A Truth Discovered Too Late, by Eamon McKinney

Specific propaganda, small lies, can be identified, but there is an “ambient” propaganda that permeates every atmosphere where people exist.

William Casey, the one time head of the CIA, said, “We will know our disinformation project is complete when everything the U.S. public believes is false.” He may have regretted that uncharacteristic lapse into truth, he later said. “Everyone always says more than they are supposed to”. This was shortly before his convenient death on the eve of his testimony to Congress on his involvement in the Iran Contra affair. Casey is long gone and largely forgotten, but his words should not be. They were not simply the options of goals of one man, however elevated, they were an expression of Government policy. Not uniquely a U.S. phenomena but one employed by Western Governments to maintain power. Lies are the currency of politics.

The Western world is in a terminal decline, morally, economically and socially. Many reasons can be offered for this, but it is doubtful that propaganda will be one of them. The West has been living under such a relentless stream of lies that it can no longer discern fact from fiction. The purpose of propaganda is to convince that it is not propaganda. Specific propaganda, small lies, can be identified, but there is an “ambient” propaganda that permeates every atmosphere where people exist, it is insidious, less obvious and more dangerous. Dangerous because it directs people to the small lies, to obscure the big ones.

Approval ratings among Western leaders are at historic lows. A healthy and understandable cynicism awaits any politician who opens his mouth, yet the big lies are consumed unchallenged. In America, unfavourable views of China and the Chinese went from 17% pre-Covid to nearing 80% now. Despite the Governments flimsy hold on credibility the majority prefer the big lie, “everything is China’s fault” The economy, Covid, blame China. On a subliminal level this works because many would accept that their Government is bad, but would prefer to think someone else’s is worse. The refrain about “China’s aggression” “and we have to something about it”, can be heard from otherwise informed people with critical faculties. Despite zero facts to back it up. The ugly truth is that propaganda works, if the lie is big enough, and repeatedly echoed, it seeps into the public consciousness.

The British national embarrassment Boris Johnson is a serial pathological liar. He was fired from two prestigious journalist jobs for being so. While some of his deceptions may have been harmless, his warmongering on Russia has exposed the true nature behind his contrived buffoonery. Yet, most in the UK prefer to believe the official narrative, even when delivered by a congenital liar. Johnson is abetted by the British Broadcasting Corporation and the rest of the mainstream media. Even those who pretend to oppose him. The BBC is an organ of the state, just as much as MI5 is. It has been ruthlessly pushing anti-Russian propaganda for years. Its coverage of the current conflict has been transparently criminal war propaganda. No mention of the fact that Ukraine is not in fact a utopian democracy, nor any mention of the Minsk agreement. And of course zero mention of the NAZI Azov battalions or their 8 year long murderous assault of the Russian speaking Ukrainians. The truth is that Russia has long been in the crosshairs of America and NATO, and for reasons far more to do with Western financial interests than any concern for Ukraine. The big truth is that all wars involving the West are inevitably about the business interests of the rich and powerful. It is a sad indictment of the media today that they are complicit in crimes against humanity, Covid, war propaganda, they have blood on their hands. Yet what is said doesn’t matter, and what matters can’t be said.

The biggest lie of all is that of “our democracy”. Which lately always appear to be “under threat” according to American politicians. If in fact we ever had it, it has long since been disfigured into something grotesque. The illusion that we get to elect our leaders rather than have them selected for us pacifies the mob, while serving the interests of the masters. The truth is it is a system designed to keep forces that oppose it from having a voice. Systems don’t like outsiders, or anything that challenges the entrenched interest. So one lie is created to explain another and the big truths remain hidden, facts are threatening to those who rule by deceit.

And they keep coming, Ukraine aside, the big lie “de jour” is Woke capitalism and the Green New Deal. All are required to believe that the ruthless, soulless capitalists that have plundered the world for centuries have changed. Now full of love for humanity and concern for the environment they will lead us into a better future. And a confused world it is we will be leaving. America is now struggling with some challenges, the current big question is “what is a woman”? on the face of it a question any four year old could answer, yet in this age of absurdity a “careful” answer must be given least offence be caused. Foreign wars can be launched with little outrage, but say something that someone else disagrees with and it seems, the left at least, suffer trauma. The big lie is the distraction, the sophistry and the continuing misinformation that prevent real truths being examined. The truth is that their old economic and control model has failed, The Green New Deal is designed to ensure the same Psychopaths who brought the world to its current lamentable condition continue to rule over the next model. The Great Reset is just The Great Rebranding

The big truth is that that the Western world has been run by the worst forms of humanity for too long. They have maintained through centuries the status quo by perpetuating the big lie. Small lies usually get caught out sooner to later but the big lies rarely do. The big lies don’t get discussed. On British TV politicians, even the Queen and the Royal family are open to pillory. But never any mention of the status of the private Bank of England, nor the Independent City of London. Of course any negative coverage of the Rothschilds is taboo. Likewise in America, politicians are fair game, but criticisms of the status of the private Federal Reserve, or the Rockefellers will never be heard. If you want to know who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticise.

With what is coming, for many, hell may be “a truth discovered too late”. For those seeking the truth, it will as the saying goes “set you free”, but it will disturb you first.

Source: Strategic Culture