Nobody Runs the World, by Dmitry Orlov

Who runs the world? Don’t answer; I know. It’s the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Anglo-Zionists, the Deep State, the Reptiloids, and let’s not forget Santa Klaus Schwab and his merry band of billionaire elves. Does that about cover it, or do we need to add more? No? Well, let’s leave it at that, then. It probably feels good to be so certain about who runs the world. I am not so certain, so I wouldn’t know.
There is a fly in this ointment, though: the leaders of the world keep announcing their plans and then failing at them horribly. Your reptiloid masters just don’t look like world leader material when they turn out to be standing, buck naked, out in the pouring rain, and doing their little “Milk-milk-lemonade, round the corner fudge is made” act, again and again. Let’s run down a list of recent fiascos:
• Where is Juan Guaidó, the fearless leader of Venezuela who was supposed to be providing US oil companies with unimpeded access to Venezuelan heavy crude, so necessary for enriching thin oil produced by fracking in order make it possible to make diesel and jet fuel from it? Last I heard, he is getting beaten up by his own people when he shows up in public.
• Where is Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, or “Svyatlana Tskikhanouskaya” if you want to fail at faking a Belarussian accent. She was the putative cutlet queen of Belarus thanks to whose intrepid subservience NATO would be able to confront Russia with a continuous bulwark of hostile states (five of them former parts of the USSR) stretching from the Baltic to the Black Sea? I believe she is too busy making cutlets in Lithuania to be of much assistance.
• Where is Alexei Navalny, the Russian beauty blogger who was supposed to have replaced Vladimir Putin by now and be presiding over a dismembering of the Russian Federation for the benefit of foreign energy and mining conglomerates? He is sewing uniforms at a Russian prison colony. On the plus side, prison fare and regular access to the exercise yard seem to be good for his health: he has lost enough weight to lose the embarrassing nickname of “Ovalny”.
• Where is Mikheil Saakashvili, the US-educated (Columbia, George Washington U.) former president of Georgia? He is cooling his heels in a Georgian prison and no longer entertains any political ambitions whatsoever. Alas, we will no longer be entertained by his wonderful antics such as eating his tie on camera, being chased by police over rooftops or muscling his way across border checkpoints.
• As a counterexample, there is Bashar “Assad must go!” of Syria, who is, rather embarrassingly, still very much there. The American troops are there too, guarding some oil fields and doing their best to avoid fraught encounters with the Russians, who are also still there, at Bashar al-Assad’s invitation.
The leaders of the world sure know how to pick a winner!
We could also pile on all of their military fiascos.
• How did the mission to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban go? The Taliban is also still there and stronger than ever. How about the effort to get rid the world of ISIS? The Russians pretty much did that job in Syria and Iraq, with Iranian help, but now ISIS is three times more numerous in Afghanistan than it was just a year ago. Biden just took credit for the mafia-style assassination of the very old Afghani figurehead al-Zawahiri. That counts for an American victory now; how pathetic is that?
• What about Libya? Yes, Muammar Qaddafy is dead. Yes, Libya went from the richest country in Africa to one of the poorest. But Libyan oil production went from one million barrels a day to zero barrels a day and Qaddafy’s enemies are now paying more for their oil imports than they have in a generation. Oh, and ISIS is in Libya too. Was that really the intention?
• I hate to bring it up, but what about the former Ukraine? Was it really the intention to squander countless billions in weapons and money on awarding to Russia a huge chunk of territory peopled by Russians who are now, thanks to the abuse they have suffered at the hands of the Ukrainian nationalists, some of the most patriotic Russians in the world? That chunk of territory has some of the world’s most fertile arable land and, together with its Soviet-era industry, accounted for some 90% of the former Ukraine’s GDP. Without it, the former Ukraine becomes just a useless patch of nothingness run by war criminals which Russia’s enemies will now have to support.
• The item currently all over the news is Taiwan. Well, what about it? Nancy Pelosi is either in Taiwan or flying back, after a very short whirlwind tour of Southeast Asia. She went to Taiwan because, with gas prices in California bumping up against $10/gallon, her only hope of getting reelected is to stir up big trouble in little China. And get reelected she must because of her thieving husband: the moment she is out of office, uncomfortable questions will be asked about her and her hubby’s unsound business ethics and undue influence. And so this old crone, 83 years ancient, who can barely totter about on spindly legs while croaking out mangled platitudes (“Glory to Wuhan and president Kevensky!” was her memorable Ukrainian battle cry), dove into the fray to meet with Taiwan’s Clown Princess (whose government is unrecognized by anyone including the US).
Joe Biden had to spend two hours on the phone with Xi Jinping, trying to convince him that he doesn’t even remember who Nancy is and that this is just a private visit, not any sort of state visit at all. Mike Pompeo, the former CIA and State Dept. head, wanted to tag along on Pelosi’s trip but was told to take a hike: he can’t go to Taiwan because he is persona non grata in China and Taiwan is part of China. Meanwhile, the Chinese held live fire drills on the shores and in the waters all around Taiwan while the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan steamed about purposelessly nowhere near Taiwan, thereby supposedly defending Nancy.
And the end result of all this is that the Taiwanese, as punishment for being internationally promiscuous, will have to be extra-scrupulous when filling out the paperwork for their voluminous trade with mainland China. Does any of this sound like the US is getting the sort of respect a world superpower should be able to demand?
There is no need to stop there, but these examples should suffice to draw an obvious conclusion: the project of running the world is, shall we say, not running smoothly. This, in turn, leads us to question the supposition that somebody is ultimately in charge of the whole affair. But many people still want to believe that the world is being run by someone and for that someone’s benefit, because the idea of a world that can’t be made profitable for anyone is simply too horrible to contemplate.
There is a psychological need to believe that someone is ultimately in charge. It is also axiomatic, for people conditioned to worship wealth, that whoever is in charge has to be filthy rich. Worshiping money is baked into the psyche for most people in the formerly piratical nations and the idea of someone or, worse yet, an organized group of people, selflessly serving the common good for the greater glory of God and country fills them with existential dread.
When the preponderance of evidence that nobody is able to make a profitable use of what is happening endangers this belief, the natural response is to look for a fiendishly clever nemesis to believe in, and that choice naturally falls on Vladimir Putin. This choice is made difficult by the fact that Vladimir Putin is a modest man, has neither time nor desire to amass great wealth, exists at public expense and will probably live happily on a state pension if he lives long enough. Therefore, all sorts of ridiculous fiction has been produced to endow him with vast palaces (which turn out to be 3D models of hotels).
Within the common mindset, Putin simply must be some sort of pirate or parasite. That mindset has been formed over the past five centuries of successful colonial piracy and parasitism, rapine, plunder and genocide. A population that has been conditioned over many generations to survive and do well on the proceeds of piracy is naturally inclined to look for a successful pirate or group of pirates to latch onto and slavishly serve, for that is the ultimate recipe for success in a piratical system.
But the world is no longer so conducive to piracy: it is either too destitute for vast fortunes to be made from piracy or guarded too well by powerful militaries. Piracy is no longer a good vocation for ambitious young people, and the pirates are aging out, growing weak and senile. The best they can do is use their remaining crystallized skills to continue trying what had worked for them before, not even noticing when it no longer works. Unable to learn anything new, the world, which is changing more rapidly than ever before, is becoming a strange and unfamiliar place for them. Instead of attempting to analyze new situations and formulate new plans, they concentrate on formulating and perpetuating soothing narratives while blocking out all conflicting narratives that might expose their weakness.
Speaking of narratives, they are still able to blot out the sun for those held captive within the corporate media space, but the death of postmodernist critique is fast approaching. The reason is simple: nobody can deconstruct death. Dead people don’t formulate fanciful new narratives. Here’s how that works, taking everyone’s favorite example, the former Ukraine.
The Ukrainians put together a giant media conglomerate, lavishly financed, that is in charge of formulating narratives, media fakes, provocations, memes and other postmodern junk with the goal of jamming the media space full of their propaganda. Their idea was that the Russians would be unable to compete. But the Russians, as usual, did something so contrary that it blew everyone’s mind: they won the propaganda war—the war for public opinion within Russia and for the hearts and minds of the Russians who were trapped within Ukraine for the past 30 years—without so much as showing up for it.
Instead of narratives, fakes or memes they limited themselves to perfectly dry, factual reports: which territories and populations centers passed to Russian control, how many liberated districts have been shelled by retreating Ukrainian Nazis with how many apartment blocks, schools, hospitals and other public buildings damaged, how many Ukrainian Nazis have been killed or taken prisoner (the numbers are astoundingly huge!), how many tanks, APCs, drone aircraft, rocket launchers, munition dumps, etc., have been blown up. And instead of tired old tirades about freedom, democracy, Western unity, universal values and other such trash they sing songs and recite poems that tend to cause Russians to smile beatifically while cathartic tears stream down their faces and to feel deliriously happy to be in Mother Russia’s loving arms.
Facts are stubborn things, facts about death doubly so, and fanciful narratives about death are, if anything, in very poor taste and may get you beaten up by the relatives of the deceased. Moreover, they cannot serve any serious propaganda function. A key fact about the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the Anglo-Zionists, the Deep State, the Reptiloids, and let’s not forget Santa Klaus Schwab and his merry band of billionaire elves, is that they are all aging out. Much of the US Congress is ready for the bingo parlor and the shuffleboard court. After old age comes death and their stories of running the world will die with them. After that children will be taught that there once was an age of pirates that lasted for some five centuries but that now it is over.
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