Finding a Scapegoat Instead of Talking About German War Crimes, by Declan Hayes

Let’s not talk about German war crimes. Let’s do it the German way. Let’s find a scapegoat, one with Slavic, untermensch blood and let’s blame her.

From Donetsk’ poignant Alley of AngelsAlina Lipp, a young and personable German (with a Russian father), explains that the Berlin regime is prosecuting her for reporting that the families of the children the Alley of Angels commemorates believe their stories and those of their martyred children should be heard.

Given what Germany’s Army Group South got up to in the Donbas and Crimean Offensives, one would have imagined Hitler’s Willing Executioners would be somewhat tactful when dealing with their mountain flowers the winds of fate have blown into their former Ukrainian and Russian stomping grounds but that would be to mistake Germany’s politicians for sensible folk, for Talleyrands instead of sawn off Napoleons.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Alina?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Alina?

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

After Alina studied in Crimea, she started to post, in both the languages of Goethe and Pushkin, about the Donbas child martyrs. As her social media followers inched ever upwards, Germany’s NATO masters concocted a number of trumped up charges against her.

Chief of these, according to the Göttingen Central Office for Hate Crime (LOL), was Little Alina was spreading “Putin’s war propaganda” on her Telegram channel. Because Alina is perceived as showing “solidarity with the Russian war of aggression”, with trying to see the point of view of her father’s people and of the relatives of the Alley of Angels, Alina is a fallen angel, a very bad German, which nobody in their right mind wants to be.

Lüneburg’s public prosecutor has invoked Section 140 of Germany’s Criminal Code for “rewarding and approving of crimes”, for Alina collecting a few euros through Paypal, in other words. Alina faces further charges because, according to the Fatherland’s loaded statutes, “Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, which began on February 24” constitutes a crime under Section 13 of the Code of Crimes against International Law (crime of aggression), against NATO’s self serving laws, in other words. Germany’s prosecuting bully boys believe this obscure young woman has it within her powers “to bring about dissent within society and to sow doubts about the functionality of public opinion-forming and the perception of media reporting within the Federal Republic of Germany”.

Not only that but as Alina (aka Putin’s mouthpiece) also said that East Ukraine’s persecuted Russian speakers regarded the arrival of Russian troops as a liberation, she is being persecuted for ThoughtCrime, lest other Germans try to make up their own minds about the current Ukrainian war crimes the German government and the German media witch hunting her are fully complicit in.

Still, let’s not talk about German war crimes. Let’s not talk about how the Reich instigated the wars of the Yugoslav succession. Let’s not talk about German duplicity in post Saddam Iraq. Let’s forget about Operation Halmazag. No, no, nein. Let’s do it the German way. Let’s find a scapegoat, one with Slavic, untermensch blood and let’s blame her.

Parcel of Rogues

MI5’s discredited Institute for Strategic Dialogue lists Alina among a tiny cast of “pro-Kremlin content creators … spreading disinformation about the war in Ukraine” and thereby helping the enemy, Russia. First off, that is a non sequitur as it assumes Russia is always wrong and NATO’s Mussolini is always right but let’s leave logic to one side, as it is not NATO’s strong card.

Though I have previously come across Dutch blogger/citizen journalist Sonja van den Ende, one of these Putinista ninjas, I have no strong opinions one way or the other on her, just as I have none on most others online. Conor Clyne, an Irish blogger, who seems to be living the good life in fascist controlled Ukraine, is not so phlegmatic in this sustained hit job on Graham Phillips over his former involvement with prostitutes, his handling of the Aiden Aslin interview and the inappropriate manner in which he approached Ukraine’s ambassador to Austria

Although the Daily Mail has also attacked Phillips, and ISIS aligned Vice have attacked both Lancaster and Phillips, and Phillips has attacked Lancaster, and I could attack others I know as a fact are swindlers and grifters, that would get us off track. All of these bloggers, citizen journalists and star spangled grifters have less clout than a teenage social influencer advising us on what eye liner to wear. They exist just to allow German military intelligence and Vice’s Institute for Strategic Dialogue’s cronies to write overpadded screeds for their MI5 paymasters in the language of Voltaire.

And to make us bat once more for Gonzo Lira and now Alina Lipp who, being in Rooskie land, could confirm if Die Welt is correct to state that Masha and Mishka are Putin’s Satanic handiwork of just that of some other cloven hoofed Rooskie.

Shave Their Heads?

Though Alina Lipp is a credit to the homelands of her parents, Germany’s leaders are, yet again, an affront to humanity and therefore to Goethe, Kuno Myer and all the great Germans of yesteryear. These moral hunchbacks would as soon have Alina strapped to a Kiev lamppost for passing Ukrainian Nazis to molest even as these arch hypocrites buy Russian oil and cry to their God below for Armageddon, for another Barbarossa.

But instead of Barbarossa 2.0, Alina and Germany’s other bright flowers are doing their own Operation Edelweiss, bringing garlands of hope and love to the Alley of Angels and building bridges of peace and tranquility to Crimea and beyond.

That is the Germany the world wants, the Germany of Goethe, and Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Beckenbauer, Becker, Boll, Hesse, Lipp and Mann. The world does not need the vindictive bureaucracy von der Leyen’s Javerts have launched against Alina. And nor, of course, does it need sawn off Napoleons like von der Leyen, whose ilk Erich Maria Remarque so heartily despised.


Thomas Mann’s Faustus, which is set in the Third Reich is, like Alina, a credit to Germany and the world. Although selling one’s soul to the devil, as all literate Germans know, brings few gains, Minard’s graphical representation of Napoleon’s Russian campaign is one of the few benefits that accrued from La Grande Armée’s immolation.

If only, if only. If only Napoleon was not both a tactical genius and a strategic imbecile. If only he had listened to Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Périgord, that ever so polite gentilhomme of the ancien regime, that architect of the Congrès de Vienne, held just after the Cent jours, then how different Parisian life might have been.

Talleyrand was a diplomat, who believed that Napoleon’s brawn was wasted without a subtle brain. After Austerlitz, Talleyrand urged the Emperor to moderation, to forge an alliance with Austria as a counter balance to England and Russia but Napoleon humiliated Austria and thereby essentially sealed his empire’s fate. Tallyrand urged compromise in Spain but Napoleon, like the empty headed Hitler some years later, preferred to fight on as many fronts as he could.

Talleyrand was the first to recognize the inherent weakness of Napoleon’s empire. He was the first to disband it. Though Napoleon regarded Talleyrand as shit in silk stockings, Talleyrand was the wiser and, thus, the greater, as he foretold the EU’s current Crimean Offensive debacle.

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

Europe survived both Napoleon and Hitler and it will survive von der Leyen and similar shit in silk stockings, who have clogged Europe’s arteries since first they breathed God’s free air. Alina’s persecutors are those too stupid to recognize genius, those who sent Antoine Lavoisier to the guillotine in 1794. Contrary to the judge’s ignorant pronouncements, the Republic needs both scholars and chemists, and, coining the great Lagrange, though they can destroy a Lavoisier in an instant, all of France cannot produce another Lavoisier in a century.

This is not to elevate these Alinas, whom France and Germany also badly need, to the pantheon of Lagrange or Lavoisier but it is to say that von der Leyen and Germany’s other sawn off shit in silk stockings, who collectively lack the warmth, insight, tact and diplomacy of even the mortal remains of Talleyrand, Metternich or any of the children commemorated in Alina’s Alley of Angels will never succeed because flawed individuals like Graham Greene’s whisky priest as much as young Franco Germans like Alina Lipp, together with the surviving children of Donbas and Damascus will continue to climb ever’y mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, tll they find our common dream of a world free from war, NATO, the EU and their shit in silk stockings minions in Göttingen’s Central Office for Hate Crime (LOL).