A new world is shaping up, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

A global commentary

Europe decided to tie its horse more tightly to the US canon wagon and march to war on Russia to maintain US hegemony (a hopeless task). Predictably, Russia and China hitched their wagons together. Countries like India decided not to obey the US dictats. A new world is thus shaping up. The outcome will inevitably not be what the US was fighting to preserve: a monopolar world that it and it alone dominates. They should have learned lessons from history. Their war on Iraq in 2003 which was intended to keep hegemony of the US and Israel backfired: now Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan etc form a block resistant to this hegemony. Latin America is finally breaking from US dominance (collapse of the Monroe doctrine) after decades of CIA and Mossad toppling governments and supporting brutal dictators. People do not forget (1973 in Chile, 1956 Iran, 1948 Palestine). The regimes in Washington and Tel Aviv double down instead of learning lessons: propping the Saudi brutal regime (Mohammad “Chainsaw” Bin Salman) after Biden promising in elections to make the regime pariah. Biden will also prop the worst fascist right-wing Israeli government as it engages in more colonial settlement activities and other crimes against humanity. Chickens do come home to roost and as in the laws of physics: actions are followed by reactions. People are awakening. Yet, the price of foolishness is high. Inflation is rising globally (including food and energy prices), unemployment will rise, climate change and other human caused environmental destruction are ignored, nuclear weapons proliferate (Israel has 90 and is ready to use them to maintain its racist system because the west will not take on BDS), and many more millions of refugee will flood Europe (and the 8 million Palestinian refugees still await a return). This is not even mentioning the actual global war started. The earth literally will burn. We are in for a tough road ahead as the new world order (not the one envisioned by Zionists and imperialists) takes shape. In no other period in history was it more critical to stand-up and say enough is enough of this insanity.

A local commentary

Palestine is a small but significant part of the issues mentioned above. Small because we (Palestinians and Israelis) represent here <0.2% of world population. But it is significant because like apartheid in South Africa, apartheid here exposes western hypocrisy (talking about human rights while supporting the opposite). Grassroot action is more important than ever because political leaders (in “Israel” and the Arab world including Palestine) collude/support the failing hegemonic structure.