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    The Geopolitical Tectonic Shift: Part Two, The Overview

    It’s been a long time since my last blog post. Let’s just call it writer’s block and leave it at that..

    Our subject remains the overarching and foundational process and context that allows us to make some sense of the ongoing chaos and insanity in the Western world, which seems to be accelerating. We are calling it the Geopolitical Tectonic Shift (hereinafter GTS). The term is gaining traction as can be seen by writers beginning to use the word “tectonic” loosely, usually without context.

    To briefly review, we’re talking about the more and more obvious phenomenon of the West sinking and the East rising. The backstory is the 500 year old European Empire, starting with the Portuguese Captain Magellan rounding the Cape of Good Hope and then navigating the Strait of Malacca to wind up in the South China Sea. Meanwhile Spain – and Portugal in Brazil – were beginning to colonize what is now Latin America.

    After the Pope followed up with a diplomatic division of the world between Spain and Portugal, the other Europeans got into the act, with the English, the French and the Dutch creating their own colonial empires, culminating in the Scramble for Africa in the latter part of the 19th Century.

    Meanwhile, the maritime prowess and might of the Brits – and the establishment of the East India Company, backed by the wealth of The City of London – began to transcend the others, resulting in the British Empire. That empire in turn gave way to the primacy of the Americans following WWI, which proved that the UK was utterly dependent on its anglophone colonies – and the US – for its continued security. WWII sealed the deal and the world became divided between the US and the Soviet Union, enmeshed in what was called the Cold War.

    It was all possible because of superior maritime as well as military technology, not to mention a lust for wealth and power. This naturally followed centuries of internecine European blood letting – war spurs technological advances. Another ingredient was the re-transmission of the ancient Greek and Roman texts back from the Muslims, who had safeguarded that knowledge.

    Science, along with its application, technology, was aborning. This process reached its zenith in the 19th Century. Feudalism had given way to the Industrial Age, marked by the ascendancy of the Middle Class, to be followed by the Information Age, well underway by the latter half of the 20th Century, and the eventual rule by the Financial Class in a totalitarian, oligarchical dictatorship.

    A financialized economy, aside from being a gigantic Ponzi scheme, is a chimera of data driven sleight of hand while AI is threatening to get out of human control < >. Such an economy produces nothing real or useful and can only survive through unprecedented mind control (aka brainwashing), the only thing remaining that the US is really good at. But this is a doomed Empire. At this point it won’t take much of a breeze to blow the house of cards away.

    As a side note, it´s interesting to observe that the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. One could say that things are returning to their natural order. Another way to look at it is that the Empire of Lies (h/t Vladimir Putin) – consisting of USrael and its vassal states – is choking on its own vomit while the East is prioritizing truth, pragmatism, sanity and a sense of simple human decency. That’s the essence of the multipolar world being carefully and patiently constructed by Russia and China with the participation of the RoW (rest of the world, together amounting to 85%).

    If the axiom is GTS, then we must begin to look at the corollaries, manifestations or symptoms. It’s quite a list. In the upcoming set of blog posts, I´m going to break these down into the main categories that you can see featured in the Daily Posts on this site. The four principal ones are geopolitics (especially the proxy war in Ukraine), US politics, the Covid Clusterfuck and the now hundred year old history of the colonization of Palestine.

    I will also address the secondary themes of post-modernism and its perverse expressions – from political correctness to radical feminism, from the Woke Cult to the LBGTXYZ clusterfuck, from gender dysphoria to the Climate clusterfuck.

    Finally, I plan to discuss the only way out of the mess, the spiritual awakening that must follow the end of the Dark Age – if the criminally insane Ruling Class doesn’t turn the biosphere into burnt radioactive toast first. Wish me luck and please feel free to disseminate these posts widely if you think it’s worth it.

    It’s quite a lot, granted, but why mess around.

    Roger Tucker, May 19, 2023



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    The Overview: An all-encompassing Axiom

    I used to develop databases in Filemaker, an Apple software product – so easy that it was often the Administrative Assistant who created the organization’s database(s). Except for enormous transactional systems, like those handling the ATMs of large banks, Filemaker was a far better choice, for many reasons, than the clumsy, dysfunctional piece of junk called Oracle, for a tiny fraction of the cost. I bring this up because this is one of innumerable examples of the innate corruption of the Imperialist/Capitalist system, where profit predictably trumps common sense, not to mention simple human decency. Oracle, like Microsoft and many others, had only one kind of expertise – Sales and Marketing. They spent billions on paying top programmers to overcome the deficiencies of their initial products. Then they made many more billions after pretty much cornering the market.

    In database theory, one starts with a root directory (aka a folder) and follows with a set of sub-directories. It’s a method that was pioneered in the 18th Century by Carl Linnaeus, also known as the “father of modern taxonomy”. The number of items in the lowest level sub-directories can be very large. It’s the content, aka the data.

    Our mother website, ‘Situation Report: The World,’ like pretty much everything else in the digital world, is a database, or part of one. The content is the data, in this case a collection of items – writings, images, video and audio that each reflects a view, or views, of whatever the hell is going on in this crazy world, or some take on how we got here or where we’re going. Collectively, they are “A Chronicle of the Decline and Fall of the Western Empire.”

    That sub-title is an adequate term but now I’d like to introduce a name for the root directory , “The Overview.” In this first proper blog entry, I’m going to elaborate on that a bit. Think of a good vantage point from which to see the whole field, like the most expensive seats from which to watch professional football. They’re high up and unobstructed. Or the top of a mountain, from where you can see all below. That’s what I mean by overview. Sorry if all this seems too simplistic – I’m just trying to make sure that everybody’s on board.

    A couple of years ago I came up with a term to describe an overview of this time in history. I doubt very much that I was the first to do so. Recently, it has suddenly popped up all over the place. A couple of weeks ago, the redoubtable Vladimir Putin himself used it. It is “a geopolitical tectonic shift,” henceforth GpTS. A lovely simile – particularly apt is what’s occurring along the San Andreas Fault. The Eastern plate is encroaching on the Western one. Note that even among today’s crop of opportunistic $cientists, no one claims that there might be a technological solution. The West is sinking and the East is rising – it is an inexorable process.

    Everything that has been happening for at least the last 75 years can only be fully understood in that context. Otherwise, how could we even begin to understand the criminal insanity, or the descent into fascism, of the flagship – the USA – or that of the Eurolemmings and the rest of the “rules-based order” crowd, who blindly and obediently follow the batshit crazy Pied Piper.

    We can debate the beginning of the era that is now coming to an end. I opt for the sudden maritime explosion of the Europeans about 500 years ago, all around the world, where a sense of cultural, religious and racial superiority, along with the most advanced technology, made it possible for them to colonize most of it. Thus it has been for millennia. The upstart empire gets more and more arrogant and smug, with corruption and factional rivalry bleeding away their power, while those who were overrun start putting themselves back together and forming strong alliances. And so it goes..

    In further posts I’m going to drill down to the sub-directories level, covering how that inexorable process, the GpTS, has been manifesting itself as the new multipolar world begins to take shape. In the meantime, stay tuned to the action via SitRepWorld. It’s something else, living in interesting times, ain’t it?..

    (Please take the opportunity to write something, anything, via the Comments section at the bottom of the single page – we’re still testing the protocols. )

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    Introductory Blog Post

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