“Let them try” – Putin’s warning, by Ray Zwarich

To all Caliban’s Really Good Ones, and to all in peril on the sea:A ‘friend’ of mine, Frank Scott, (a man whom I’ve never actually met ‘in person’, but who has provided me with valuable, though often harsh, critique), recently sent me a link to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent short speech (6:34 run time) to leading representatives of Russia’s ‘Duma’, (its elected legislature).

Living, as we Americans do, under a reality-inverting propaganda bubble, relatively few of us have much understanding of what is actually happening in the world we live in. Anyone who wants to understand more could learn a great deal simply by listening CAREFULLY to what Mr. Putin has to say in this one speech.

Russia, (like its close ally, China, as well), does not want to be our enemy. Russia (like China as well) very much wants world peace, and very much wants to be America’s friend. Only a few years ago, Russia itself wanted to join NATO.

It has been the US Ruling Elites, who have openly stated their crazed desire to rule over the entire Earth, who have insisted that Russia and China must be our enemies. Why? Because these two ancient, powerful, and proud nations refuse to obey the US Ruling Elites. While absurdly pretending to want to ‘advance democracy’, these US Ruling Elites demand that every nation must bow and obey them.

Russia and China are leading most of the world’s population in resistance to the crazed desire of the US Ruling Elites to rule over the entire Earth. They will NEVER bow and obey. I am trying to have my fellow Americans ‘see’ that these crazed and morally demented US Elites are leading us into a fight we are going to LOSE!

This man, Vladimir Putin, is a great hero of the Russian people. It is not an exaggeration to compare his status among the Russian Common People to the status we Americans have traditionally afford to George Washington, (as ‘the father’ of our nation). Putin almost single-handedly rescued Russia from the complete ruin into which this nation fell after the collapse of the communist USSR.

His current ‘approval rating’ in Russia hovers around 85%. Since the US engineered the overthrow of Ukraine’s ELECTED government, (to install the current US puppet-junta in Kiev, which has now actually outlawed ALL opposition political parties), Putin’s approval rating in Russia has sometimes risen to over 90%. He thus has considerable power, as any American president that popular would have. He is NOT a ‘dictator’, however. He is Russia’s ELECTED president. Any who think he is a ‘dictator’ only expose the Orwellian (reality-inverting) nature and degree of the propaganda bubble our tragic, bleeding, and increasingly totalitarian nation is forced to live under.

I hope my fellow Americans will try to realize that most of the world’s population does not live under the propaganda bubble under which we are trapped. Although this intense propaganda has most of us believing that Russia, and Putin, are currently beleaguered and “isolated”, please try to realize that the nation’s currently ‘sanctioning’ Russia represent barely 12% of the world’s population. Look at the map. The morally depraved US Empire wants to rule over the entire Earth, just as they rule over our nation. The ‘Jedi Warriors’ are NOT on ‘our’, (the US Ruling Elites’), side.

I am trying to open my fellow American citizens’ eyes to the tragedy toward which we are ‘steaming’, full speed ahead. These morally depraved and spiritually demented Ruling Elites are leading us to utter ruin.

Copied below is my reply to Mr Scott, which I began writing as a personal note to him, but which soon grew to addressing a larger audience.


Thanks for sending, Mr. Scott. I have watched many of Putin’s speeches over many years. I have long ago come to believe that he is a ‘Great Man’, (whatever that means), and that History, (assuming there is any), will remember him as such. People have heard me say that just as statues of Caesar still stand in Rome, so statues of this man, Putin, will still look out over public squares and green parks in Russia in 2000 years time, (assuming Humanity survives our current existential crisis). He sounds confident. That is good to hear. “They think they can defeat Russia?”, he says, with a confident smirk… “Let them try”.

Russia is not ‘bogged down’ in Ukraine. Russia’s strategy is simply patient. We can hear Putin echo ole John Paul Jones’ defiance. “We have not yet even begun to fight”, he says, (“We haven’t yet even started anything in earnest”, were his actual words, as all can hear in his short speech).

I’m sure not a military strategist, but it looks to me like Russia, after securing Donbas, and a land bridge to Crimea, will simply push patiently westward along the Black sea coast, to Odessa… The Ukrainian heartland will then be land-locked… The Ukrainian economy, already devastated, will crumble into utter ruin… The Ukrainian people will hate America ever more as their miseries multiply… The stupid clown, Zelensky, will become a hated figure and will flee Ukraine with the treasures that that have been showered on him for his loyal service to The Empire… Russia will extend them, their Slavic sisters and brothers, the Ukrainian people, mercy and forgiveness once they surrender…

Back here in our crumbling, bleeding nation, it sure looks like this fall the pseudoRight will recapture control of the US House, and the Biden Laptop Story will be brought to the surface, dripping mud and truth profusely, like a mafia-shot car, full of rotting bodies, pulled from a muddy midtown pond.

The Democratic Party will be called to account for its crimes against the American people. When winter sets in, the Common People in Europe will shiver in their own homes, hating America for robbing them of Russian fuel. Their economies will continue to fall into shambles, lacking energy to run their factories. Without Russian natural gas, farmers all over the world will be unable to obtain fertilizer.

The senile old man, ostensibly ‘leading’ the evil US Empire, poor pathetic ole Skinny Joe, will still blame it all on “Putin’s War” that the US started.

The US Ruling Elites are an ethnically diverse syndication of various concentrations of power, mostly of Super Wealth, and the Super Wealthy’s hired lackey-minions in the ‘deep state’ government bureaucracy, and in the US military… (where the bloated flag officer ranks all look forawrd to lucrative corporate careers after retiring with gernerous pensions from the military). Though heavily Caucasian, these demented and evil Ruling Elites are dominated by the People of the Ancient Tribe.

The skilled and well-practiced ‘technique’ the US Empire has used against Russia is the ancient Talmudic way… geneivet da’at... “Theft of the mind”…. Deception is forbidden, of course… (Cue the batting maidens’ lashes)… But is it our fault if stupid people deceive themselves?

With thousands of years of refined practice, the People of the Ancient Tribe, (who dominate the US Ruling Elites), have raised cunning deception to an artform… After using the most heinous forms of terrorism imaginable, (going door to door lobbing hand grenades into the midst of families huddled in terror in their own living rooms, as in Deir Yassin), to steal Palestine from its inhabitants, these cunning people now torture the lives of the helplessly imprisoned Palestinian People, people living under the cruel murderous jackboot of Israeli martial law for several generations now, with every misery their brilliant cunning can devise… They cunning deceivers torture those people’s lives… Then they torture those people more… And yet again… And then more… They torture those people until they strike back in violent rage, and then the cunning torturers turn to us, lashes batting like an innocent maiden’s, and say, “See? Didn’t we tell you they were violent terrorists? We’re only defending ourselves”.

The US Empire used this SAME cunning Talmudic ruse against Russia. Provoke them. Provoke them more. Provoke them yet again. And then again. Just keep provoking them until they have no choice but to strike back. Then blame them as the ‘aggressors’ when they do.

The US Ruling Elites, helpless in their massive, evil greed, have exported most of our nation’s manufacturing base to a nation, China, Russia’s close ally, which these evil Ruling Elites now stupidly declare must be our nation’s enemy. How stupid can these people be, to think that a nation that can no longer even manufacture the essential goods our own people need, can prevail in war against nations from whom we now must buy those goods?

“They think they can defeat us on the battlefield? Let them try”, the man says… LOL… Yea… well… ‘They’ will… The crazed and desperately evil US Ruling Elites of the US Empire will try… But they will LOSE!…

And when they do, when they inevitably lose, we, and all our beloved families, and all our friends, everyone we love and cherish, will suffer horribly when ‘their’ Empire comes crashing down in ruin.

In our complete corruption of Spirit at the hands of these greed-crazed Ruling Elites, the US has LOST every war since WW2… And now we think we can win a world war with most of the world aligned against us? Look at the map, folks. The evil US Ruling Elites want us to pretend, under our bubble of centralized propaganda, in our stark delusional insanity, that Russia has been ‘isolated’? Look at the map, fer crissakes… It’s the US and Europe, and the sparsely populated Anglo outposts in the South Pacific, and Japan, that are sanctioning Russia. Those nations include less than 12% of the human population of Earth. Nations representing some 88% of the world’s population are trading freely, and eagerly with Russia.

Are we so stupid that we think it is Russia that has been ‘isolated’ by these evil US Ruling Elites’ desperately crazed, greed-fueled designs to rule over the entire Earth, just as they already rule over our own nation?

Our nation is going to LOSE! The dollar WILL fall, (it’s already teetering), and when it does, our entire ‘paper money’ economy will fall with it into utter ruin. The word “depression” does not even begin to capture the horrific reality of what lies ahead… We can no longer make the things we need just to live our lives. What will we do when we can no longer even buy them? Do we think we can train generations of industrial engineers overnight? (China graduates 10 STEM scientists every year to our 1).

But we WILL survive… We are a STRONG, resourceful, and resilient people… We will recover from the crazy, (delusionally insane, ‘clinically’ speaking), primitive divisions of ‘wokeness’ currently imposed on us… The US Common People WILL unite, and when we do, we will easily throw off the yopke of these morally demented and spiritually depraved Ruling Elites… We will build a New Nation, a New America, on this land… We will suffer horribly when The Empire falls, but we WILL survive… And we WILL build a new and greater nation, a New America, on this rich and beautiful land.

We will live in peace with the other nations of the world. We are a strong people… We will begin to treasure and develop our most precious natural resource, our children’s minds. We will compete with other nations in good spirit, setting our shoulders to the same wheel, all nations working together, in peace and cooperation, only competing in friendly spirit to see which nation can contribute the most to Humanity’s prosperity, to see which nation. can best nurture our children’s dreams.

Though dark and difficult days for our nation lie most immediately ahead, (as the evil Elites’ Empire crumbles into ruin), much and many better days, glorious days, days for which Humanity has hoped for 10,000 years, days of peace and goodwill on Earth, will follow.

The evil US Empire is crumbling. But it will fight back. The Samson Option? Will these evil greed-and-lust soaked Ruling Elites take us all with them when the marble columns of their evil Empire are all crashing into ruin around them?

Will the ones whose job is to ‘push the buttons’ of Apocalypse obey?

All our lives hang in this precarious balance, but just look at us, in our pathetically confused condition… We are too distracted by things like ‘abortion rights’, and by primitive tribal divisions that the Ruling Elites have deliberately endgendered, to even much notice, let alone respond to this actual existential emegency, with the actual suvival of all Humanity hanging in the balance… We are backed up to the very Precipice of Doom itself, with WW3 already raging… In our stark, “clinical” delusional insanity, the Jewish-dominated Ruling Elites take away our freedom of speech itself, and we don’t respond… But interfere with women’s vanity?… Interfere with women’s ‘precious‘ liberation to behave like alley cats in heat without worrying about pregnancy? OMG!!… Never mind WW3… Never mind a little thing like losing our freedom of speech… Interfere with these vain, ugly, self-adoring creatures’ ‘right’ to kill their own babies?… OM-effing- GOD!!… They rise in ugly snarling rage… They rise howling like ugly snarling Harpy she-demons…

This is Mass Delusional Insanity, folks… MDI… Clinically speaking…

I wasn’t there, so I don’t know for sure, but it’s hard to believe that the MDI was even this bad in Germany in the 1930s…

Reality inversion. “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Orwell’s predictions are all playing out before our very eyes.

A pussy cat is a tiger. January 6 was an “insurrection”. They all truly believe their own lies. They are truly (“clinically”) delusionally insane. I don’t think even Nazi Germany (although I was not there, born in ’48) reached this scale of mass delusional insanity. And if we refuse to believe what is so obviously NOT true, we become demonized enemies, less than human. Putin talks about this in this short speech (as linked above)… The US Ruling Elites’ evil Empire is at war against its own population, even as this evil Empire presses ahead with world war against nations representing almost 90% of the world’s population.

These crazed and evil Ruling Elites think they can destroy Truth itself… They think they can FORCE us to believe that a pussy cat is a raging tiger… But there are already too many who know… At least 100 million in the US alone who refuse to believe, who refuse to bow and obey… And many more now entrapped in delusions will awaken from their insanity… That’s why ‘they’, the Elites, are in such a panic… ‘They’ already know they are going to lose… As did Hitler even as he launched his final hopeless counter-offensive…

I hope all who hear Caliban’s ‘voice’ are well and strong. We’re going to need every ounce of strength we can muster. Like many among us, I remain on the very edge of the precipice of despair, but I will fight my way back. Every hand will be needed. Mine are old and feeble, but I can still swing my hammer. Some things an old carpenter cannot forget.

Again… It looks like ‘the right’ will re-surge this fall. Unless some remarkable ‘savior’ emerges, 2024, maybe January 2025, if Trump wins, will be when the poopy goes splat into the fan. A bullet will find him.

Trump himself may ‘see’ this. His assassination would be the perfect ‘trigger’. Chaos will briefly reign… then Martial Law, naked Fascism, will rise and take control… Trump himself may ‘see’ this… He is too much a coward. He’ll surely decide that ‘discretion is valor’… He is trying to be Caesar… but doesn’t have a tenth of Caesar’s genius… I know that relatively few among us common folk know much History, (that’s a major factor in our predicament), but Caesar, a hereditary aristocrat, pursued his ambition as a champion of the Common People, the hero of the populares, of the common people, against the optimates, against the Roman aristocracy. There are no ‘new stories’ in History.

Trump, an idiot compared to Caesar, thinks he can walk the same path. Caesar ended up bleeding out at the foot of Pompey’s statue. History seems to savor irony. (Pompey was Caesar’s enemy, as leader of the Roman Elites).
Well… Here I am at 2700 words. (Mr. Scott often chides me for the length of my essays)… But just a few hundred more to wrap this up….

Few understand the degree of the Ruling Elites’ raw power. Few understand the degree to which we have ALL been ‘engineered’. NONE of us are ‘immune’. We have ALL been affected… ‘They’ are inside EVERY mind… It is EXTREMELY important to know that… Never forget… It is a grave mistake to believe that just because we ‘see’ what they are doing, we are beyond their power to manipulate us.

We are NOT beyond their power… Only self-awareness can save us, and we cannot be self-aware unless we know that… They have strings on all of us, to make us dance… ‘They’ are inside EVERY mind… Only when we ‘know’ that can we credibly resist their power.

It’s so easy to ‘see’. Why do so many remain so blind? If Orwell saw it all, why do we think Allen Dulles, Wild Bill Donovan, and their OSS drinking buddy, Marcuse, did not? What is now unfolding was all planned that long ago.

They were even importing Stepan Bandera‘s followers from Ukraine that long ago, right after WW2, to implant among Ukrainians in the US. Russia’s access to the Black Sea has always been crucial. Turkey controls the Bosphorus… Erdogan knows his power in NATO… Kaliningrad is already under a partial siege… Access to the sea is crucial to any great nation… Ukraine was always recognized as Russia’s soft underbelly…

My grandparents, Ukrainian immigrants, barely ever spoke English… I was ‘recruited’ to be a Bandera (Ukrainian Nazi, collaborator with Hitler) ‘follower’ when I was a teen-ager. A roofer, named Romanchuk, took the famous portrait of Bandera, (the exact same picture that appears in the linked article), out of his wallet to show me in the basement of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Boston… along about ’63 or ’64, it must have been… ‘They’, the Ruling Elites’ evil brain trust, always saw that Ukraine was Russia’s soft underbelly…

General Patton wanted to fight them while we still were fully mobilized in Europe… But ‘they’ had learned the hard lessons that the Russians had taught Napoleon, and then Hitler… Few ‘see’ the sweep of History in scale… The end of WW2 is nearly as close to us now as the end of the Crimean War (Tennyson’s ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’?) was to them in ’45… The Germanic-Celtic Anglo peoples always feared and hated the fierce Russian tribes… When the Romans banished the Jews from Israel, they migrated northeast into the Caucasus, and then west into Ukraine, establishing themselves among the Khazar tribes. Today’s Ashkenazi Jews are a different ‘race’ than the people the Romans exiled from Palestine… Many writers refer to these people, who invaded Palestine from Europe after WW2, and have now come to dominate and control the US Empire, as the “Khazarian Mafia”.

The blood of all these peoples flows in me… Welsh (Celtic)… Germanic Anglo… And, of course, Slavic… I feel great personal affinity to Jewish people… So much to admire in them, and in their ‘heroic’ culture… But my own personal loyalties are not to ANY of these peoples… My loyalties are to all Humanity… not to any ‘tribe’ thereof…

I dwell among spirits, but I am a simple man… My loyalties are to my own family, and to all the people I love… Does every human child not deserve our love?… ‘Deserve’ or not, every human child has mine… I am in debt to every father and mother, of every tribe, who love their children… It is a debt I fully intend to pay…

It is truly amazing to ‘see’ it all so clearly. The ‘grand sweep’ of History… The same spirits land to inhabit new human hearts… Hammurabi made The Law… Caesar and Christ… Mohammed… The Buddha… Gandhi-ji and I drew breath together on the same Earth, though only for a short time. He was murdered later the same year that I was born. My own grandparents were all alive at the same time as Geronimo… My great-grandmother, an amazing woman who gave me smacking, toothless kisses on my own forehead, walked to Oklahoma beside a covered wagon, her father riding alert out front, rifle at the ready, eyes keen on the ridges for the fierce Comanche. My own father was in grade school the year Wyatt Earp died…

Orwell lived a relatively short life… He was 5 years old the year Jack London published ‘The Iron Heel’…  Gloria Steinem really WAS a CIA operative. Hefner really DID translate OG CIA Marcuse’s “Eros and Civilization” into “The Playboy Philosophy”. Moral turpitude, combined with self-righteous promotion of racial and sexual ‘identities’. The devastation of ‘the family’, the very root of the Common People’s moral strength. Class Analysis so easily cast aside. The “sexual revolution” was so obviously a CIA plot. Destroy the culture. Destroy the family, the very root of human civilization itself… These were truly brilliant minds that undertook this evil…

I’ve been revisiting Ti Jean lately… Poor ole Jack… So dear to me when I was young… So pathetic when his own youth became drunken middle age… And Ginsberg howling for freedom… Gregory Corso… Neal Cassidy… (who died as pathetically as Kerouac, after they both had inspired two generations)… the whole ‘beat’ crowd… leading to Ken Kesey… to the Merry Pranksters… to the hippies (my generation), to the short-lived ‘Summer of Love’, to the Marcuse-inspired ‘sexual revolution’… and the now beleauguered American Family. How easy it was for ‘them’ to divert our exploding sexual energy from Class Analysis… Did you know that Ken Kesey once ‘worked for’ the CIA? (He volunteered to be a guinea pig for their LSD explorations…)

Yea… The Grand Sweep of History. The Great Mandala

Ironic that there was a ‘Tom’ Wolfe on either end of this modern morass… Thomas Wolfe, (‘Look Homeward Angel’, ‘Of Time and the River’), was a great spiritual mentor to me, as he was to Ti Jean. Tom Wolfe, the brilliant pop writer, (‘Bonfire of the Vanities’), traveled with the Merry Pranksters, (‘The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test’).

Thomas Wolfe and Kerouac both predicted that America would be Humanity’s ‘Crucible’. When the last frontier closed, when no ‘pressure relief valve’ remained, Humanity would then be forced to turn and face our SELVES.

Blabber… Blabber… Blabber… LOL… Sorry… As the scorpion told the frog, “It’s just my nature”.

“No one nation can rule over the Earth. All nations, working together, must negotiate Humanity’s future. In these negotiations, each nation must represent the needs and interests of its own people, but every nation must always consider the needs and interests of every other nation”.

Putin has said exactly this in MANY speeches… as has China’s Xi… This is both Russia’s and China’s ‘official position’…

These are ‘great nations’. These nations will NEVER bow and obey the evil US Empire whose crazed demented desire is to rule over the entire Earth.

Neither China nor Russia want to be America’s enemy. There is NO reason they should be. No reason other than the morally demented and spiritually depraved US Ruling Elites’ demand that they must bow and obey.


PS: Sorry… No time to proof read… Have to get my wife to Dr, appointment… Sorry for any typos… Sorry for rambling… Thanks again to Frank Scott for sending the link to Putin’s speech