Lessons in Political Leadership From Europe’s Cokeheads, by Declan Hayes

Just as everyone who wears a cocked hat is not a Napoleon, so also does Truss copying her sartorial style from former British Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher not make her a leader.

Finland’s Prime Minister, acting like Eva Braun in the last days of Hitler’s bunker, answers my earlier question as to whether Finland’s warrior women will cross Russia’s Kola Rubicon. Judging by her alleged drug use and her propensity to ‘party‘ to sun-up like a Las Vegas whore with the dregs of Finnish society, Russia should fear Sanna Marin’s psychoses much more than her leadership abilities in times of war. Field Marshal Mannerheim on Colombia’ snow slopes she is not.

And Josep Borrel, the EU’s Foreign Affairs head honcho, ain’t no Talleyrand or Metternich. And, according to this dumpling’s own words, he ain’t no Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s long serving Foreign Minister, who is a polyglot of some repute. Borrel’s beef with Lavrov is that Lavrov, commanding international respect, is newsworthy while Borrel, like Marin, is just there to look pretty and keep their white powder dry.

The real problem here, and one I previously observed in Tokyo, is Russia and China, as well as the U.S., Britain, France and even tiny Ireland, bring gravitas to the party and Borrel’s EU does not because, firstly, unlike Lavrov’s Russia, the EU has nothing beneath the bonnet and, secondly, overpaid, incompetent careerists like Borrel and that awful von der Leyen woman are at the wheel. They are rudderless, like Marin without the mushrooms or Zelensky and Hunter Biden without the Colombian ski slopes to prep them up. They are not leaders. They are, as previous articles explained, the maidservants and toadies of the Beltway’s very worst Americans.

And so, at best, is Liz Truss, Britain’s incoming Prime Minister, who displayed to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov such a shocking ignorance of Ukrainian and Russian geography that it must have been a great source of mirth for Russian and Ukrainian schoolkids and their geography teachers for months afterwards. But, in Truss’ defense, it must be said that she was ever only a political huckster, who began her political life as an anti monarchist in MI5’s Liberal Democratic Party before finding her niche in the pro monarchist Conservative Party, making her a bit like the Queen’s pet corgi that will walk a bit of the Royal carpet with anyone who gives it a cracker.

Just as everyone who wears a cocked hat is not a Napoleon, so also does Truss copying her sartorial style from former British Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher not make her a leader, never mind one of Thatcher’s caliber. If any politician should copy Thatcher’s sartorial style, then Clown Prince Zelensky or some other cretin with a background in theatrics would make a much worthier candidate.

But being a leader and playing a leader like Truss, Marin, Borrel or Zelensky are not the same thing. Because political leaders like Lavrov or Walid al-Moallem, the Syrian Arab Republic’s recently deceased Foreign Minister, are hewn differently and over decades, they excel in their fields. Being serious diplomats, they command the sort of respect those more at home on Colombia’s ski slopes can never expect to have and that is why Borrel can only gripe as Lavrov and those like him get on with the business of making peace, rather than the 420 partying that is more the preserve of the CIA’s puppets in Helsinki, Brussels, Westminster and the appropriately named White House.

My Gallant Hero

But there is a related element all true leaders and those who sing their praises must acknowledge and that is that diplomats like Lavrov and Moallem believe and strive for something more than the bags of Colombian coke that act as the CIA’s carrots for their European donkeys. When Syrian soldiers chant their loyalty to God, Syria and Assad, it is not that their belief system is that one dimensional but that chants, by definition, must concisely encapsulate what motivates such gallant heroes to fight and die.

Though Mo Ghile Mear, My Gallant Hero, poignantly laments the defeat of Bonny Prince Charlie’s heroic forces at Culloden, it is much more profound than that as it really laments the British regime’s eradication from the face of the earth of the social, cultural and military infrastructure of Scottish and Irish clan society that defied them on Culloden Moor.

Thus, when we hear talk of how Assad must go, or Putin must go, or Chavez, Castro or whoever it is in NATO’s cross hairs must go, it is nothing personal against those Bonny Prince Charlies but it is NATO’s attempt to eradicate from the face of the earth the social, cultural and military infrastructure those leaders epitomize. If Bonny Prince Charlie had been the effete Parisian dandy British intelligence painted him out as, then the Highlanders, who had no time for French perfumery, would not have entertained him. And it is, of course, the same in Russia, Syria and wherever and with whomsoever else is in NATO’s sights.

Jeremy Corbyn is a good exemplar in this regard. Although Corbyn, unlike Bonny Prince Charlie, was not a lad that’s born to be king, MI5 feared that he might become Prime Minister and so, like Ken Livingstone and other righteous Brits, he had to be destroyed by MI5’s media and Mossad’s plants in the British Labour Party. Although Corbyn, Livingstone and the rest of them have cause to believe they were hard done by, MI5 had no other choice but to stifle those who could not be absorbed into Truss’ effete tweedledee tweedledum political system.

Donald Trump and Robert Kennedy Jnr offer further examples of what kind of leadership the CIA allow and what kind they forbid. When Trump, as POTUS45, visited Britain and Ireland, MI5 and their Irish sub office ensured protests against him were not only led by their agents but were focused on MI5’s priorities and not on such matters as his money making political shenanigans in Scotland which, all politics being local, should have been more central to what passed for protests against him.

Kennedy’s crime is because his best selling book exposing Covid tzar Fauci is a lightning rod for skeptics opposed to Big Pharma’s Covid19 bonanza, Kennedy, not unlike his father and POTUS35 uncle, had to be silenced and so the CIA’s social media did a Donald Trump on him and banned him.

Ashley Belanger was one of those who led the charge in kicking Kennedy and what she terms as his loathsome anti-vax group when he was down but hopefully not out. As I have read both Kennedy’s book and Belanger’s CV, I feel entitled to say that Belanger is not qualified to summarily dismiss it or them. What is immediately striking about Kennedy’s book is the amount of experts and heavy hitters he cites as being in his corner and, though the book is written in a quasi journalistic rather than a scientific style, it seemed obvious to me that such a work compiled by Kennedy, a very competent lawyer in his own right, should be primarily critiqued by those qualified and briefed to do so.

Belanger is not such a person. All she has in her corner is that she did a one year’s master’s MIT course that enables participants to “write like a scientist”. But writing like a scientist does not make anyone a scientist, just as wearing a cocked hat does not make you a Napoleon.

Journalists (I use that word loosely) are primed by the CIA, MIT, Rupert Murdoch and more to take aim at any Kennedy or Corbyn, Assad or Putin, who might be able to rally the clans to put things to rights. Though these CIA funded bluffers serve no other purpose, they hold court in the White House, in Helsinki’s bunkers and wherever else Colombian flour is in abundance.

So, how to put things to rights and begin the reconquest assuming though the field be lost, all is not lost? The CIA’s problem is that, because they can no longer hire the best and the brightest, they are reduced to the 420 brigade of Marin, Truss, Zelensky, Borrel and Hunter Biden, who make a difficult facade to retain. If you want to have the gravitas of a Metternich, a Lavrov or a Talleyrand, you have to hide these stricken ones wherever you can unless you want the sober political leaders of Africa, Asia and the Gulf to laugh in the faces of these coked up hucksters. And bluffers like Belanger can only paper over these crack heads for so long.

Overall then, as we watch the Bidens, Zelenskys and Marins bury their heads like horses in their Colombian flour, we must be confident that the immense sacfifices of the men and women of the Syrian Arab Army, of their gallant allies in Eastern Europe and of our common humanity that they defend will bring the peace dividends they, their families and their communities so richly deserve and that, from the graves of those martyrs will spring new life, new hope and a renewed and invigorated leadership that will, in the immortal words of the late Robert Kennedy announcing the assassination of Martin Luther King Jnr, tame the savageness of man, and make gentle the life of this world and replace that violence, that stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand with compassion and love.

Source: Strategic Culture