G7 Envies China’s BRI, by Declan Hayes

Biden, Johnson and von der Leyen are prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian to beat Russia and to hell with what happens to Ukraine along the way.

Though G7’s recent €200 million knees up in Bavaria’s luxurious Elmau castle was, like the Commonwealth Heads’ meeting in Rwanda some days earlier, a criminal waste of money, it too was instructive in showing MI5 runs on an empty tank.

Instead of just having their chin-wag on Zoom, G7’s leaders (sic) and their spouses had to plonk themselves down in Southern Germany for a 3 day PR charade, the results of which were instructive in their inanity. G7’s first goal in Ukraine, they said, is the defeat of Russia and its second, subsidiary goal is peace.

So, there you have it. Biden, Johnson and the unelectable von der Leyen are prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian to beat Russia and to hell with what happens to Ukraine along the way.

Meanwhile, toadies from the former British Empire got to rub shoulders with Prince Charles and Johnson in Rwanda, which was never a part of the British Empire but seems to be the destination of choice for former and current British Prime Ministers with a disdain for human rights and an eye on a quick buck.

Speaking about Africa, in addition to the usual guff of tackling climate change, improving global health, achieving gender equity and building digital infrastructure, G7 have agreed on a solar-powered project in Angola, a vaccine manufacturing facility in Senegal, and a 1,609 km submarine telecommunications cable connecting Singapore to France via Egypt and the Horn of Africa. As these pathetic projects are the best G7 can pitch “as a way to counter China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)”, the smart money in Africa, Asia and Latin America best start brushing up on Mandarin and how to use chopsticks, as no worthwhile comparison can be made between the well thought out BRI and G7’s kindergarten nonsense.

But nonsense seems to be G7’s key card. Witness the spouses of the G7 crème de la crème showing they have not a clue how to handle Alpine hiking poles. Witness these imbeciles posing with a local German biathlon junior Olympic Training group and marvel that we are supposed to model our wardrobe on the £400 kit Carrie Johnson, married to serial philanderer Boris, wore for that pathetic photo shoot.

Although G7’s attacks on Russia’s President were totally predictable, their personalized attacks on retired Russian generals and Russian women, when taken together, deserve comment for the sinister racism at their heart. Though the claim that the Russian government (not just Putin) has recalled from retirement the corpulent General Pavel makes good copy on account of General Pavel’s very full figure, it shows not only a mis-understanding of the Russian Armed Forces but of all regular armies, whose successes hinge around team work and command, control and communications rather than the genius, or otherwise, of one retired special forces’ individual. Though the message there is that the 3 million strong Russian Armed Forces is a rabble, led by sycophants, NATO’s Syrian and Ukrainian proxies have found, to their cost, that that is not the case at all. The Russian Armed Forces are a professional army that deserve professional respect because they are lethal.

Allied to that are reports that Putin’s Red Lipstick Army (RLA) are on the move. The RLA consist of professional Russian women like Foreign Spokesperson Maria Zakharova, who recently spoke up about the persecution of Simeon Boikov, alongside Boikov’s glamorous wife, Ekaterina Olshannikova, aka ‘Mrs Cossack’.

Although painting Russian women as beauties and Russian men as Cossack beasts could be laughed off in a different setting, the systematic suppression and persecution of the Russian language, Russian literature and even Russian children’s tales put all that in a more ominous light, the type of light that lit up the Third Reich, which also tried taming the Savage Slav.

Though G7’s economic boycott of Russia certainly has more than just a whiff of a Nazi jackboot about it, this is particularly apparent in the boycott of Russian gold and Russia’s black earth, which make no sense outside of the padded cell ravings of G7’s core leaders

Gold cannot be boycotted as it is the emergency currency of last resort and East Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan and South Korea have long hoarded it as a hedge against an American collapse, just as the French hoard gold because of Germany’s penchant to goose step into Le Terre de France every 30 or so years.

Not only could Russia lay off all of its $20 bn annual export of gold to East and South Asia every year but, as MI5 must surely know that, we can only conclude that their objective is to banish Russia forever from the Western markets they control.

And that brings us from Zola’s Le Terre de France, The Earth of France to chernozem, to the black and very fertile soil of Ukraine and Russia and thence back to the Fatherland’s soil. Although chernozem cover less than 2% of the earth’s soil, about 230 million hectares of land, it is most abundant in Russia and in Zelensky controlled Ukraine, where over $1 billion worth makes it onto Zelensky’s black market every year.

Though G7 claim that, unlike Libya, Iraq, Syria or Yemen, they intend to rebuild Ukraine, there is no indication from them as to what they intend to do with Ukraine’s rich, black earth which, had it been husbanded properly, would have provided riches for many Ukrainians and not just Zelensky, Poroshenko, their sponsors and cronies.

As things currently stand, Germans are complaining that they do not have the Ukrainian seasonal workers who pick their asparagus and strawberries. Von der Leyen apart, the long suffering Germans are denied their 5 a day because the young Ukrainian men, who form the bulk of their seasonal workers, must die in a war to enrich others and, sadly, the wives, sisters, mothers and daughters of those young men are denied the remittances they might have earned by picking strawberries for Germany’s von der Leyens.

As it is, they die so Bill Gates, Monsanto and their ilk can have control of Ukraine’s God given black earth. That cannot be right. And because it is not right, that is why Ukraine’s leaders are the kings of corruption. They are coining it from all angles.

Although Ukraine’s cannon fodder think that EU access will bring them an abundance of German cars and French bling, that is not how von der Leyen works. The EU and their G7 handlers see Ukraine, as Hitler saw it, as a great bread basket, a banquet to gorge from. And, though Hitler never wasted a minute working out the nuts and bolts of incorporating the black soil of Ukraine into his empire, neither has von der Leyen, whose servants have never planted a strawberry, a blackberry or a raspberry in their lives and so must depend on Ukraine’s cannon fodder to do those low and dirty deeds for them.

The Zelensky junta is not G7’s only recipient of empty promises. G7’s $600 bn empty promise to rival China’s BRI is as empty as all previous promises. Whereas G7 is big on empty promises, China delivers results. Although MI5’s BBC snipes at projects like the Yumo railway line connecting China to Cambodia, that is not only to miss China’s bigger game but to fail to understand even the basics of her economy. Although Cambodia has had to give some financial guarantees to China as part of this project, given that China’s ambition is to extend that rail line into all of South East Asia, she cannot do that by robbing Cambodia, where children still die from the huge amounts of ordnance the USA illegally dropped on them during America’s Vietnamese extermination campaign. The way forward for ASEAN is to collectively bargain with China and to tell Perfidious Albion, who armed and trained the Khmer Rouge, to jog on and pester someone else.

Far from doing a Perfidious Albion on Cambodia by ripping her off, China needs Cambodia to further build her credibility (and to flog a few products as well). Trade with G7 sanctioned Iran, to take but one example, is up by over 25% in the first five months of 2022, so no point to China killing the golden goose in South East Asia or anywhere else.

Europe’s House of Cards tells a different tale. Estonia’s solidarity with Boris Johnson, Macron and that redundant von der Leyen woman will see inflation run rampant as replacing imports from Russia and Belarus with goods from other countries will increase transport and storage costs by 31%; wood processing costs by 28%; metal production costs by 57%; the cost of metal products by 63%; and costs in the chemical industry by 23%.

Germany will have to go not only without asparagus and strawberries, as well as Russian gold and gas but will have to ditch their green agenda in favor of smoky, bituminous Polish coal, which has gone up 300% in price for some price gouging reason.

Still, Polish coal is not Russian coal. Burn everything Russian, except their coal, which Asia will gladly buy. In the end, Hitler’s cronies could barely scrape together enough fuel to burn their leader and, if the certifiable von der Leyen continues to get a hearing, Olaf Scholz will find himself in a similar predicament when the only things that go up in smoke are the empty promises and plans of G7’s Boris Johnson, MI5 and MI6.

Source: Strategic Culture