Alt-Media ‘Frankly’ Misinformed about Ukraine, by Ray Zwarich

It is rather pathetic how so many people who read, and write for, the so-called ‘alt-media’ are so grossly misinformed about the actual facts on the ground in Ukraine. Perhaps we might consider that if alt-media writers were better informed, alt-media readers would be as well. Ya think? It’s just amazing that some of these alt-media writers dare call themselves ‘journalists’.

According to virtually all credible sources, (which aren’t really at all hard to find), complete and utter defeat for the US Empire is imminent in Ukraine. When an informed person reads about Ukraine in these ‘alt-media’, one is made aware of how completely ALL US Mass Media are influenced, if not completely controlled, by the US Ruling Elites’ propaganda.

Hopefully, as the Discord leaks, which reportedly reveal to a large extent the lies denying the imminent US defeat in Ukraine, continue to be revealed, grossly misinformed writers like CounterPunch editor and TomDispatch ‘regular’ Joshua Frank, whose article I’m responding to here, will be forced to divest themselves of their propagandized delusions over the basic nature of the conflict in Ukraine.

Copied below are the comments I attached this grossly misinformed article by Joshua Frank, as published today by ScheerPost. Mr Frank clearly believes the lies of the US Ruling Elites’ propaganda, which hold that Ukraine has, to this point, fought Russia to a stand-off, which is simply NOT true, as detailed in my comments.

I want to make sure that my readers on this list in other nations know that a growing number of us here in the US no longer give any credibility at ALL to the US Empire’s lies concerning Ukraine, as does the clearly gullible Joshua Frank.

Hope all are well and strong.

Simius C


My Comments:

Mr. Frank’s concerns about the US Empire possibly precipitating apocalyptic nuclear disaster in Ukraine are not unfounded, of course, but his concerns unfortunately seem to be limited to the Empire’s possible use of depleted uranium artillery rounds. The much greater, and very real danger is that to avoid its own now inevitable utter defeat in Ukraine, which will deliver a death blow to its morally depraved lust for world rule, the Empire will force nuclear escalation into an all-out apocalyptic, Humanity-ending nuclear holocaust.

This already existing policy of vituperative destruction of all Humanity rather than accepting defeat has long been known as the Samson Option. It is the known de facto existing strategy of nuclear-armed Israel. Many now think, of course, that the US Empire is under the de facto control of Zionist forces, since, (coincidentally or not), most of the depraved neoConservatives who drive US foreign policy, and have for at least  quarter century now, most of these morally demented people who lust for US world rule, are Jewish, as is Victoria Nuland, the ghoulish maven and principle architect of the current deadly morass in Ukraine. “Samson Option” is, of course, a reference to the biblical Israelite character who preferred to die himself, to kill himself, along with all the Philistines, rather than allow the Philistines to triumph.

Would these demented US Ruling Elites who command the US Empire rather destroy all Humanity, themselves included, (as did Samson), rather than allow Humanity to free itself from the  Empire’s oppressive rule? Would they rather take all Humanity with them, if they see that their own defeat is inevitable, rather than accept defeat?

This is a very real question. These US Ruling Elites are very obviously morally depraved. They have shown that they’re willing to kill millions upon millions of innocent people in order to achieve their objective of world rule. So we already know that they’re spiritually demented and morally depraved.

But just how crazy ARE these f**ckers?

THAT is the very real question hanging in the air NOW in Ukraine.

Mr. Frank’s concern that they might use depleted uranium artillery rounds in Ukraine is well-founded. Doing so would clearly be an incremental nuclear escalation. Are they signaling their crazed willingness to go “all the way” to Armageddon?

Just how crazy ARE these f**kers?

Mr. Frank does not seem to understand, or at least does not demonstrate an understanding, that the defeat of what’s euphemistically called “US World Hegemony”, (the demented lust of the US Ruling Elites to rule over the entire Earth), is the ‘cause de guerre‘ in Ukraine. Russia is defending its very existence as a sovereign nation. The US Empire is attacking the sovereign nation of Russia, intending to overthrow its sovereign government, and is murderously using Ukraine as its brutally sacrificial proxy. The Evil US Empire is attacking Russia simply because Russia refuses to obey the dictates of the US Empire.

“Obey us or we’ll kill you” has been the Empire’s overarching dictate for well over a quarter century now, since the largely Jewish neoconservatives decided that the US must seize its ‘manifest destiny’ to rule over all the Earth, largely to execute policy on behalf of the tiny nation of Israel. The Empire has destroyed nation after nation, (all of them enemies of Israel), murdering sitting heads of state, and killing millions of innocent people, simply because those nations refused to obey the Empire’s commands.

Joshua Frank’s apparent confusion over the issues at hand notwithstanding, the issue in Ukraine could not possibly be more clear. 1) The Empire is “all in” in Ukraine. It MUST destroy Russia in order to preserve its crazed, demented designs to rule the world. 2) Defeat in Ukraine will spell the end of this morally depraved and spiritually demented Empire’s intention to rule the world. If it loses in Ukraine, the Empire will lose all credibility of its claims to possess the raw military power to rule over all other nations. If it loses in Ukraine. the Empire will soon collapse into a pile of smoking rubble. 3) The Empire IS losing BADLY in Ukraine. All informed people can easily see that the Empire’s utter defeat in Ukraine is both imminent and inevitable.

Besides his muddled confusions over the issues at stake in Ukraine, Mr. Frank clearly does not understand current conditions ‘on the ground’ in Ukraine. On the killing fields that the Empire has made of this tragic nation of Ukraine, (in pursuit of this Evil Empire’s demented lust to rule over the entire earth), Russia is as yet restraining itself from even using all its available forces. Russia has hundreds of thousands of troops staged on Ukraine’s borders, but has not yet even needed to use them. While Ukraine is desperately kidnapping young boys and old men off its streets to serve as cannon fodder, Russia is only fighting with a relatively small contingent of its available forces.

Russia has most recently been content to let Ukraine pour its brave forces into the meat-grinder of Bakhmut, where, as Colonel Douglas MacGregor puts it, withering Russian artillery fire is quickly “converting these courageous Ukrainian soldiers, in very large numbers, into corpses”. The slaughter of the flower of Ukraine’s courageous manhood has been as ferociously relentless as it is utterly tragic and pointless.

Bakhmut has been gradually and patiently encircled by Russian forces. The remaining Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut are now, or will soon be, encircled in a classic ‘cauldron’. They are effectively surrounded. When they are then inevitably eradicated, there will be nothing left to stop Russian troops from overrunning all of eastern Ukraine right up to the banks of the Dnieper River.

The dark shadow of complete and utter defeat looms ominously over the US Empire. There is so much consternation and dissension in NATO that many experts, like Colonel MacGregor, think it soon could actually break up. Virtually all Europe’s governments are under duress from angry and increasingly rebellious populations. Several of these governments are in near-term danger of collapsing. Europe’s leaders are making friendly overtures to Russia’s close ally, China, and thus by proxy to the rapidly growing anti-Empire alliance of nations led by Russia and China.

The Empire’s own closest allies are thus edging away, looking to save themselves when the increasingly tottering Empire crashes into ruin, as seems imminent. By all appearances, the wheels of the US Empire’s juggernaut are severely wobbling, and soon to start falling off.

But poor Mr. Frank clings to the delusion that Ukraine has successfully fought Russia to a stand-off, (has he not heard about the Discord Leak?), which explains his total lack of understanding of the threat to Humanity, the threat of the Samson Option, which now looms as a clear and present danger over us ALL.

Sure. Depleted uranium is an issue. How Russia will respond to the Empire’s use of depleted uranium artillery rounds is a serious concern. But informed people’s concerns go far beyond those of the obviously uninformed Mr. Frank. Would the delivery of depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine be an indication of the morally demented US Empire’s willingness to deploy the “Samson Option”? Will these morally depraved US Ruling Elites kill us ALL, will they choose to destroy all Humanity, rather than accept defeat?

Just how crazy ARE these f**kers?

THAT is ‘the question’, Mr. Frank.