Note to Readers, by Glenn Greenwald

I realize that nobody subscribes here due to a desire to read about personal drama and difficulties. Life entails struggles for all of us at some point. But in response to several well-intentioned inquiries from subscribers, I feel compelled to explain the ongoing lack of content published here.

As some of you will recall, I addressed — in the introduction to our July 20 Outside Voices debate about crime policy, as well as in the comment section to my July 30 report on a recent ruling involving Google and Rumble — the relative lack of activity here over the prior six weeks. In essence, beyond a need to slow down a bit and recharge batteries after a torrid pace of writing since I left The Intercept for Substack in October, 2020, I am developing a new and quite significant project that we intend to unveil next month. Building that new project — which I am certain will dramatically expand the reach and impact of the work we are doing here — had consumed most of my time. I indicated that, with the new project soon to be unveiled, I expected that the regular pace of publishing and reporting here would resume very shortly.

That is when the saga of life unexpectedly intervened. On Sunday, August 7, my husband David Miranda was at a campaign event for his re-election to the Brazilian Congress. He began experiencing intense pain, went to the Emergency Room later that day, and was quickly diagnosed with a severe gastro-intestinal disorder that required him to be immediately admitted to the ICU. He has remained there ever since, in critical condition, and several complications caused by his original condition have made his situation quite dire. Our family remains very hopeful for his full recovery, but suffice to say, the ordeal has been extremely difficult. All of my energy and attention are devoted to his hospitalization and to the need to support our children and myself as we await improvements in his condition.

Again, I realize that this is not why people subscribe here but I feel an obligation to subscribers to honestly explain my recent inability to produce the content which you expect, especially in light of the increasing number of questions. Realizing that subscribing can be a financial burden for some people, we will make some adjustment to your subscriptions in conjunction with the new project — such as extending the termination date by a couple of months — to compensate for the lack of activity here recently.

Many subscribers here are already aware of this situation from news reports and the few social media postings I have made regarding David’s condition. I am grateful for the many well-wishes, prayers and thoughtful messages of support we have received. I’m looking very forward to the day that our family is back home together and I can return to doing the journalistic work here that I love.