Irish Joe Biden’s Ignorance in Israel, by Declan Hayes

Though “Irish” hypocrites preach that the world must “never again” let innocents like Ettie Steinberg die at the hands of monsters, they are the very monsters who perpetrate these crimes in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, and Ukraine.

Irish Joe Biden’s song and dance performance in front of Israeli President Buzhi Herzog ranks as one of his most embarrassing. In his rambling address, the Free World’s senile leader informed Israel that, as an Irish Zionist, he was uniquely qualified to understand the Israeli Palestinian dilemma and that the Good Friday Peace Agreement, which the corrupt Clinton regime forced on Ireland should act as a model for peace in our time in the Holy Land.

The American warlord, who repeatedly lies that he is an Irish Catholic, made no mention of the recent high profile murder of Palestinian Catholic Shireen Abu Aqleh by Buzhi’s snipers. Then, as other pretentious American war lords like Clinton and Obama are wont to do, he quoted a poet, Irish Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney in his case, to give the charade an air of intellectual respectability.

Although his speech can be viewed here in all its idiocy, the first main thing to note is that Chaim Herzon, President Herzog’s father, was not only born in Ireland but, like all Irish born Jews of his era and that of Yitzhak Herzog, Chaim’s even more sinister father, he was amongst the most zealous of all Zionist fanatics. Thus, whereas Biden’s great great grandfather left Ireland in 1850 to slaughter American Indians,the Herzogs forsook Ireland to murder Palestinians only in 1936. That being so, Buzhi would have been more qualified to lecture Irish Joe on Ireland and its relevance to Palestine’s Holocaust than the reverse.

And, of course, to choose a more appropriate poet than Seamus Heaney, one that might bring back memories to Buzhi of when his father, a former Irish bantamweight champion boxer, used to beat up Irish children along Dublin’s South Circular Road where Chaim’s father, Yitzhak, was Chief Rabbi of Ireland before taking up similar positions in British Mandate Palestine and in Israel, where Chaim ended up both as head of Mossad and as President.

Poetry Ireland

Though any of the “poems” in Simon Lewis’ Jewtown, which recently won a prestigeous poetry competition about the nonexistent pogroms Lewis’ fellow Jews in Cork and Limerick imagined they suffered at the start of the twentieth century might have done the trick, here are two further poetry suggestions, one in Yiddish and one in English, that Irish Joe could have deployed to bring a nostalgic tear to Buzhi’s Irish eyes.

Yashka Pandre ligt in drerd, Kush mein tokkes vee a ganze ferd
Jesus Christ lies in shit; kiss my arse the size of a horse.

That is the start of a poem Chaim and his fellow thugs chanted as they hunted down Dublin Catholics to hospitalize them, much as David Ben Gurion reminscences on how he and his fellow fascists performed similar fun and games in Poland. Alternatively, to highlight the Jews’ contribution to Dublin ‘s literary life, Irish Joe could have come out with this little gem from Joe Edelstein’s The Moneylender:

Two shillies, two shillies’, the Jewman did cry,
For a fine pair of blankets from me you did buy:
Do You think me von idjit or von bloomin’ fool,
If I don’t get my shillie I must have my vool.

The Moneylender, Edelstein’s dark portrait of Moses Levenstein, a wicked Dublin Shylock, was a bestselling pot boiler in James Joyce’s time. If the book were to be judged by its cover, which portrayed a very dark, bearded and hook-nosed Jew, surrounded by a shower of cascading coins, one might not have guessed Edelstein, the author, was himself a Jewman opposed to such sharp Jewish practices.

Leslie Daiken, who grew up in Dublin’s Little Jerusalem, recalled the Herzogs’ Jesus Christ is Shit Yiddish doggerel doing the rounds during his childhood amongst Dublin’s Yoshke Pandres and it was a common sectarian, supremacist slur in Galway’s Jewtown of the 1880s as well. Many of Dublin’s Yoshke Pandres were also “laptzies” or “laptseh,” a disparaging Yiddish term for gullible gentile clients (Schlimeel). The terms goy and shikse were also in wide-spread use; in those Jewish households that hired an (invariably Catholic) domestic servant they called a shikse, a Catholic whore.

Nick Harris’ Dublin’s Little Jerusalem confirms all these “biases”. Harris tells us how Louis, his brother, joined many other Irish-based Jews to fight for Israel in 1948 and how Louis watched American Jews line up Palestinian children to execute them. Harris tells us of Jewman Louis Levinson, who had a loan company and who used to help new Jewish arrivals establish their “shilling a week” loan-sharking rackets. He tells us that loans of £50-£100 were usually enough to set the new arrivals up in their hire purchase and loan sharking rackets. Harris tells us, contrary to the evidence from the Limerick courts, that defaults were written off, and no one was ever sued, a statement that has to be pure and utter nonsense, for if there were no legal or illegal penalties, defaults rates would be huge.

Ireland’s Jewmen were part of a pyramid hawking scheme Lithuanian Jews perpetrated against those outside of the mishpucha, their clannish Yiddish family. Just as America’s National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorder found that Jews were “proportionally over represented in ghetto business” and a large proportion of such retail merchants “exploit” and “mistreat” Negroes or African Americans as we now call them, so also did they exploit Ireland’s poorest and most ignorant and thereby show that the myth of the crusading Jew is just that, a self-serving myth, which their clannishness, their xenophobic belief systems and their mercurial morals contradict in Ireland as much as in the USA.

The Pale’s Peddlers

As regards the poor Jewish peddler hypothesis, the historian Howard Sachar has estimated that in the 18th century, “perhaps as many as three-fourths of the Jews in Central and Western Europe were limited to the precarious occupations of retail peddling, hawking, and ‘street banking’, that is, moneylending”.

Although life was often very hard for many Jews in the shtetls, the “little towns” of the Pale of Settlement that spawned Israel’s “Irish” Herzog overlords, they were welded into their overlords’ Zionist project by the Jewish religious tradition of tzedakah (charity), a sophisticated system of volunteer Jewish social welfare organizations developed to meet the needs of the Jews, that also formed the basis of the kibbutz and of Jewish organized crime in the USA. As much as 22% of Lithuanian and Ukrainian Jews were welded to their overlords by these serf-like charity scams. By the end of the 19th century, nearly 1 in 3 Jews in the Pale were being supported by Jewish welfare organizations. Though many of these Jewish slaves would have manned the Jewish sweat shops of Dublin and New York, atop this pile of Jewish misery sat the Herzogs and countless other Hasidic dynasties, all of whom had fanatical followers. When they upped sticks to move West, as they brought their indentured paupers, their schisms, their Shylocks and their Mafia practices with them, they were an almost unstoppable destructive force.

Jewish pyramid schemes helped the Jewish elite get rich from the “shillings a week” of the Irish, the Americans and the South Africans. Peddling propelled the Jewish migration out of Germany and its predecessor states. In the period from the 1820s through to the 1880s, nearly 250,000 Jews came from the various states and regions that in 1871 coalesced into a united Germany. This constituted the first mass migration of Jews to the United States. Prior to 1820, no more than 2,000 Jews lived there. Most of the men among these immigrants opted for on-the-road peddling as their start-up occupation in their new American home. Those involved in the Jewish pyramid scheme who did not directly peddle, owned shops, peddler warehouses, and manufactured the goods that the Jewish peddlers pimped. The near universality of the decision of so many German Jewish immigrants to begin their lives in America as peddlers shaped much of their subsequent lives as well as of the families and communities they built.

Peddling served as a springboard to more lucrative and decidedly more comfortable occupations, ones which did not force its practitioners to tramp the road for five days a week, selling goods door to door and house to house. German Jewish youth knew the occupation as this kind of trade constituted the backbone of the Jewish economy throughout the German-speaking regions. Additionally, publications like the influential Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums pimped in glowing terms on the peddling prospects in America for German Jewish youth and emphasized how peddling provided an excellent first step towards stable and prosperous careers.

Peddling allowed the new immigrant to tap into personal and communal networks. When a new immigrant had no family member to help, he could turn to the mishpucha, the clannish Yiddish family, the local Jewish cartel members, who extended credit and who provided goods for the peddler to get started poncing off the goyim. Jewish financial and wholesaling networks helped the new arrivals join the Jewish pyramid schemes, which expanded as new arrivals were sent to shake down new areas not previously being tapped and thereby help the Jews to rapidly expand their pyramid schemes and their cash flows. Jews constituted the only immigrant group for whom peddling represented their foundational occupation; no matter where they went in Europe, the Americas, or Australasia, the Jews brought their pyramid schemes with them.

Jewish peddlers sold to their non Jewish customers on the installment plan, taking a small down payment for goods purchased, charging small amounts of compound interest and gradually increasing their trade, their money lending and their profits until they could move up the chain and make way for the next Jew, which often followed the classic patterns of a massive chain migration, with each Jew sending the fare back to the Pale for the next Jew in the chain to follow them into the scam.

Many Jewish peddlers became so fabulously wealthy that they literally epitomized America’s nineteenth century “rags-to-riches American dream” narrative. The Guggenheims, Lehmans (Wall St), Seligmans (Wall St), Straus (Macy’s) and Levi Strauss crews made it to the apex of the pyramid, helped in no small measure by their leading roles in male Masonic lodges. Although they reached financial and societal heights not even Hollywood’s Jewish moguls could fantasize about, they never forgot Zion when they made it big. They formed B’nai B’rith lodges throughout the USA and they participated and led every kind of Jewish charitable project that came into being from the mid-nineteenth century into the early twentieth century. Whether the Jewish charity—hospital, orphanage, training school, or the like—took shape on the local level or on the national or international stages, the former peddlers, with their financial muscle and their organizational flair, played a crucial role in the shaping of Mossad’s formidable international networks, which continue to bear fruit today not only in the USA and Ireland but throughout the world.

Ireland’s Zionists

Although few Irish Jews made it to the heights the Guggenheim, Lehman, Seligman, Straus and Levi Strauss crews did, their pyramid schemes were but a scaled down version of the American ones and they too never forgot Zion. Ireland’s Litvaks came from the same small number of Lithuanian villages. They knew each other. Contrary to their lies, they all did not happen to randomly end up in Ireland’s major British Army garrison towns, they all did not randomly start believing that Jesus Christ lies in shit and they all did not randomly happen to start selling pictures of that self-same Jesus Christ, whom they believe lies in shit, to Irish Catholic women they believed were whores.

Ray Rivlin tells us that the down-trodden Jewish moneylenders had huge default rates as the Catholics, whose god lies in shit, cheated the down-trodden Jewish moneylenders time and time again. But Rivlin does not explain how the Jews accounted for those high default rates as the only way to do so would by raising interest rates for the other Catholics and calling on outside Jewish, legal or criminal forces to help them recoup their losses by fair means or foul.

Rivlin tells the whopping sectarian lie that Dublin’s Catholic churches were full of swag the Catholics had looted from Jewish shops during the 1916 Rebellion. She mentions Jewish trade unions, but avoids the question of Jewish sweat shops with the anti Catholic Hibernophobic trope that the Jews brought socialism into the Irish trade union movement long after the syndicalists Larkin and Connolly had done so with a series of very high profile strikes from 1907 to 1913.

Having told us what great socialists Ireland’s Jews were, she tells us on p88 that those self-same Jews supplied the German Kaiser and his cousin, King Edward V11, with all their tailoring needs. Dublin’s Jews got those Royal gigs, not by their allegiance to Ireland’s revolutionary syndicalism but due to their allegiance to the Crown and the Jewish Masonic networks that served and bolstered those Crown forces that Ireland’s revolutionary syndicalism vociferously opposed.

Herzog’s Hibernian Hitmen

Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog, Israeli President Buzhi Herzog’s grand papa, who was born in Poland and raised in England, was the first Chief Rabbi of Ireland; his term lasted from 1921 to 1936, after which he became Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the British Mandate of Palestine and of Israel after its independence in 1948. Rabbi Herzog’s son, Chaim Herzog, was a general in the Israel Defense Forces, who later became ambassador of Israel to the UN, the head of Mossad and President of Israel. His other son, Yaakov Herzog, served as Israel’s ambassador to Canada and later as Director General of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. He also accepted an offer to become Chief Rabbi of the British Commonwealth but his ill health debarred him from taking up that role. His grandson, President Isaac Herzog, was a member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, served as an Israeli Government Minister, was head of the “opposition,” and was boss of bosses of the Jewish Agency for Israel, the world’s largest Jewish NGO.

Although Rabbi Herzog served as rabbi of Protestant controlled Belfast from 1916 to 1919, Mossad want us to believe he was a fluent speaker of the Irish language, that he supported the First Dáil, that he supported the Good Old IRA and that he was known as “the Sinn Féin Rabbi”. It is absolute tosh to believe this senior Irgun agent, who married a senior Irgun agent, and who sired other senior Irgun agents, gave a toss about the IRA, the Irish or the Irish language. He was part of a sophisticated scam that involved Robert ‘Bob the Robber’ Briscoe and countless other avowed Zionist fifth columnists.

Sarah Herzog, the rabbi’s wife and the mother of Chaim, had quite an accomplished Zionist CV herself. This Latvian-born “Irish” Jew established the World Emunah Zionist “charitable” movement in 1977, which today has a membership of thirty thousand, with branches in nearly thirty countries worldwide.

Because they got Ireland’s best, Mossad’s love for Ireland has certainly been reciprocated in spades. Not only have we ignored the fact that “our” Jews were economic/intelligence migrants from pogrom-free Lithuania but we have supplied Mossad with passports and other logistical help to murder Arab and Iranian civilians. We have been true friends of the Israeli ethnic cleansing programme our Jews spear headed and all the nonsense that goes with it. Irish Joe Biden and many others continue that shameful ethnic cleansing tradition to this day.

Cromwell, the Jews and Irish Joe

Asher Benson, who edited the best-seller, Jewish Dublin, was Irish correspondent for the pathologically Zionist Jewish Chronicle magazine for many years. Prior to his Dublin posting, he was a senior officer in the Habonim, a Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement, a Jewish Hitler Youth if you like. Although Jewish extremists might take that as a slur, they should be more concerned with page xiii, where he begins by praising “The Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell”, who did to the Irish what the Jews allege Hitler did to (the) Jews. For any author to begin a book even remotely connected to the Irish by praising “The Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell” shows not only their profound ignorance but also a total and utter contempt for the Irish and the pages that follow show the contempt (the) Jews have and why Ireland was only a tool to help the Herzogs and other Zionist gangsters enrich themselves.

On p22, we learn of “Dr Isaac Herzog, a saintly and scholarly man”, “an ardent religious Zionist” whose “mastery of the Irish language within a short time of his arrival in Dublin earned him the sobriquet the Sinn Féin Rabbi”. This self-serving myth is built on a Ulysses-like fib that Herzog and De Valera each promised to learn a few words of the other’s language before they next met. Whereas Herzog allegedly learned a few words of Gaelic, thus giving rise to the myth, Dev learned no Hebrew. As Bloom and Stephen Dedalus have a not dissimilar meeting in Ulysses, that is probably where that self-serving Zionist myth began.

We learn that Clonyn Castle in Delvin, County Westmeath was burned down because 100 Jewish child survivors of Hitler (but not of Zionist boss Lord Janner, who repeatedly raped Jewish child survivors of Hitler’s Holocaust) were going to be housed there; we hear that Rabbi Herzog had travelled from Palestine to lobby Dev on behalf of Janner’s kiddies, even though he must have had much bigger fish to fry in Palestine at the time. Britain’s heroic Rabbi Solomon Schonfeld, who brokered the Clonyn Castle deal, which Manchester businessman and philanthropist Yankel Levy paid for, certainly had. As Rabbi Schonfeld is credited with personally rescuing many thousands of Jews from Nazi forces in Central and Eastern Europe during the years 1938-1948, one wonders why Schonfeld wasted his time with Ireland and if Zion, Dev and Israel had anything to do with it. Certainly, consistently and incredibly, the Zionists had opposed Schonfeld’s attempts to rescue Jews as he excluded Palestine as a destination and they even frustrated his plans to get the Allies to bomb the railroad tracks to Auschwitz, as well as its crematoria.

We learn how the Kahan family infiltrated the Irish civil service, and used their influence and networking skills to privilege Stratford College over non Jewish schools in a process that continues to this day. We learn from pp62 et seq, of Irish-raised Israeli judges, of Irish born Jewish British Army colonial officers, of Jewish Masonic groups, complete with their aprons, who bound Irish Jewry together by their welfare groups, which were always inward-looking and which only ever gave crumbs to placate and bribe the outside world.

Chapter one of Ray Rivlin’s effort is an unrelenting narrative of Jewish victimhood, with p29 telling us that anti-Semitism was rife in Cork and serial liar Fanny Goldberg claiming “Everybody had been ruined” when a few of them evacuated Limerick for a few days; in fact, the Limerick pickings were so good that the parasites not only soon returned but, the “unfortunate” Blond aside, they had the wherewithal to do so.

To mollify any concerns her Jewish readers might have regarding the Jews’ loyalties, the hoary old corpse of Irgun agent Robert Bob the Robber Briscoe is wheeled out, praising Dev with his dying breath. But even here, the Jews are not original, as every Irish school child had been taught the similarly apocryphal blarney that, after the great Patrick Sarsfield lay fatally wounded following the 1693 Battle of Landen, his reputed last words were, “Oh that this had been shed for Ireland”.

Harris tells us on p195 of the poor Jews fleeing non-existent pogroms in Lithuania and arriving in Ireland where they immediately secured huge tailoring contracts with the British Army of Occupation. In the 1940s, Ireland’s long persecuted Jews controlled over 75% of Ireland’s rag trade and p149 has Harris telling us he formed a secret cartel to jack up the price of kids’ clothes, which he says, no doubt with a straight face, was necessary as they were being persecuted by Irish anti-Semites looking for a lower and more reasonable price. Harris’ chapter on charities is mostly about Jewish charities for Jews. Harris tells us, on p167, that Dublin’s Jewish Old Folks’ Home, with the help of the Royal British Legion, took care of many older Jews who were living in abject poverty, even though previous chapters had told us how rich they all were.

In recounting their sporting glories, Harris, incredibly, says on p97 that when the (Jewish) Maccabean Golfing Society opened their own Edmondstown Golf Club on 21 April 1944, just three months before the Warsaw uprising began and less than two months before D Day, “Many of the older members will never forget that it was due to religious prejudice that Edmondstown came about in the first place”. But this prejudice is not explained and the fate of Hungary’s Jews, never mind the Polish Catholic troops at Monte Casino, which both coincided with Edmonstown’s opening, is not mentioned or commented upon in the context of Catholic Ireland’s “religious prejudice” which was so extreme and so anti-Semitic that, like the Hungarian and Limerick Holocausts, it can never be forgotten by these serial chancers. Most Dublin Catholics, no more than Polish or Lithuanian Catholics, were barely able to pay their “shilling a week” to these extortionists, who were able to buy an entire golf course and play golf, which is just below polo in the sporting snob stakes. As their age-old Russian and Polish enemies were beating back the Nazis, Dublin’s Litvaks were obsessed with playing golf and buying entire golf courses because, as Edmondstown Golf Club’s website informs us “Ireland was anything but a pluralist society” and the inward-looking, long-suffering Jews “were looking, on behalf of their society, for a site to form their own golf club for their members who, for the most part, were unable to gain membership of established clubs”.

Rivlin’s homage to Ireland’s Jews kicks off its tales of woe with the Jewish traders of Clanbrassil Street having only a few sweets to sell at first but building their businesses up bit by bit until they were thriving enterprises. After she spews out those illogical, unadulterated lies, she confirms that, in the Pale, they had all been successful peddlers, who despised the goyim they leeched off and who utilized their devious clannishness in the various pyramid scams they perfected there before bringing them Westwards. She brings their lies up to date on p25 by lying that “The Jews who came to Ireland in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were true asylum seekers, fleeing from vicious edicts that deprived them of liberty and livelihood”. Importantly for our own times, that is untrue. Herzog’s Jews came as economic migrants, to enrich themselves through their money lending schemes by exploiting the locals and ingratiating themselves through the Masonic Order with Ireland’s overlords. As p25 tells us that the essence of shtetl life was family and community spirit, centered around home and synagogue, we can see their order of battle was to keep their homes and hearths free from the goyim and to use their synagogues as organizational and logistical hubs.

Although Rivlin tells us on p160 that “The number of Jews who proceeded to third-level education in Ireland has always been disproportionately high for the size of the community”, Rivlin predictably seems to see this and any hiccup on the Jews’ advance as signs of rampant anti-Semitism, such as that which forced Judge Hubert Wine to start his own Dublin legal practice in 1945, even though there were already 13 other Jewish practices “in competition with each other” there. Although, like all her fellow-Jews, she lies that Catholic schools were bastions of anti-Semitism, she tells us that Bernard Shilman, who went to Westland Row CBS was the Irish Free State’s first Jewish barrister and was, like the rest of them, an ardent Zionist.

After a family consultation, Louis Wigoder entered Westland Row Christian Brothers School in 1907. In an unpublished memoir he later described his three years with the Christian Brothers as ‘very happy’ and free of anti-Semitism. His contemporaries there included Barney Shillman, lawyer and historian of Irish Jewry. Jewish boys were exempted from prayers and allowed to leave early on Fridays during the winter months”.

In switching to the Jews’ infiltration of the arts, p184 tells us of Louis Lentin, who worked with RTE, Ireland’s national TV network, but landed a job in Israeli TV, when RTE incredibly gave him leave of absence to murder Arabs in Israel’s 1967 war of conquest. Rivlin tells us that Lentin returned from Israel with a wife, Ronit, née Saltzberger, in 1969 and that her alleged experience in Israeli TV scored her a job with RTE as a production assistant, where, very coincidentally, Louis was also employed.

Leaving aside that RTE gave a fanatical Zionist leave of absence to murder Arabs, (the) Jews should research how Israeli teenybopper Ronit Saltzberger scored this competitive job, when Ireland and Israel had not yet established diplomatic relations and when visas must have been almost as hard to come by as they were in April 1944 when Dublin’s Jews played golf in the middle of the Hungarian Holocaust. One might also enquire as to how Ronit Saltzberger could move seamlessly from RTE to the Masonic stronghold of Trinity College, which she used for the next forty of so years to defame Ireland’s Catholics.

When the Hibernophobic Irish Times printed their 2014 obituary to Louis Lentin, they “recalled” how he and his sisters were tormented at Catholic and Protestant schools in Limerick, Cork and Dublin and how the nuns in Limerick had called to their home to tell their parents that they wanted to convert the Lentin children. We learn that Louis’ grandfather, Kalman Lentin, came to Ireland from Lithuania in the 1890s and that he made his living as a traveling peddler and Limerick scrapyard dealer and that Louis Lentin “was very close to him”. We learn that Louis’ father owned a women’s tailoring business and that his mother was a sister of the fantasist Fanny Goldberg and Cork Freemason and alleged Republican Gerald Goldberg. We learn about Ronit Saltzberger, his Israeli-Romanian wife, and how successful this Zionist was in his key niche. As Ronit Saltzberger has told us elsewhere of how the Lentins and Limerick’s light-fingered gypsies were thick as thieves before the Limerick Holocaust, we must wonder what historical relationships there were between the Lentin and McCarthy/Dundon organized crime gangs.

Ronit and their children Alana and Miki are now all in the anti-Semitic, white privilege industry, even though Miki has fortuitously landed himself an important number as the British Museum’s head of corporate affairs. Louis and Miki made a docudrama about their paternal grandfather, Kalman Solomon Lentin who came to live with his family in anti-Semitic, pogrom-rife Ireland in 1936 and who, like so many other victims of Ireland’s vicious anti-Semites, left the wonders of the Jewish shtetl behind him to do their shilling a week schemes in Ireland.

Als regards the arts, the story of Marilyn Taylor, the wife of former government minister Mervyn Taylor, is surely worthy of further research. Marilyn is the daughter of Lord Fisher, a former British Labour Peer and the President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the group who have commanded, controlled and co-ordinated Jewish affairs throughout the British Empire for centuries. Although Marilyn Taylor’s stories about Jewish children suffering in Irish refugee camps won all sorts of Jewish and gentile awards, serial child rapist Lord Janner makes no appearance in her fictional accounts, which is, in some ways, a pity as Lord Janner, a magician and barrister of repute, used to visit those kids and he had so many Jewish connections. Although the roles of Jewish Ministers Alan Shatter and Mervyn Taylor, ardent Zionists both, in hammering through reams of legislation to destroy the Irish Catholic social fabric, get quite a few pages, it is quite interesting that Rivlin is so proud of those Zionist “Proud Boys”.

Rivlin affirms that Zionism was always much stronger in Dublin than in London, and she gives us a lengthy appendix of Jewish groups, past and present, which graced Dublin. We learn, on p247, that kosher food has long been an option in all of Dublin’s anti-Semitic, Judenfrei hospitals and, incredibly, that the Dublin Rabbinate was costing €240,000 annually, a figure that surely could only be explained by massive nepotism or by massive lobbying of the goyim.

From the Holocaust to the Nakba

The Zionist movement’s search for Irish Jewish victims for Hitler’s Holocaust centers mainly on the tragic fate of Ettie Steinberg, one of the few Jews with any Irish connections who perished in that tragedy.

Ettie was raised at 28 Raymond Terrace, in south Dublin’s Little Jerusalem and, like the rest of her big brood, she scored a free education from the Catholic nuns in Donore Avenue. After Ettie married Vogtjeck Gluck on 22 July 1937 in the Greenville Hall Synagogue on Dublin’s South Circular Road, they quickly abandoned Ireland for Vogtjeck’s family business in Antwerp. Although they moved to France, where Leon was born on 28 March 1939, the Vichy government arrested the family. Although the Steinberg family demanded that the Vatican and the Irish government drop everything and intervene for these unfortunate Irish patriots, Ettie and Leon both perished in Auschwitz, despite the British having secured a visa for them. Solomon Steinberg, Ettie’s brother, later moved to Palestine, which he helped cleanse as part of Israel’s land grab.

Although Israeli supremacists like Ronit Lentin still crucify Ireland for not helping Steinberg who fled from Ireland towards the Nazis, there is no mention of any help the Jews gave the Irish who perished at the hands of the Nazis. These include the thirty Irish Catholics who perished when the Luftwaffe sank the St Patrick ferry boat in June 13th, 1941 off the coast of Wales, which one maritime historian described as “one of the blackest days in the history of the port of Fishguard”. But not a word of sympathy from the Edmonstown lot.

Then there is Belfast, with over 1000 fatalities from when the Luftwaffe bombed it on April 15th, 1941 and again on the night of May 4th-5th, in attacks which spurred Dev to send fire engines to help and which probably got the Luftwaffe to bomb Dublin. Then there are dog fights over Irish skies, the bombing of the Co Wexford village of Campile, the North Strand bombing in Dublin, the Belfast bombing and the fact that large numbers of German army personnel were shot down either over Ireland or in Irish waters and were interned here. But not a word of sympathy from the Edmonstown lot, who yap on about some minor Luftwaffe damage to Jewish property in Terenure and to the Jewish Synagogue in Donore Terrace which Ettie Steinberg selfishly abandoned some years previously.

Steinberg abandoned Ireland and the valiant golf players of Edmonstown at the very time the Catholic Irish were condemned for not opening their doors to Gluck’s extended Belgian family and Israeli fanatic, Ronit Lentin, whose family were involved with Ettie Steinberg’s family in implementing their own version of the Final Solution, still sees fit to use and abuse Steinberg to berate the Irish, from whom she has ponced for decades.

To the “Irish” Jews like the Herzog gangsters who run Israel and the “Irish” clowns like the Biden crack heads who run America, Ireland must be festooned with statues to Steinberg who, though a tragic victim, is no more a victim than are Catholic Palestinians like Shireen Abu Aqleh, who the governments of Ireland, Israel and America try to strip of dignity in death, just as they stripped them of dignity in life.

Though “Irish” hypocrites like the Herzog and Biden families preach that the world must “never again” let innocents like Ettie Steinberg die at the hands of monsters, they are the very monsters who perpetrate these crimes in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and places that never make news, the list never ends or will end until the Bidens, the Herzogs and all like them are forever deprived of power or influence. Cromwell’s curse on these tyrants, hypocrites, liars.

Source: Strategic Culture