Advocating for Peace… As the Fast Bullets Fly, by Ray Zwarich

As a weak and fallible ‘poor dumb human’, I most certainly can’t claim that I have kept every promise I ever made, but I do try VERY hard.

In my recent response to an article from the Woke Cult propaganda-site, Common Dreams, I promised to relate my experiences working with the ‘peace movement’ in Boston. I am from the American Midwest, born and raised, and raised my own family, in Kansas City, a place that likes to call itself “the Heart of America”, but my wife of 48 years and I now own and run a small farmstead in rural Massachusetts, about an hour’s drive from Boston. That propaganda article (linked above) had quoted a man named Cole Harrison, a man acknowledged as a ‘leader’ among the Boston ‘peace community’.

I had a brief passing acquaintance with Mr. Harrison, when I appealed to him, (in his capacity of ‘leadership’), for help, after I was accosted by an absolutely execrable human being named David Ascher, (he’s reading this, as is Mr. Harrison, I NEVER talk behind anyone’s back), who had somehow gained control of the list-serv that functioned as the Boston ‘peace community’s’ public forum. This self-styled ‘leader’, Mr. Harrison, was mute. He never lifted a finger to help me.

Mr. Ascher, (excuse me, but I have a powerful urge to spit every time I ‘speak’ this miserable cowardly man’s name), had assembled a vicious gang of totalitarian Stalinist thugs, who were clearly serving as operatives for the Democratic Party Machine, (DPM), and who patrolled that ‘peace forum’ like Tony Soprano’s boys patrolled their North Jersey territory.

This was after the ’16 election, and these vicious, hateful ‘peace advocates’, Ascher and his vicious Gang of Stalinist Thugs, marked me out right away as an ‘enemy’ to be destroyed, when I dared to advocate for actual ‘peace’ on the Boston ‘peace community’s’ public forum. As Democratic Party Machine (DPM) operatives, they, of course, were avidly promoting the demonization of Russia.

Any reasoning person knows that demonization of a nation is ALWAYS used as a prelude to WAR. Thus has History now proven it was being used by them, as the WW3 they so lusted for, war with Russia, is now upon us.

That execrable cowardly creep, David Ascher, and his Gang of DPM Thugs, certainly must be very happy now, to see that his loyal service to the DPM has paid off, as war is now upon us. Maybe he’s earned some minor appointment in Skinny Joe’s Regime? Or some other minor ‘rice bowl’ reward from the DPM? Is he yet cashing in? Or is he still serving as a volunteer DPM Thug?

When I use the word “vicious”, in describing these people, that does not even come close to capturing those thugs’ crazed hatefulness, as they reveled and gloated in their evil power over me. Ascher, (excuse me…patooie!), was the bull goose censor of the Boston ‘peace community’s’ public forum. If you were one of his Gang of Thugs, you had free rein to say whatever you wanted, to behave in any manner you wanted. If the miserable coward Ascher didn’t like what you had to say, he would silence you, and if you objected, he would purge you, as Stalinists ALWAYS do. I was soon purged from the Boston ‘peace community’ for advocating for peace.

By that time, only a matter of a few years ago, I was already VERY familiar with this sort of behavior from the PseudoLeft. As long ago as 2007, Stalin wannabe Carl Davidson, still resting on his 60s SDS laurels, (hi Carl, you intellectual midget and miserable coward… he’s reading this, cowering in his dank lair in Pittsburgh PA), had gloated in his totalitarian power over the ‘Progressives for Obama’ public form.

While this PseudoLeft, so loyally serving the Ruling Elites, while so clownishly pretending to advocate for ‘democracy’ in our nation, cries like babies throwing tantrums whenever THEY are censored, EVERY PseudoLeft public forum in America, every single ONE, is under rigid totalitarian censorship. (If anyone knows of an exception, please let me know).

My readers perhaps recall me recently taking Consortium News’ Joe Lauria to task, (he’s actually a better sort, who sullies himself by his association with the crazed Woke Cult), after his dramatic public crybaby act, when HE was recently censored, while he himself rules over Consortium News’ comments section with his totalitarian Iron Fist. (And geez… Don’t let me even get STARTED on the creep of creeps, Robert Scheer, whose creepy son, Christopher Scheer, serves as his ‘Stalin’).

Let me provide some background to explain what I was doing at the time I encountered the miserable coward, David Ascher, (snort), the vicious thug representing the Boston ‘peace community’, while serving as a loyal DPM operative.

I first met a man named Vladislav Krasnov, (in America he used the name ‘George’, which apparently translates to ‘Vladislav’ in Russian), in 2014, when he wrote to express his appreciation for a piece I had published about Israel’s depraved treatment of the millions of people it keeps imprisoned under its murderous Iron Heel of martial law. Though retired for several years now, (he’s well into his late 80s), Vladislav is a noted scholar, and author, having earned his PhD in California, after immigrating to America as a young man. He has now moved back to his hometown, Parma, Russia, a village of 1200 souls on the banks of the River Reka, since his failing eyesight has forced him to retire from his work.

Vladislav organized and ran RAGA, the Russian American Goodwill Association. His ‘mission’ in life, his passion, was to create peace and goodwill between his native land, and the country in which he lived for most of his life. I worked with him, with RAGA, for several years. When he realized that his failing eyesight would no longer allow him to carry on, he asked me if I would take over and run RAGA for him, but for reasons I’ll not go into here, I deferred, (possibly a BIG mistake on my part). Sadly RAGA, a GENUINE peace organization, no longer exists.

I also worked with an associate of RAGA, a brilliant man named Gilbert Doctorow, an American who was then, (and still is I think), living in Europe, (In Brussels, I think). Dr. Doctorow is also a brilliant scholar, and moves in ‘diplomatic circles’. He was working with RAGA to reorganize the American Committee for East-West Accords, (ACEWA), having been elected to head up that organizing project by an international conference of concerned scholars, which included the late Dr. Stephen Cohen, universally recognized as our nation’s foremost ‘expert’ on Russia.

I exchanged much correspondence with Dr. Doctorow, suggesting possible means to move forward with ACEWA, which has sadly now fallen into a moribund state, and from which Dr. Doctorow has resigned. Dr. Doctorow is still very active in working internationally for peace, and I always watch eagerly for his byline, as his articles frequently appear on several international forums on which I participate.

So…. Anyway… I was working with SERIOUS and GENUINE international peace advocates, when I encountered the Boston ‘peace community’, whose public forum, I soon found out, was operating as a ‘front’ for the Democratic Party Machine.

Well… As people can well imagine, I immediately objected to the DPM propaganda on the Boston ‘peace’ forum, which was avidly demonizing Russia with outright LIES. The RussiaGate Ruse, one of the MAJOR public crimes against our nation committed by the evil Clintonista Gang, led by that HORRID witch of a lying creep, Hillary Clinton, was avidly being promoted by the execrable David Ascher (snort) and his Gang of DPM Thugs.

Have any been following the news of the trial of Witch Hillary’s campaign forces, who are now being prosecuted for cooking upn the massive RussiaGate BIG LIE? Testimony has just been given, (by her campaign manager, I think, although to be honest, I’m not following the proceedings all that avidly), that it was Hillary Clinton herself that cooked up this Big Lie.

Yea… No shite, all ye sherlocks… The whole RussiaGate fiasco was a massive load of stinking lying shite, a Big Lie cooked up by an evil lying witch, her eyes agleam with her evil lust for raw power, a macabre murderer who had giggled like a school girl over her succesful contracted murder of the sitting head of state, (who was “sodomized with large knife”), the sitting head of state of THE most prosperous nation in all of Africa.

When the evil Witch Hillary was done with Libya, that propserous nation was transformed into an actual MadMax reality, ruled over by gangs of terrorists riding around with machine guns mounted in the beds of Toyota pickup trucks, terrorizing the population. What once was THE most prosperous nation in Africa, remains to this day, thanks to Obama’s loyal lieutenant goon, evil Witch Hillary, a virtual MadMax territory where people cower in contant terror for their lives.

Anyway…. When I arrived at the Boston ‘peace community’s’ public forum, I was, naturally, eager to promote peace, (fool that I yet was at that time). Well, guess what. I very quickly learned that promoting actual peace on the Boston ‘peace community’s’ public forum was VERBOTEN!

Yea… folks… Ain’t that America? Empire of Lies… but little pink houses for you and me?

And there’s winners and there’s losers
But that ain’t no big deal
‘Cause the simple man, baby
Pays for the thrills, with bills, and with pills that kill

-J Mellencamp

Only a matter of weeks after John Kennedy advocated for peace with Russia, in his landmark speech, now largely forgotten, at American University, (surely among a small handful of the greatest orations by any American president, ever),  he was a “man shot down in a Texas town in the summer of his years“.

I was sitting in the passenger seat of a silver blue1962 Pontiac Star Chief, 15 years old, sitting beside my father driving, (he fuming over the slow trucks on the hilly two-lane highway, the interstate not having been built yet), on our way to the Lake of the Ozarks to go SCUBA diving, when John Kennedy’s ringing words poured like magic from the radio, making my young heart soar with hope, forever burning themselves into my mind:

For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.

Of course there is no proof that Hebert Marcuse’s good buddy, Allen Dulles, was the one who organized Kennedy’s murder… Never will be… (Historians still argue over the perpetration of the Cataline Conspiracy in Rome, a precursor to the destruction of the Roman Republic)… But one thing that History has already revealed for CERTAIN is that Oswald, acting as a crazed ‘lone gunman’, did NOT murder John Kennedy, at least not alone.

I generally don’t like or much follow ‘conspiracy theories’, not because I don’t think some are doubtless true, (the evidence that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ is as compelling as the evidence that FDR intentionally invited Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, or that the US itself blew up the battleship USS Maine in Havana Harbor, which in all three of these cases were (theoretically) false flag operations intended to instigate a desired war that otherwise the American people would never have supported), but because I know that like the 2000 year old Cataline Conspiracy in Rome, NONE of these theories will likely EVER be either proven or disproven.

In  the summer of 1963, as I listened to John Kennedy’s inspiring words on the radio, while sitting beside my father in that Blue Pontiac, Angela Davis had already been recruited, and had already become Herbert Marcuse’s devoted disciple. Her brilliant young mind was already being crammed full of Marcuse’s brilliantly evil Critical Theory, and Identity Politics.

And as that was all happening, Marcuse’s old CIA intimate, Allen Dulles, was fuming murderously over that insolent man, Kennedy, DARING to advocate for peace with Russia.

Well… As they say… The rest is History… Like Sulla of ancient Rome, both Allen Dulles and his intimate CIA associate, Herbert Marcuse, lived to be old men, and died in bed, after seeing their evil ‘plots against the Republic’ bear fruit. The brilliant young Ms. Davis went on to not only preach her beloved mentor’s evil ideology, she also became Bloody Angela, after goading a hot-headed young boy of 17, poor young Jonathan Jackson, into dying with guns blazing, taking the lives of 5 innocents with him.

And now here we ALL are, our nation torn into spiritual ruin, about to collapse into bloody chaos, with the “fast bullets” of WW3 already “flying”, (Dylan again), and with the lying propaganda site, Common Dreams, quoting a ‘peace advocate’, Cole Harrison, whole belongs to a ‘peace community’ on whose public forum it is VERBOTEN! to advocate for actual peace.

Isn’t that interesting?


PS: If folks will please forgive me, or else at least indulge my human foibles, and if people will please edit out this postscipt before any children might read it, I’d like to tell Mr. Ascher, before my entire international audience of readers, the he can go FUCK his miserable cowardly self…. And if he wants to get together to ‘talk it over’, I can be in Boston in one hour, though I can’t promise that I’ll be capable of restraining myself from spitting on his trouser leg, just to see what he’ll do next.

Sorry, folks.. A man down in Mexico, a wise brujo, and a Buddhist, a man whom I’ve never laid eyes on but whose friendship I have grown to trust, Roger Tucker, is trying to teach me to ‘grow’ my spirit. But here I am, still ‘the warrior’, (have any read Castaneda’s ‘The Teachings of Don Juan‘?), still far more Crazy Horse than Sitting Bull.

I’m trying folks… Obviously… Not doing that good, as all can see from my ongoing obstreperousness, but I AM trying. Still a poor dumb human. Still a stupid ape. I asked my good friend Roger, “If Crazy Horse had not been so treacherously murdered, had he lived to be an old man like me, would he have grown into something other than a warrior?”