Welcome to SitRepWorld.

This site is a sequel to One Democratic State (the Legacy Website) which is now archived, though the links are still active. There you will find a great deal of material aside from the daily links. ‘By the Editor‘ consists of my own essays from the last decade, an ’About’ page, a ‘Donations‘ page, ‘Archives‘ going back about eight years, material on ‘Historical Revisionism,’ an extensive listing of ‘Quotes‘ and so forth.

The One Democratic State movement is now going mainstream but I found myself increasingly covering what is going on elsewhere, as everything is connected. So I created SitRepWorld, which contains about 30 links daily, a heady mixture of the most informed, articulate and relevant takes on what is actually happening – and after ten years of doing this, I know where to look. It’s an effective antidote to the toxic virus known as the Mainstream Media, if you choose to make use of it.