A Stone of Hope, by Ray Zwarich

What appears below are my critical comments, addressed in Good Spirit, to the courageous people who have led us to take the first step on a long and triumphant journey. People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies. Thanks to the efforts of these courageous people, the first step in that direction has been taken.

I hope that those involved will receive my criticism in the same Good Spirit in which it is given.

Simius C

PS: There is no ‘copyright’ claimed herein. Any may feel free to share this, to post it, or to publish it anywhere or anyhow they please.

A Stone of Hope

As we hopefully all know, an event took place on Sunday, February 19, 2023, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which consisted of people from all across the political spectrum reaching across our cultural, tribal, and political differences, to take the crucial first halting step on a long and difficult journey.

I was disappointed in the nature and tone of the event itself, but my disappointment does not detract from the ‘stone of hope’ that this event represents. In reading my criticisms that follow, I hope all will try to remember how much I appreciate and admire the genuine and sincere efforts and hard work that went into creating this event, which I firmly believe will be long remembered as an event of major ‘historical’ proportions. The journey ahead is long. The terrain is difficult and challenging. But the hardest step, the ‘first step’, has been taken. The journey has begun, and those who have led us to take this crucial ‘first step’ deserve our ongoing gratitude and praise.

It’s not clear, however, that an enduring ‘alliance’ has yet been formed. Creating ongoing channels of communication, through which an enduring alliance could be built and strengthened, was not even mentioned in the course of the entire event. (The means of communication are the means of power). In fact, there was NO attention given, in the course of the entire event, to the many nuts and bolts tasks involved in building an enduring and growing alliance.

The event was primarily a large exercise in ‘preaching to the choir’, which is a form of reality ‘show business’. You assemble an audience of people with similar beliefs by promising them to be entertained by a line-up of ‘big-name’ speakers, and then the speakers compete to see who can best earn applause from the audience through their oratorical skills in articulating the audience’s beliefs. No prize is actually given, but the more applause a speaker can elicit, the more that speaker’s self-esteem, and public esteem is elevated. Ego inflation, (on many levels, as discussed below), is the only prize. Breaking new ground, creating new understanding, exploring new ideas and new strategies about how to move forward, consciousness raising, etc, were simply not within the event’s purview.

This was ‘show business’ only. As it actually happened, it was designed and intended as an entertainment event. The preachers did a good job preaching. The choir seemed to somewhat enjoy being preached to for several hours.

An enormous task clearly lies ahead. But at least disparate elements came together to experience the first taste, even if a small one, of what a lasting and powerful Alliance among the Common People, an alliance that UNITES the Common People in all our unstoppable power, would feel like. (“The People, UNITED, can NEVER be defeated”. Some cliches become cliches because they are SO true).

As I sit down to address a constructive criticism of this event, I feel daunted by my experience of the generalized hostility and hateful spirit that dominates our times. I take hope from the thought that maybe this event on Sunday is a sign that maybe things are changing, or at least are ready to change. Regardless of my trepidations, however, all that I, or anyone can do is offer up what we have to say in ‘good spirit’, and hope that it is taken in the same spirit in which it is given.

“Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope”. I stood in the chill February wind blowing up the Potomac on Sunday, and read those words, as they are graven into the primeval igneous granite of the base of Dr. King’s statue. What is a single stone, when measured against a mountain? Alone, it is insignificant. But as a building block, from many such stones we can build our own mountain of Hope.

Sunday’s event was, indeed, but a small ‘halting’ step, taken by a few people, (estimating the crowd at 5,000 would be VERY generous). Can we make of this small step by a few, a “giant leap” for Humankind? I was there to witness history being made, but what I saw only reinforced what I already have known. We​ have a LONG and arduous path ahead, and to have any chance of reaching our intended destination, we MUST become ‘self-aware’.

By the nascent alliance implied by this event, we have set for ourselves a ‘political’ objective, which is to create a ‘movement’ that can empower the nation’s Common People to exert our POLITICAL power. But, as this event made painfully clear, before we are even capable of advancing toward that objective, (gaining political power), we must FIRST address SPIRITUAL matters.

To become ‘self-aware’, in these dangerously accursed ‘interesting times’ we live in, we must realize that the Enemy we face in the field before us has succeeded in establishing his own ‘beachhead’ within us. Our Enemy has established a ​powerful presence in our own hearts and minds. We must face this Enemy’s forces within us, within each and every one of us, before we can even think we can succeed in defeating the Enemy in the field. Each one of us, each and every one, must face this ‘Enemy within’ in her or his OWN mirror.

We live in a ‘sick’ culture. Surely we ALL know this.​ Unless people are living ‘off the grid’, out in some trackless wilderness, where the immense power of Mass Media can’t reach them, each and every one of us has been cunningly ‘trained’ to manners of thinking, and feeling, and to manners of behavior, that divide us from one another, alienating us from our natural UNITED social and political power.

This ‘sick’, debilitating, alienating culture has been successfully inculcated into ALL of us. NONE of us is ‘immune’. (I certainly am aware of it in myself). We must, of course, eventually do battle with our Enemy in the field, but we cannot prevail there, (we will LOSE!), unless we first face the Enemy’s immense power within us, inculcated so deeply into our own hearts and minds.

Self-awareness is our only weapon against the Enemy’s reflection in our mirrors. When we become aware of the patterns of thinking and behavior the Enemy has inculcated into each of us, we can start to create our OWN culture in our hearts and minds, to supplant the Enemy’s ‘sick’ culture.

If we neglect this crucial first task, if each and every one of us don’t look deep into our own mirrors to face the ‘Enemy within’, we will FAIL to achieve ANY of our objectives.

It’s every bit just THAT simple, folks.

The event on Sunday did not include ANY attention given to this ‘mission critical’ task. (Well… A speaker named Anya Parampil addressed it briefly, as discussed below, and MANY thanks to her for that, but she mentioned it only in passing, before returning to her rote, crowd-pleasing ‘sermon to the choir’. Her voice is crucially important. She had the courage to say it. May she find the courage to make it the ‘main subject’ of her next speech.

A ‘movement’ seeks to unify and give form to the aspirations and efforts of VERY large numbers (masses) of people, who think, feel, and believe many different, and often clashing, things. Democracy is a numbers game, and the numbers are VERY large. The object of the game is to get the most people on OUR side. A ‘movement’ cannot succeed in accomplishing that daunting task, a movement cannot UNITE us, cannot unite the Common People, unless its deepest spiritual motivations are in order.

From what I saw on Sunday, it was apparent that this hopeful nascent ‘movement’ has a LONG ways yet to go in that regard.

A successful movement must be animated by noble spirit. A successful movement must be heroic in its aspirations. A successful movement must be rooted in Good Spirit. (Is “rage” such a spirit?) A​ successful movement must be built upon a moral cause. A successful movement must be something FAR bigger, FAR more important, than any one of us alone.

There was a time, earlier in our Human History, when a “rugged individual” could carve out a life from a wild frontier. That time is now long past. There is no ‘frontier’ remaining. There is no place to go. There is no escape from the commonality of our human fate. Our fate, as individuals, is now ineluctably bound together with the fate of ALL of us. None of us can survive, let alone prosper, as individuals, unless we ALL can find a way to do so together, as a group, as a united nation, as Humanity.

As the Great American Bard sang, “O every foe that ever I faced, the cause was there before we came, and every cause that ever I fought, I fought it full, without regret or shame”.

“The cause was there before we came”… A ’cause’ is an enduring moral and spiritual purpose. A ’cause’ must be something that was ‘there’ long before any of us, as individuals, came along to discover it, and then embrace it as our own. As individuals, it can never be ours alone. As individuals, we did NOT create it. Not one of us has such power, nor has anyone, ever. A genuine ’cause’ is an existing moral and spiritual purpose, that each of us, as an individual, simply encountered, recognized, and embraced as our own. Each of us can be, must be, a crucial part of the whole, but none of us are as ‘important’ as ALL of us together. THAT is the very definition of an eternal moral and spiritual ’cause’. It was there before we came. We encountered it, embraced it as our own, and then set our own shoulders to the wheel, with and alongside our brothers and sisters, to roll it forward.

For our nascent movement to succeed, we must realize that this ’cause’ we now hold up on our banner as we march forward, the cause of empowering the Common People to control our own fate, rather than to continue to suffer under the yoke of the greed and lust of an Elite Few, has ‘been there’ for 10,000 years.


The Enemy Within

‘Egotism’ is a primary manifestation, (maybe THE primary manifestation), of our Enemy’s cunning face within each of us. With some 100 Centuries of practicing one devastatingly effective strategy, (divide and rule), our cunning Enemy, the Elite Few, now using their own total (as in totalitarian) control of the most powerful tools of social control that have ever existed, have learned to leverage our natural animal Nature against us, against The Many, against the Common People.

Egotism is a powerful force of Nature itself. Egotism is rooted deeply in our very DNA. But we have evolved as ‘social’ animals. We humans get ‘lonely’ (as bears, for example, never do) when we are alone. We have the instinct, graven in our very DNA, in every cell in our bodies, to cooperate in ‘tribal’ groups. But we aren’t like bees, or ants. Our ‘social’ instinct alone did not drive us to evolve to be the ‘cognitive apes’ that we are, now ruling as the apex species over the entire planet.

COOPERATION in groups drives our otherwise ‘lonely’ human behavior, but is is COMPETITION, within our tribal groups, competition for primacy within the group, (and/or over the group), i.e.: egotism, that has driven us to become the apex animals in our environment, the masters of our small ‘blue marble’ planet Earth. We have the instinct to cooperate with one another in groups, but we also have the POWERFUL instinct to compete fiercely with one another for primacy within, and/or over the group.

A poet said it once. “It’s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die”. THAT is our intrinsic animal Nature.

Resolving this dichotomy in our basic, DNA rooted animal Nature, resolving this dichotomy between our instinct for social cooperation, and our instinct for individual competition, resolving this dichotomy between ‘the social’, (‘Socialism’) and the primacy of ‘the individual’, (‘Capitalism’), is now become the crux of our very survival as a species of cognitive creatures on our ever shrinking planet.

If we, our nation’s Common People, want to create some kind of ‘movement’, in order to gain the power to confront and defeat our deadly-evil Common Enemy, in order to defeat the evil Elite Forces that rule over our lives, wreaking ever increasing miseries on us all, we must each ourselves first face this eternal dilemma in our most basic animal Nature. We must “fight full, without regret or shame”, but we MUST fight for a cause that “was there before we, as individuals, came”. NONE of us, as individuals, no matter how ‘great’ we might be, are as great as the ’cause’ for which we must ALL fight together.

Let a New ‘Culture’ Be Our Primary ‘Weapon’

It is ‘culture’ that raises us above the other animals. It is ‘culture’ that makes we ‘humans’ more than merely highly cognitive apes. Culture is derived from self-awareness. We humans have already known this for thousands of years. “Know thyself, if ye seek wisdom”, saith the Oracle, (at Delphi). Culture is the collective knowledge we humans have gained from observing our own animal behavior, and the good and bad social consequences of any given behaviors, over these long tragic 10,000 years of Human Civilization. We have observed our own behavior, we have applied our powers of REASON, (the one capacity that raises us up from among the other beasts), and from this self-awareness we have made a moral and spiritual choice to exalt some behaviors, and to restrain others.

The ‘religious’ will tell us that it was God who granted us “free will”. God or Nature, (take your pick, I personally think they’re one and the same), granted us the capacity to become self-aware, to observe our own behavior, and to use the cognitive powers we have evolved to possess, to consciously amend our behavior, to restrict much of our raw animal Nature, to use our powers of Reason to separate ourselves from the other beasts, helplessly following their instincts alone, to become self-aware, to become ‘Humanity’.

‘Humanity’, as opposed to simply our human species of naked apes, is a cultural MORAL and SPIRITUAL concept. Our DNA drives us to be the beasts that we are. This biological code we carry in every cell in our bodies drives us to sate our primal appetites. It drives us to selfish desire. It drives us to greed, to lust, to the desire to dominate others so that our appetites can always be sated. Our DNA determines our behavior as human animals, but it does NOT make us ‘Humanity’.

Being ‘Humanity’ is a moral and spiritual culture we have created and chosen, by applying the ONE gift that raises us up from all the other beasts, our powers of Reason. We have used this gift, our power of free will, our power of Reason, to become ‘self-aware’, and thus to gain the capacity to choose to exalt some behaviors, and to restrain others.

“Do unto others as we would have them do unto us”, is the very taproot of ALL human morality. “I will respect your rights and interests, and I will expect you to respect mine in return”, is the taproot of Democracy. We human animals, as DNA driven beasts, as slaves to our appetites, ruled by our raw passions of Desire alone, are not even capable of Democracy. We, the Common People, if we expect to determine our own fate, rather than have a terrible Fate inflicted upon us, must create and choose a ‘democratic culture’, before we can ever even hope to ‘do’ TRUE Democracy.

Democracy, True Democracy, is not just a system of rules. A system of rules alone cannot restrain the behavior of beasts. Democracy, TRUE Democracy, is itself a moral and spiritual choice. If Democracy is not a culture in our hearts and minds, no system of rules or laws can restrain the wild passions of our raw, bestial, DNA-derived Human Nature. If we do not bring our powers of Reason to bear, to restrain our raw animal passions, no system of rules, written down on old parchment, can create nor sustain a True Democracy.

A ‘movement’ must be rooted in a moral/spiritual ‘culture’. If we, the Common People, seek to wrest control of our own fate from these evil Elite Forces that have captured our nation under their power, how do we seek to do that, if not by means of Democracy? True Democracy is much more than a set of rules ratified into a ‘constitution’. If Democracy is not a moral and spiritual culture that we choose, then democracy as a set of rules cannot function at ALL.

How’s our comically purported ‘democracy’ doing now? Is our ‘constitution’ protecting the weak from the strong? Do we have anything resembling “Liberty and Justice for All”?

If I had to sum up Sunday’s hopefully historic event in one word, raw animal (DNA rooted) EGOTISM would be that word. The event only revealed the degree to which our Enemy has established his ‘beachhead’, unbeknownst to most all of us, in our own hearts and minds. The event was an example of an unrestrained “fight for love and glory”, a fight by individuals, (and/or by small sectarian ‘tribal’ groups), for primacy within and/or over the larger group, over the alliance that is trying to form.

Our cunning Enemy, using the IMMENSE power of Mass Media, cultivates this raw animal Nature in ALL of us. We have ALL been imbued with this ‘culture of the self’, which is, in reality, no ‘culture’ at all, but rather only our raw animal Nature.

As I sat on a very old, (and very cold) block of granite on Sunday, and then wandered aimlessly among the crowd, raw human animal egotism was all around me, on every side, in every direction I looked. It was in the ‘costumes’ affected by so many from the clothing we humans wear to keep us warm, and to preserve our human modesty. It was in the elaborate, attention-seeking hairdos affected by so many. It was in the hardware with which people deform their faces, and in the ink they inject into their skin. It was in the way people behaved, to attract attention to themselves. “Look at ME. Pay attention to ME”. This is such a powerful instinct in ALL of us that it easily becomes desperation. “Look at ME. I’m HERE! I MATTER!”.

The ‘culture of the self’ is no ‘culture’ at ALL. It is no more than an expression of our raw animal Nature. This is a ‘sick’ culture precisely because it cruelly strips away our Humanity. It reverts us to being no more than selfish animals, no more than very intelligent naked apes. Our Enemy has cunningly inculcated this ‘sick’ culture into us ALL because it VERY obviously serves his desire to weaken us, by dividing us each from each, robbing from us the power we could derive from our Human social instinct to restrain our individual egos to UNITE in Common Purpose.

There was EGOTISM on the tables of all the tiny, powerless and therefore insignificant sectarian groups, set up along the walkway, on the south side of the Reflecting Pool. There was egotism in every handbill that I took from egotistical people, who each believe that I must follow them alone, and thus each was competing intensely with all the other people, at all the neighboring tables, who each believe the same. Each was competing to sate their raw animal desire to dominate. “Only we have the answer, therefore you must honor us with glory. You must follow us, and no other”. And they were ALL, every single one, tiny insignificant groups with no CLUE of the REAL ‘answer’ to Humanity’s woes.

Their sectarian Egotism was the exact diametrical opposite of ‘the answer’ we all seek, and now MUST find, (on pain of the self-eradication of our species from this planet).

It was egotism that gave the event its very form and function. The ‘rally’, (as it was called), was only an exercise in ‘show business’. Assemble an audience and put on a show to entertain them. The event’s ‘masters of ceremonies’, people I’ve never heard of or seen before, (Nick and Angela?) sounded EXACTLY like show business hucksters. “Is everybody excited?”, they shouted out in bizarrely affected ‘show business’ tone. “Is everybody having fun?”, they shouted out in their bizarrely affected, over-excited voices. Their exaggerated tone sounded like a night at the comedy club, with a huckster host telling us what a ‘great lineup’ was on hand to entertain us. No dignity. No decorum. No self-awareness of the deadly serious nature of this nascent effort to take up the sacred mantle of a moral ’cause’. What should have been a soberly serious and self-reflective occasion was made into ‘show business’, into an entertainment event, which made a mockery of the DEADLY serious moral cause at hand.

There was egotism in the very lineup of 27 (I didn’t count ’em, but that’s the number I heard) ‘big name’ speakers, (most of whom I’d never even heard of before), each droning on, each saying essentially the SAME dang thing as had the speaker before, and/or would the one after. None were seeking to break new ground, to imagine and explore possible solutions. Each only wanted to describe ‘the problem’ more cleverly than the others. Each already knew that the audience already agreed with what they had to say. Each was only eager to earn applause for the clever manner in which they said it.

What? They each were so egotistical that they each thought they could say it with such superior brilliance that none of the others saying the same thing was capable of? Ah… Has it really been over 50 years? Over half a century? Seems like only yesterday that I spoke up in an SDS meeting, (must have been along about ’69), to try to quell a heatedly impassioned exchange. “You’re both saying the EXACT same thing. You’re just arguing over who gets to say it!”.

I wasn’t there at the planning meetings for this event, but believe me, thinking back on all such meetings I’ve attended, I can imagine them. All these tiny powerless but supremely self-important sectarian groups, all these self-important individuals, driven by their pitiful, desperate egos, alienated from one another by the ‘sick’ culture of raw animal Egotism, all of whom wanted to say the exact same thing, arguing passionately over who would get to say it.

Who gets to speak, and who is ‘verboten!’? Besides sectarian egotism, what were the standards? Were there any?

Were any of these 27 speakers searching for a solution? How many? Which ones? How many were just entertaining the audience by describing the problem, each speaker only determined to compete, to ‘show-off’ how eloquent they could be, saying the SAME dang thing as the speaker before, and/or the one after, each eager for applause, each desirous of feeding their ego, each pursuing “love and glory”?

There was egotism, BIG TIME, in the overexcited comedy-club-style show business MC’s, two people I’ve never even heard of or laid eyes on before, (Nick and Angela?), telling us, (at the 2:15 mark of this video), what we ALL, like so many bleating sheep, are going to do, under THEIR egotistical direction, in the future.

Say what?

Oh really, Nick and Angela? Did you two decide this by yourselves? If not, who decided it? No one asked me what I thought we should do. Did anyone ask anyone in the crowd what WE thought we all should do? Is this the egotistical ‘movement’ you have in mind? Someone we can’t even see, whose identity we don’t even know, decides what all we bleating sheep will do, and then announces it to us like they were telling us about next week’s comedy show lineup?

“This is what democracy looks like”, marching crowds love to chant. Is unknown, unseen people telling us what we’re going to do REALLY what we think “Democracy looks like”?

As mentioned above, there was only one speaker, Anya Parampil, who dealt at all, in her remarks, with the daunting enormity of the task ahead. Speaking ‘off the cuff’, (rather than reading from a prepared speech, as all the other speakers, at least as I recall, did), she and she alone, (starting at the 2:19 mark of the above-linked video), even mentioned this fatal specter of sectarian EGOTISM that, if not dealt with at this crucial nascent stage, WILL so easily KILL this nascent ‘movement’ before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

She decried the fact that two prominent people, Scott Ritter and Medea Benjamin, were forbidden from speaking. Why? Why were these two people, with significant anti-war public renown and reputations, forbidden from speaking?

Purpose before Position

“Purpose before position”. The cause before the self. If we can build a successful movement, that must be its ‘mantra’. Purpose before position. The group’s ’cause’ before any individual’s ego. The group’s purpose must be greater than any individual’s need or desire to compete for acclaim, to compete for ‘position’, to compete for power, for glory’s sake alone.

The group’s ’cause’ must be greater than any individual’s presumption of self-importance. This ’cause’, which every speaker addressed, at least in some form or degree, was ‘there’ LONG before any of us came. Only if we EACH place this group ’cause’ ahead (in importance) of our individual SELVES, can we each and ALL be successful, TOGETHER, in achieving our group objective.

Far and away the event’s best speaker, the highest in projected stature of public ‘dignity’ and serious purpose, was Tulsi Gabbard. Alone among all these speakers, she caused us to reach deep inside ourselves to feel something real and powerful. She said what no other speaker had to say. Dressed in a ‘strategic’ red coat, showing that she understands her crucial stature, (Caesar always wore a scarlet cape, to mark himself out, in every soldier’s vision, on the field of battle), she not only spoke of the urgent nature of the cause before us, she made us FEEL, deep inside us, the degree of its urgency. A father lowers his beloved daughter into a sewer manhole, saying a tragic tearful good-bye, thinking the end has come, and hoping against all hope that being in a sewer might save his girl.

Alone among all these speakers, Tulsi Gabbard showed herself as a true ‘leader’, of truly ‘presidential’ stature and ‘dignitas’.

I’ve heard some say that her position on justice for Palestine is weak, but I’ve never actually heard her say anything about it. With highly organized American Jewish people, highly organized not on behalf of our own nation, not on behalf of we, the American Common People, but rather on behalf of the brutally murderous nation-state of Israel, controlling the US Empire’s foreign policy, (against which this nascent movement is trying to be born), her position on this one CRUCIAL issue is crucially important. But pending that, she’d sure have my vote in a proverbial ‘heartbeat’.

I hope that Nick and Angela, (the manic ‘show business’ MCs), and whoever else thinks they have the right to impose their top-down decisions on an entire ‘movement’, (which has not even yet been born), might consider other opinions. I for one don’t want to engage in useless ‘sit-ins’ in senators’ offices, begging for attention from those in power. When has that tactic EVER been successful? Nick, (I never heard his last name), this manic ‘nobody’ comedy-club caliber MC, told us that these ‘sit-ins’ are going to cause the passage of legislation to benefit our ’cause’, to carry it to success? That’s what he actually SAID!

Oh geez… Can Nick, (and whoever else has appointed themselves as this nascent movement’s ‘leaders’) cite a SINGLE example of a sit-in, or a petition, or a demonstration, or any other tactic employed over the past almost 60 years, has caused legislation to be passed?

Maybe there’s some I forgot. The Civil Rights Movement of the early 1960s did cause legislation to be passed. Medicare and Medicaid also were created in that era. Our nation was a MUCH different nation then than it is now. The foul corrupt stinking sewer our government has become did not yet exist 60 years ago.

Sit-ins are for college school children. Their time as effective tactics of political action has long passed.

I’m a full grown adult citizen. I want to form a POLITICAL FRONT to vie for actual political POWER.


I want to have someone to vote for who has taken a soul-deep spiritual and moral pledge to carry the mantle of our Movement’s cause into the Halls of Power, where the People, UNITED, can NEVER be defeated.


An effective ‘plan’ is what will make a ‘movement’. Sit-ins are NOT an effective plan.

What makes this manic show business MC, or the people he represents, think they have the RIGHT to appoint themselves as ‘leaders’ of a nascent ‘democratic’ movement that does not even yet exist? We must honor and celebrate these people’s roles as ‘conveners’. They have led us to take this crucial first step. They deserve to be showered with our thanks and praise. But if they have ‘the chops’ to lead us forward from here, let’s see ’em. I sure haven’t seen ’em yet. But they expect us to now bleat and do what they say?

Is that REALLY what anyone thinks “democracy looks like”?

Here we have a person of obvious ‘presidential’ stature speaking as part of our nascent ‘movement’, and the best you can think of to try to impose on we bleating sheep, as a course of action forward from here, is ‘sit-ins’ in senators’ offices?

Well… Nobody asked me what I think. I guess my opinion doesn’t matter? C’mon, folks… Fer crissakes… We gotta do better than this. We CAN do better than this. (“Si. Se puede”). Is this what some people really think ‘democracy looks like’? Don’t ask the peons what we think? Just tell us what to do, as if we were bleating sheep?

My rank is ‘Citizen’. What’s yours, Nick and Angela? Because you’re up ‘on stage’, with the microphone in your hands, you think that makes you our ‘leaders’?

I think this ‘movement’ we’re talking about building needs to set its sights a good bit higher than begging morally demented and spiritually corrupt politicians to pay attention to us.

Look, folks… Look and ‘see’… See what I see… We ALL know that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are BOTH completely controlled by our Common Enemy.

We have a prospective ‘candidate’ already risen to speak among us. Tulsi Gabbard has genuine presidential stature and ‘dignitas’. What other candidates might rise to represent us, if they had the opportunity to do so?

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are BOTH stinking sewage swamps of demented moral and spiritual corruption.

We’re NOT going to create a POWERFUL ‘Movement’ by crawling before them begging them for their depraved ‘mercy’. These evil morally and spiritually demented people have no mercy to give us.

A Movement that will succeed is the Movement that will seize Power.

The people, UNITED, can NEVER be defeated.

If it’s True Democracy we seek, then let us be the Movement of True Democrats.

“If you don’t believe in TRUE Democracy, then DON’T call yourself a True Democrat!”

Simius Cognitius