12.6 million US citizens! And 230 cargo planes and 20 ships loaded with
weapons delivered to Israel from the USA in those same 80 days (Yediot
Five VICTIM STORIES to illustrate that victims are not just numbers. They
are people like you and me each with a story and a face and a heart.

1) Nabila Nofel was six days old when she was killed in her home with many
members of her family. She is one of dozens of babies whose death
certificate was issued before her birth certificate and one of hundreds of
babies killed

Nabila Nofel, a 7-day-old baby girl who was killed by israel.
by inpics

2) Khaled Nabheen- a video of him hugging his murdered granddaughter whom
he used to call “Rouh Rouhi” (Soul of my Soul):

Khalid and Reem, ‘the Soul of My Soul’

Khaled’s message to the world:

Khaled helps injured in hospital after losing his grandchildren:

3) Wael Adahdouh learned of his family’s killing while reporting on the
bombing live in Gaza:

Wael and his cameraman were injured while reporting on the targeting of a
UN school. His camera man (Samer Abu Daqqa) stayed bleeding on the ground
for hours and died:

Al-Jazeera cameraperson Samer Abu Daqqa killed, correspondent Wael Al Dahdouh injured in drone attack in Khan Yunis

Here is a message from the son of the Camera man

3) Israeli sniper kills two Palestinian christian women: mother and
daughter Nahida and Samar

4) Refaat Alareer: Palestinian Poet, Teacher, and Martyr. Founder of the
writer’s collective, ‘We Are Not Numbers’, a group of journalists and
students that tell stories of Gaza

5) Female Gazan karate champion loses leg in Israeli strike: Palestinian
Nagham Abu Samra defied social norms. She will remain a champion.
https://pravda-en.com/world/2023/12/26/239492.html (her father speaks about
her need for better medical care not available in Gaza)

And FIVE UPLIFTING STORIES (from hundreds of thousands)

1) Ahmed Alghariz, Karim Azzam and the Camp Breakers Dance: The Camp
Breakerz Crew were teaching and performing in Gaza – only to get trapped by
the fighting. Since then they have continued to entertain children who have
been displaced by airstrikes

2) An Egyptian teenager makes (or discovers?) a hole in the wall and
delivers 1000 loaves of bread to starving in Rafah.

3) two nuns, twin sisters remain in Gaza to help those in need

4) Raeq Hajjaj: This could be my last report from Gaza

This could be my last report from Gaza

5) Yazan Fardous, 13 year old volunteer in Gaza

I end with two girls telling their stories because I wanted to include her
but she fits both categories above (sadness and resilience/strength/sumud):

As reverend Munther Isaac said: We Palestinians will get through this. Will
those who are silent now around the world or abetting the genocide live
through it? see his Bethlehem Church service on Christmas Eve here:

I am confident that we will get through this test and as in the civil
rights movement we say: We shall overcome someday. We just hope more join
us and make the day come sooner than later. Be part of this struggle.

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh