Blood on Their Hands… NATO Weapons Increase War and Deaths in Ukraine

Future historians will lament how cowardice of European politicians is jeopardizing the fate of their civilian populations to war and devastation.

The leaders of the top three European Union states – and key members of the NATO military bloc – were in Kiev this week pledging more weapons. Yet cynically they were also deploring war and calling for an end to hostilities in Ukraine with Russia.

If ever an official trip was full of empty symbolism this was it. But that empty symbolism is not just a pathetic passive deficiency. It is an active accelerant for greater war.

The fact is the European Union in conjunction with the United States and NATO are fueling the conflict with reckless and inordinate supplies of increasingly lethal weaponry. The situation is threatening to escalate into a world conflagration between nuclear powers, and the Western states are wantonly stoking the danger.

Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron and Mario Draghi, the leaders of Germany, France and Italy, traveled to Kiev on Thursday to purportedly demonstrate solidarity with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. They were joined by Romanian leader Klaus Johannis.

Moscow had earlier expressed the hope that the EU leaders would influence the Kiev regime to return to negotiations for a political settlement to the four-month-old conflict. But what transpired, at least in public, were pledges for more weaponry. Germany has committed to supply Ukraine with multiple rocket launcher systems, tanks and surface-to-air missiles, while France is to provide more mobile howitzers and artillery.

This is at the same time the Biden administration in the United States announced another $1 billion in military aid for the Kiev regime, bringing the total armaments support from Washington to $5.4 billion since Russia launched its troop intervention in Ukraine on February 24.

This week also saw the Ukrainian military and its Nazi battalions intensify the shelling of Donetsk and other cities in the self-declared republics of eastern Donbass resulting in several civilian deaths. Shamefully, the Western governments and media are muted about the war crimes committed by the Kiev regime against ethnic Russian civilians. Indeed, the continued weaponization of Ukraine by the U.S., NATO and EU is grounds for condemning their complicity in prolonging the war and suffering. These Western leaders who proclaim to uphold “democratic values” have blood on their hands, as Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia remarked this week.

“The material evidence shows that civilians in Donetsk were killed as a result of the use of artillery ammunition provided to Kiev by NATO countries, including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, or France,” said Nebenzia.

The Western states are caught in a spiral of their own criminal calculations for geopolitical conquest of Russia, as well as moral cowardice and deceptive propaganda.

American and European partners have previously crowed about winning the war and bringing Russia to its knees with “total war”. The gamut of draconian sanctions (economic warfare) and information warfare speak of the bigger picture of “great game” geopolitical rivalry from Washington and its European satraps against Russia and China for would-be global hegemony.

The Western imperial axis bears onerous responsibility for having created a tinderbox conflict in Ukraine from years of sponsoring a fascist regime in Kiev that they installed in 2014, while cravenly allowing all attempts for peaceful resolution (the 2015 Minsk accords) with its pro-Russian population to be abused and eventually abandoned. Berlin and Paris abdicated their responsibility to uphold the Minsk accords, permitting the Kiev regime to violate it at will and to run up a death toll of 14,000 over eight years. The Western powers also repudiated all efforts by Russia to address strategic security concerns over NATO’s eastward expansionism and in particular the possible inclusion of Ukraine in the military bloc.

Instead of dealing with underlying issues, the U.S. and its European lackeys are distorting the present conflict as one of Russian “aggression”. This is tantamount to turning reality upside-down. What the Western powers are doing is digging a deeper, more bloody hole by giving the Kiev regime license with increasing flows of weaponry.

Western media reports have indicated that the NATO military intelligence understands that any war against Russia by the Kiev regime is futile. Russian forces now control nearly a fifth of Ukrainian territory and are making steady gains to secure the long-term independence of the Donbass republics and Crimea. Western politicians, however, are pursuing baseless propaganda claims about “winning the war”.

European leaders like Scholz and Macron seem to be malleable under accusations of “appeasement” to Russia. The supposedly strongest EU members have wilted from criticism by hawkish Eastern European states and the Kiev regime. Rather than following through on their erstwhile timid calls for peace negotiations, the German and French governments are pandering to demands for more weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

The visit to Kiev this week smacked of corny public relations borne out of weakness and vacuous leadership. There were photos of Scholz, Macron and Draghi sipping spirits onboard a late-night train to Ukraine. While in Kiev, the European heads were subjected to several air-raid sirens when no air raids by Russian forces actually happened. They were dressed in dapper suits and ties while Zelensky donned military fatigues. Mario Draghi declared that “Ukraine was defending European values” in a war against Russia. The three EU politicians said they would back candidate status for Ukraine to join the bloc.

In truth, the top three EU members are appeasing anti-Russia hawks from the U.S., Poland and the Baltic states as well as allowing the Kiev tail to wag the dog.

Just when real European leadership and independence from Washington’s transatlantic imperialism are required, the trio of Scholz, Macron and Draghi is more like the three stooges. Ironically, the French president is continually aspiring for grandiose European leadership. Talk about delusions of grandeur! Macron isn’t fit to tie Charles de Gaulle’s shoelaces.

Future historians will lament how once again complacency and cowardice of European politicians are criminally jeopardizing the fate of their civilian populations to war and devastation.

Source: Strategic Culture