Americans – ‘Free’ to be Diseased in Spirit, and Miserable in Mind and Body, by Ray Zwarich

Several articles concerning the regime of censorship under which we now live came out in a flood this morning on the left alt-media. Coincidence? Quien sabe? With what did these articles coincide?

Hmm… None of these articles on these freedom-loving (sarcasm alert) left alt-media publishing sites express any concern at all, (not a single word), over Tucker Carlson being silenced from addressing his audience of almost 5 million people every day, by far the largest audience addressed by any single mass media commentator in the entire nation.

Quite the opposite, in fact… the crazed Woke Cult Left is absolutely disgracing itself, fully exposing itself as the fascist, anti-democratic force that it is, by actually celebrating the silencing of a legitimate political voice. Apparently they never even heard of Voltaire. These crazed cultists celebrate whenever an opponent can be silenced. They only crybaby when THEY are silenced.

I read, every day, from a broad spectrum of literature from far left to far right. I actually read 25 to 30 articles, sometimes more, most every day. This dichotomy over freedom of speech is the most dramatically salient difference in the general demeanor of what are called ‘the left’, and ‘the right’. Though I myself am an authentic Leftist, and thus have fundamental differences of opinion with people on the so-called ‘right’, I cringe to think that these crazed Woke Cultists dare claim to be leftists. I cringe to be associated with this brainless cult in any way at all.

And I have NEVER heard anyone on the right suggest that anyone on the Woke Cult left should be silenced. NEVER! Not even ONE time. When people ‘on the right’ say they believe in freedom of speech, they mean that in the Voltairian sense. (“I despise what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.) They certainly do despise what these people on the crazed Woke Cult Left say, but they NEVER, that I have heard, EVER, advocate for their political opponents to be silenced.

The Woke Cult Left, of course, advocates for the silencing (canceling) of their political opponents as a major element of their mainstream political methodology. They ‘get their way’ through brownshirt nazi-style bullying tactics. Antifa anyone? If you disagree with them, about anything, they believe that you have no right to speak at all.

That’s just what these fascist bolsheviks believe.

In one of the most starkly expository displays of the Woke Left’s crazed anti-democratic (fascist) fervor I have ever seen, the air-head Vogue make-up girl, Sandy Cortez, made a video referencing Marvel Comics movies, (to demonstrate her ‘depth’?, geez… does she not even realize that intelligent adults don’t watch cartoon movies made for children?), praising the silencing of Mr. Carlson, and, incredibly, seeming to take some kind of credit for Mr. Carlson’s “de-platforming”. “De-platforming works”, she declares proudly, as she gloats shamelessly over Mr. Carlson’s misfortune.

Geez… What a shameless slithery fascist creep. It staggers the mind. I despise what this creepy air-head Vogue girl says, but I would defend to the death her right to say it. Someone should tell this creepy woman that THAT is what “freedom of speech” actually means.

I’m a leftist, people. An AUTHENTIC Leftist. When I witness the crazed hypocritical behavior of these Woke Cult people, like this airhead AOC, I cringe to see the Authentic Left so besmirched by these Bolshevik Marionettes who are so stupid that they enthusiastically support their own avowed Enemy’s (the Ruling Elites’) highest priorities. They aren’t actually stupid people, of course, but to join the Woke Cult you are required to disconnect your powers of Reason. You must agree not to think, but rather to only emote. These people follow their brainless hysterical passions wherever their hysterias lead them. They fully believe that mob rule is the highest form of democracy.

Dr. Michael Rectenwald, a libertarian rightist with whom I disagree vehemently about many key things, but for whom I hold great respect, posted a thoughtful article on the subject, positing that the investment firm Blackrock’s recently increased position in Fox stock, (they bought a major bloc in late February), was the major impetus for Mr. Carlson’s ouster, due to Blackrock’s intimate involvement with the Zelensky Regime in Ukraine, and Mr. Carlson’s ongoing criticism of US prosecution of this apocalyptically dangerous proxy war against Russia. Blackrock is lining itself up a major ‘vulture’ position in Ukraine, to make big bucks through investments in post-war Ukrainian reconstruction. A secondary issue Dr. Rectenwald mentions is Blackrock’s heavy position in pharmaceuticals, and thus its growing resentment of Mr. Carlson’s opposition to the forced administration of untested Covid vaccines, which are, of course, a major profit center in that sector.

The crazed hypocritical Woke Cult Left only cares, of course, when their opponents are NOT censored, while they crybaby constantly when THEY are censored. And they continue to be psychotically blind to the glaring hypocrisy in their own behavior. Truly a clinical example of mass psychosis.

Matt Taibbi continues to energetically prove his ‘no shit sherlock’ point that censorship really and truly exists in our nation, with his ‘major blockbuster exposes’ of the obvious. “Gosh and golly gee”, Mr. Taibbi tells us, all wide-eyed and breathless. “Mercy sakes alive! Censorship is really and truly happening, folks”. Gee, thanks, Matty Boy. Do you even know what the sarcasm in “no shit sherlock” even means? No less than three articles in one day, all on ScheerPost, re-published from Mr. Taibbi’s ‘Racket‘ site, on this subject. Free articles, (a rarity for Mr. Taibbi), not behind his self-defeating (though lucrative) paywall. I’m not providing links to Mr. Taibbi’s lashes-batting Alice in Wonderland meeting with the Cheshire Cat . Too lazy. You can find them yourselves if you want to read what you’ve already read dozens of times before, and already know perfectly well. (Newsflash. Hot off the presses from Matt Taibbi. Read all about it. Censorship is really really happening in the US, Taibbi reports).

There’s another droning article, on Consortium News, citing legal mumbo-jumbo about the torture of poor Jules, as if the Empire cares at ALL about legalities. The Rules Based Order means the Empire makes the rules but is not the least obligated to follow them. Don’t we ALL know this? Geez…. But apparently Joe Lauria over at ‘CN’ didn’t get the memo, and thus thinks it’s useful to some esoteric purpose to play make-believe by pretending that legal technicalities are going to “free Julian Assange”.

All this in one day about our loss of our most basic democratic right, our freedom to speak our minds. Ahh… But one article in particular is truly sinister in the manner that a Woke Cult fraudster pretends to care about freedom of speech as he turns the truth on its head to support his nefarious Woke Cult agenda. It never occurs to him, of course, (at least he never mentions it), that the silencing of Tucker Carlson is “kind of a big deal” (understatement alert) in the minds of any Americans who genuinely care about this most precious of our democratic rights.

My comments below were attached to this sinister and dishonest article from this Woke Cult shill, Andy Lee Roth, pretending that he gives a shit about anyone’s freedom of speech unless they’ve drunk the Woke Cult kool-aid.

Hope all are well and strong on this day after our freedom of speech took a grievous blow. I vehemently disagree with Mr. Carlson about some VERY important issues, (like his war-mongering attitude toward China, to name but one), but there is not a greater champion for freedom of speech in this entire nation than this self-effacing man. He has more intellect in the tip of his pinky finger than the airhead fascist bolshevik, AOC, does in her entire slithery antifa-fascist body. (Antifa was apparently named by George Orwell himself).

Tucker Carlson will find another platform, of course, but it’s doubtful that it will reach 5 million viewers. He could also lead a third party run. (hmm… VERY interesting, but doubtful). He’s one of the most powerful political figures in the nation.

Or… He could go to Substack and get rich, of course, like Taibbi and Greenwald have, if he’d be satisfied with losing most of his audience, like they did. Their wealth is clearly much more important to them than any political cause they have purported to serve. Their respective audiences are now minuscule, compared to what they were, but man-o-man, they are raking in the green by the millions, and they seem more than satisfied with having so much less political influence than they once did.

Simius C


My comments in reply to the sinister Woke Cult shill, Andy Lee Roth, of ‘Project Censored’:

Mr. Roth clearly presents himself in a fundamentally, (and disgustingly, to all with genuine concerns about political censorship), dishonest manner. He is very obviously cynically using the crucially important issue of political censorship as a guise through which to promote his own extremist ‘woke’ agenda, which he tries to hide by pretending he is equally concerned about all agendas being censored. He promotes the ‘right’ of powerful unseen groups of indeterminate origin to promote extremist ‘woke’ sexual ideology among grade school children, for example, but uses his own absurdly contorted concept of ‘censorship’ to characterize those children’s parents’ right to object to their children being force-fed extremist woke sexual ideology as “book burning”.

Mr. Roth’s advocacy here perfectly dovetail’s with the US Empire’s aggressive agenda of exerting outright dictatorial world rule in the name of supporting “freedom and democracy”. Mr. Roth’s argument and advocacy here is perfectly in line with the Empire’s aggressive imperial campaign to exert world rule through aggressive cultural imperialism. All nations must adopt the sick, diseased US culture, promoting every manner of depraved sexual permissiveness, or else their governments must be violently overthrown.

With US Embassies around the world officially sanctioned to fly the LGBT flag, and with ALL US college faculty now required to swear an actual ‘loyalty oath’ to Woke Ideology as a condition of employment, Mr. Roth’s assertion that LGBT people’s rights to express themselves are being censored are as disgusting as they are grossly dishonest. As this charlatan poseur knows full well, it is NOT proponents of Woke Ideology that are being censored. Quite the opposite, in fact. It is any who oppose the lying Mr. Roth’s Woke Ideology who are being censored.

Mr. Roth is thus cunningly turning the truth on its head, to promote his extremist Woke Cult agenda.

In Russia, to mention but one very obvious example of extremist Woke Culture being used as the tip of US cultural imperialism’s spear, the Russian society as a whole is predominantly devoutly religious, (the majority Orthodox Christian, but which a sizable devout Muslim population, and Jewish population, as well), and the Russian people revere the social institution of the human family. Thus they take social and legal measures to preserve ‘family culture’ in their society. Family culture, as it has existed in human civilization, and even in human tribal cultures for thousands of years, requires restraining human sexuality within a context of deep emotional bonds of moral and spiritual commitment.

In Russia, LGBT people are perfectly and legally free to live their lifestyles, and are legally protected in doing so, but it is ILLEGAL, in Russia, to PROMOTE homosexuality and/or other sexual deviations from the cultural norm. Contrast that with gay pride parades in the US, which do everything they can to overtly insult the sensibilities of family culture by promoting deviant, hyper-promiscuous sexual behavior.

Such promotion is illegal in Russia. Gay people can lead their lives in decent respect for the prevailing culture, but they are not legally permitted to openly promote what ALL nations that revere Family Culture would regard as depraved sexual behavior.

Thus Russia was condemned as an ‘autocratic’ practitioner of ‘censorship’ when a group of extremist lesbian women calling themselves Pussy Riot were arrested for stripping naked and performing actual sex acts on the actual alter of the very cathedral that is regarded as the holiest sanctum in all Russia by the Russian Orthodox church.

Russia was castigated in the US Empire’s press, using Mr. Roth’s warped ideations of what comprises ‘censorship, as an authoritarian, anti-democratic nation, for arresting these women. Russia was castigated as an evil nation whose government must be overthrown because these extremist lesbians were arrested for performing actual sex acts on the alter of a church regarded as sacred by a vast majority of Russia’s population. (Raise your hands if you think some CIA-sponsored NGO might have been involved in providing Pussy Riot with ‘encouragement’, in the form of funds, or other succor).

In the US by contrast, Mr. Roth’s advocacy and argument over what constitutes illegitimate censorship have resulted in what all aware and rational people regard as our sick, diseased culture which, in the name of “freedom”, promotes unrestrained sexual promiscuity, which is so obviously destroying the US family. People in the US are all but defenseless in our attempts to preserve family culture.

Beginning in the early 1950s, (not long after the CIA was created in ’46, and simultaneous to the “father of the New Left”, CIA operative Herbert Marcuse’s publication of ‘Eros and Civilization’, which promoted the hyper-sexualization of America), Mr. Roth’s same arguments as presented here were the principle arguments used to ‘mainstream’ every vile manner of pornography, to the extent that virtually ALL American children now view the most disgusting sex acts that the morally demented purveyors of pornography can imagine, (women having sex with dogs, or masturbating horses, etc), as soon as they, our children, or any one of their friends, learn how to disable the ridiculously ineffective ‘parental controls’ on the family computer, or on their ipad, or smartphone. Thus, in our diseased “free” culture, all children learn that a ‘normal’ sex act between a man and a woman culminates with the man ejaculating on the woman’s face. (All ladies please raise your hands if you enjoy having men ejaculate on your face).

This diseased culture, which ironically champions the ‘liberation’ of women, could hardly be more overtly misogynist in its basic nature. Our sick, diseased culture promotes the hatred of men by ‘liberated’ women, who have been induced into unrestrained promiscuity, (“freedom”), and then lament being alone, (albeit well-used), in middle age, as the bloom falls from their flowers, because men quite naturally don’t want to marry ‘sluts’, and why should they marry at all? (Mothers once taught their daughters the ancient civilizational adage, “He ain’t gonna buy the cow, dearie, if he’s a gettin’ all the milk he can drink fer free”).

Fewer people thus get married, and few that do stay married. With temptations abounding in any direction one looks, how can a marriage withstand the sheer biological pressure? Thus women end up slogging through the miseries of semi-impoverished single-motherhood.

This same diseased culture that promotes women’s ironically named ‘liberation’ is so obviously demeaning to girls and women that even as they make advances in their cherished careers, they are only rapidly growing unhappier, to the extent that among teenage girls, according to the CDC, almost 3 in 5 feel sad and hopeless, and almost one in three seriously consider suicide.

And we’ve accomplished all this through the application of Mr. Roth’s extremist ideations concerning what comprises illegitimate ‘censorship’. “We can talk dirty in public if we want to”, opined the now sanctified Lenny Bruce. And now we all do. “The girl next door should strip off her clothes for the pleasure of masturbating boys and men”, said the nation’s pimp, Hugh Hefner. “Their naked bodies are art. Stripping naked and showing men their pee-pees is their constitutional right of free expression”, the nation’s pimp told us, as he grew ever richer by thus exploiting impressionable young teen-age women.

And now they all do. They all dress like prostitutes, and otherwise constantly and desperately flaunt their sexuality in men’s faces, and then neurotically castigate men when they take the bait. The latest ‘fad’ among these poor neurotic young women is to go to the gym wearing only skimpy underwear, neurotically taking selfie videos, and then yelling like crazed shrieking harpies at any men who glance at them.

The once cherished cultural concept of female modesty has been so forgotten in our diseased culture that most girls have never even heard that word, even as they grow ever unhappier in their hyper-promiscuous ‘hook-up’ lifestyles, and then struggle to raise their children as miserable, and often impoverished, single mothers.

In cultures that promote family culture, mothers teach their daughters the strategic value of female modesty. Some cultures do go way overboard, shrouding women in burkas, but most teach young women to carefully vet men before they strategically reveal their charms to attract highly-qualified men.

Anyway…. In our diseased culture we are “free” to act any damn sick way we please. And even as women end up as miserable single mothers, or worse, as middle-aged women with only their cats for company, they somehow think they’ve been ‘liberated’.

And we call this “freedom”, and we DEMAND that all other nations MUST adopt this culture, or else we’ll overthrow their government, and force our miserable diseased culture on them at the point of a gun.



Is this Mr. Andy Lee Roth REALLY as simple-minded as he makes himself appear in this article? Or is he merely cunning in adopting this pose, to advance his crazed Woke Agenda, as he conflates “censorship”of extremist sexual and cultural ideologies with political censorship of political thoughts and ideas?

How to differentiate one from the other? Aha! The conundrum of freedom and democracy, which apparently whizzes by the seemingly simple-minded Mr. Roth’s ear while he remains blissfully oblivious.

Mr. Roth is presenting this crucial issue of censorship in such a grossly simple-minded manner, completely ignoring its complexities, that one has to ask oneself if he is really this simple-minded, or is he simply cunningly pretending to be this ‘dumb’ in order to promote his own extremist ideology? Does he REALLY think that press and speech censorship by corporate and governing powers should be conflated with the efforts of parents to exert some measure of control over the material being taught to their children?

Or is he lying by pretending that he thinks that in order to promote his crazed extremist Woke Cult agenda?

Is he really this simple minded that he sees no difference between a government censoring people’s right to express disagreement with that government’s policies, and parents objecting to their children being taught extremist ideologies promoting the sexualization of young grade school children?

Is he so simple-minded that he sees no difference between the blanket Mass Media censorship of Seymour Hersh’s report on the Biden Regime’s international terrorism, and parents’ objection to drag queen story hours being hosted in and by public schools, or their efforts to prevent their young grade school children being exposed to books teaching the extremist and completely unproven cult ideology that children are free to choose whether they are boys or girls?

If Mr. Roth would like to debate this topic, I’d be glad to oblige. I don’t buy his simple-minded act. I think it would be easy to expose his cunning in pursuing his extremist Woke Cult agenda.