Has America’s Patience With George Soros Finally Run Out? by Robert Bridge

“If you would know who controls you,” Tacitus, the Roman historian and politician once advised, “see who you may not criticize.”

For a long time that unspeakable persona was none other than the billionaire financier George Soros, and despite the fact that his political protégés have gone on to radically alter the political landscape of the country. Now, as cracks are beginning to appear in the foundation of his vast franchise, dissenting voices are becoming more commonplace.

Last week, for example, in a move torn from the playbook of the Democratic Party, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent state police to physically remove Soros-supported State Attorney Andrew Warren from his office, “with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney…”

The Florida Governor explained his strong-armed tactics as a way of punishing Warren for “neglecting his duties as he pledges not to uphold the laws of the state.” DeSantis was speaking in reference to Warren’s stated refusal to uphold a state abortion ban in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, as well as laws forbidding child sex-change surgeries.

“The constitution of Florida has vested the veto power in the governor, not in individual state attorneys,” DeSantis said. “So, when you flagrantly violate your oath of office .. when you make yourself above the law, you have violated your duty and you have neglected your duty, and you are displaying a lack of competence to be able to perform those duties,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Warren has vowed to fight back against DeSantis’ ‘abuse of powers.’

Although the mainstream media has gone to tremendous lengths to conceal it, the real story here was not the political career of the Hillsborough County DA, but rather that somebody dared to defy the political will of Mr. Soros.

By way of introduction, if one is actually needed, we are talking about a global serial meddler who spent almost half a billion dollars in 2015 convincing Europeans that diversity, in the form of millions of illegal migrants, was somehow in their best interests. Of course it wasn’t. Violent crime has exploded across Western Europe since Soros pried open the continent’s doors, with the end result that those once dazzling European capitals – from Paris to Berlin to London – have become crime-infested hellholes. Only those ‘authoritarian’ holdouts that kicked Soros out of their territories years ago, including Turkey, Russia, Poland and Hungary, the very place of his birth, have been spared the descent into chaos.

After effectively laying waste to the European continent, Soros moved on to the United States where he suddenly developed an interest in ‘law and order’ as the philanthropist spent tens of millions of dollars supporting district attorney races across the country. Here’s how the New York Post described it.

“For the last several years, billionaire philanthropist George Soros has been quietly financing a revolution in criminal justice reform, doling out tens of millions of dollars to progressive candidates … amid movements to abolish bail and defund the police.”

“Working with an activist attorney,” the Post continued “Soros mainly funnels cash through a complicated web of federal and state political action committees as well as non-profits from coast to coast, public records show.”

One of those committees is the Foundation to Promote Open Society, just one of myriad nonprofit satellites hiding in Soros’ constellation. This group handed over $3 billion to the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability in order to “address the harm of policing in the U.S.”

This brings us back to Ron DeSantis and his sunny state, where progressive officials like Mr. Warren are giving more attention to globalist concerns as opposed to local issues. But this is a phenomenon that is certainly not limited to Florida, and considering how much money George Soros has dumped into the liberal election war chest it’s no surprise.

Soros, for example, donated more than $1.5 million to the California Justice and Safety PAC, which in turn supported the Democrat George Gascón of Los Angeles for district attorney. After Gascón was swept into office, property crime surged almost 49 percent, while cold-blooded murderers were being released with a slap on the wrist only to kill again.

Soros’ PACs also contributed heavily to St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner’s re-election bid, which she handily won. Shortly later, Gardner brought felony charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, whose ‘crime’ was to brandish guns at protesters who illegally trespassed on their property during the excessively violent Black Lives Matter protests.

To get a better idea where Soros’ ‘defund the police’ mentality is leading America, consider that the twelve U.S. cities that broke records last year for homicides are all, without exception, run by Democrats. Philadelphia, for example, a city of some 1.5 million people, has shattered its 1990 homicide record (500) marking its 521st killing as of December 6, an increase of 13% from 2020.

And yes, Soros’ fingerprints are all over the ‘City of Brotherly Love.’ Soros contributed $1.7 million to the campaign of Larry Krasner, a former attorney for Black Lives Matter, in his bid to become district attorney. Naturally, Krasner, with such a war chest at his command, won the race. Today Philadelphia boasts a higher murder rate than the nation’s two largest (Democrat-run) metropolises, New York City (443 as of Dec. 5) and Los Angeles (352 as of Nov. 27).

Clearly, no country can survive such a trend in bloodletting for long. Now, the question is whether DeSantis’ move to oust Andrew Warren is the start of a real counter-offensive against Mr. Soros and his anti-police political lackeys, or just a blip on the radar in an election year. Whatever the case may be, if America hopes to remain a civilized first world nation for long, it must get back to the basics of law and order. Time is not on its side.

Source: Strategic Culture