MI5’s Leaked Flowcharts Expose NATO’s War on British Democrats, by Declan Hayes

The Grayzone has done the British state some service by exposing MI5’s war of terror against its democratic proponents, Declan Hayes writes.

Their two most recent such contributions are leaking a series of flow charts showing who exactly are in MI5’s cross hairs. The leaked Mason flowchart shows how BBC journalist Paul Mason and Chatham House extremist Amil Khan targeted not only prominent peace activists but also entire minority communities for harassment, deplatforming and frivolous lawsuits. The Priti Patel flowchart shows a sinister web of Green activists MI5 would prefer that Patel, Britain’s far right Home Secretary, neutralize as a master of urgency.

Although these two flowcharts are further evidence that all previous relevant articles on this website are true, factual and alarming, they paint a much darker and almost infinitely more sinister panorama of the British political landscape than anything previously explicitly expressed here or that Jimmy Dore, in his review of the Mason flowchart, might have imagined.

To see that, let’s look at the main actors in this MI5 side show before widening our vista. Paul Mason’s experience as a former music teacher apparently qualified him for top positions as business editors in some of England’s leading media outlets. As a former asset in Workers’ Power — an extremist Trotskyist off shoot of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party, MI5 opened career paths as a political commentator for Mason on its national airwaves.

Mason is now the British Labour Party’s main conduit to the Ukrainian junta, where his role is to argue that, as Ukraine’s Azov Nazis are at the forefront of NATO’s fight for democracy, they must be supplied with ever more bundles of advanced weaponry to sell off on the Dark Web. The appearance of Jeremy Corbyn, whom Mason secretly helped expel from the Labour Party, George Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party for opposing NATO’s genocide campaign in Iraq, the (pro Irish) Connolly Association, anti war groups and personalities, the “Muslim Community”, the “Black Community” and very many more show that MI5 casts a wide and somewhat indiscriminate net.

Although Mason targeting Britain’s entire Irish, Black and Muslim communities could be dismissed as the work of a sycophantic MI5 crank, the involvement of the very sinister Amil Khan shows that is far from the full story. As well as conspiring together to take down The Grayzone and joking about how MI5 took down their earlier targets, they discuss how Chloe Hadjimatheou, the disgraced British intelligence-linked BBC journalist we previously met along with Bellingcat, their low level “intel service input by proxy,” could be utilized against the Grayzone’s citizen journalists.

As Khan was centrally involved in promoting MI5’s White Helmets murder gang, his proposal to form an “International Information Brigade,” an astroturfed civil society organization to promote Zelensky’s Azovs, which would be funded by Western states “through cutouts,” and closely intertwined with intelligence services, should be seen not as the rants of a brace of Walter Mittys, but as the criminal conspiracies of serial MI5 stool pigeons. The BBC, recall, have long had their Jimmy Saviles vetted by MI5 and allied intelligence services.

Although MI5’s Priti Patel flowchart shows that Patel is at the center of a major MI5 sting against Green activists, Patel was previously expunged from government because of her close links with Mossad, a key fact MI5’s Sunday newspapers attacked me over in their attempts to smear Jeremy Corbyn. The Grayzone’s article makes the important point that her ongoing collusion against relatively harmless Green activists make Patel particularly unsuited to decide on the fate of Julian Assange, the Australian prisoner of conscience who currently languishes in London’s Belmarsh High Security Prison.

Although many of those MI5 officers made their Green targets pregnant before abandoning them for greener teenagers and the Julian Assange case is a travesty, these flowcharts should also be viewed through a much wider lens just to see how depraved MI5 and their flunkeys really are. The bottom line with The Grayzone’s two reports is they exposed the putrid puss that is MI5 at work (or is it play?). We have, in the two flowcharts, a group of flunkeys conspiring to target their ideological enemies and to felon set, an offence that traditionally warranted summary execution in Ireland because it was (and still is) part and parcel of MI5’s matrix of control, which entailed the neutralization by murder, imprisonment, bribes or blackmail of those who opposed MI5’s iron fisted rule. The actions in England, Syria and Ukraine of Khan and Mason are no different: they too are implacable enemies of any other peace but peace and subjugation on NATO’s terms.

Thanks to these disgusting flowcharts, this can be clearly seen most clearly in Britain, where Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and former London Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone were both demonized before being expelled from the Labour Party they had brought within a whisker of winning the 2017 General Election. Livingstone’s crime was that he had, in his London vernacular way, alluded to the actual collusion between the Nazis and the Zionists during the first years of the Third Reich and Mason et al ensured that such factual statements had become, when convenient for MI5, political hanging offenses. Though ridiculing and then eviscerating Corbyn was a trickier proposition, Mason and his merry men eventually got their way when they landed on the trumped up charge of anti Semitism as the best way to politically eviscerate him.

The falls from grace of both Livingstone and Corbyn are instructive as they show the MI5 agents who control Bellingcat, Khan, Hadjimatheou and Mason can, when required, deliver political heads on a platter and, crucially, thereby allow political discourse to proceed within MI5’s narrowly defined bounds, to allow comment on whether blue is a prettier color than green, or if Scottish sunsets are more photogenic than those in Wales.

What cannot be allowed to gain traction are politicians like Livingstone, Galloway or Corbyn who have less interest in sunsets and more interest in why civilians are being slaughtered in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Ukraine. MI5 must marginalize, demonize and politically eviscerate such folk by paying, from their petty cash, folk like Bellingcat, Khan, Hadjimatheou and Mason to throw them a few pointers and half baked flowcharts. MI5 obviously regard it as money well spent, all the more so if they can scuttle The Grayzone.