Nuclear Russian Roulette in Ukraine, by Declan Hayes

NATO is a beaten docket, whose race has run and whose chips have all been lost, Declan Hayes writes.

The Gambler, Dostoevsky’s superlative novella about the gambling addiction he was afflicted with, is a remarkable tour de force NATO’s leaders should read before they gamble what is left of their own depleted resources away on the unlikely event they can take down China and Russia.

Though Dostoevsky, unlike several of his fictional characters, eventually learned that gambling is a fatal drug that gradually destroys its adherents, there is no indication that NATO’s gamblers have learned that or any of the other hard lessons that most ruinous of all vices teaches. Because NATO, having bluffed its way to Pyrrhic victories in Serbia, Syria, Libya and Yemen, now feels it can play Russian roulette with nuclear tipped missiles over Ukraine and live to tell the tale, their psychoses must be dissected on the long shot that Armageddon can be avoided. This article aids that diagnosis.

Gott Mitt Uns

NATO, like the Swedish mercenaries of the Reformational Wars, like the Waffen SS, and like their ISIS proxies, believe that Gott mitt uns, that God is on their side, that God loves their fecklessness because that is what they pay their media to parrot back at them. POTUS George Bush repeatedly said as much, that God, through the medium of notorious war criminal Donald Rumsfeld, instructed him to destroy secular Iraq, to loot its museums and banks, to rob its oil and to put over a million Iraqi women and children to NATO’s self righteous sword.

Far from affirming that these godless ghouls are in any way religious, that is simply to affirm that NATO’s gangsters will use any excuse, the invocation of God included, to justify their crimes and those of their allies. Russia’s issue is how to deal with these medically deranged gangsters.

Casus Belli, Casus Foederis

NATO’s criminal conspirators have never needed a genuine casus belli as war and plunder are their stock in trade; it is what they do. Although their terror campaigns against Iraq, Serbia, Syria and Yemen verify all that, Europe’s interminable wars prove this conclusively. Trying to divine a common casus belli between the Italo Turkish war, the Second Balkan War, the Finnish Civil War, the Hungarian Romanian war, the Hungarian Czechoslovakian war, the Polish Ukrainian war, the Polish Lithuanian war, the Armeno Georgian war and all of Europe’s many other wars is, like NATO’s war on Russia, a lost cause. All the more so if we try to understand casus foederis, how alliances, such as those which presaged The Great War, the war to end all wars, turned Europe’s regional bush fires into global firestorms.

Although you can never have too many friends, NATO, the Five Eyes and Anglo America’s other criminal fraternities are not benign confraternities but confederations designed to normalize not only their plunder and pillage but their boasts that they are tooled up to prevail in the nuclear showdown they are making inevitable to preserve their criminal empire which their God, of course, endorses.

Here we have NATO’s Liz Truss informing us that Bankrupt Britain will rebuild Ukraine after they destroy it and Yale University crackpot Timothy Snyder telling us that “Moscow wants a global famine.” Snyder’s problem, as Jean Solchany‘s extensive piece makes plain, is Snyder, though linguistically gifted, is neither a historian nor a theoretician. Snyder’s thesis, as promulgated in his populist screeds, is that he sees Europe’s recent history being wedged “between Hitler and Stalin”, as if those two historical figures were Bloodlands’ alpha and omega, bookends to anchor all of Europe’s countless convoluted variables in his childish calculus.

Snyder’s strength, if such it is, is he posits a framework beneficial to NATO that allows all of Europe’s ills to be laid at the feet of the Third Reich which has long been a spent force and especially of Russia, which is NATO’s preferred prey. But, as any worthwhile survey of Europe’s bloody wars would indicate, there are infinitely more factors at work, just as there were with the rise and spread of National Socialism and NATO’s other vile precursors.

Snyder’s simplistic ying and yang sandwich view of history is of help only in allowing NATO’s media scribes write their self serving guff and simpletons like Liz Truss, to whom we shortly turn, preach war in the guise of NATO’s Orwellian peace. Snyder comes across as a Truss like simpleton by turning Putin into a James Bond villain “out to destroy the Ukrainian state, by cutting off its exports”, as part of “Putin’s hunger plan … to generate refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, areas usually fed by Ukraine ..[to] generate instability in the EU. [as a prelude to] a world famine [as] a necessary backdrop for a Russian propaganda campaign.. [which] will blame Ukraine.” Tell that to the companies now losing $250bn of sales to Russia to satisfy Snyder’s paymasters.

Although Snyder is a revered Ivy League professor, that James Bond nonsense relegates him to the level of a NATO funded moron, no different from Truss or any other bottom feeder.

Media Mules

Although many previous articles here have grappled with NATO’s media machine, few of them match this Jonathan Cooke gem which outlines how NATO’s media, which accounts for a staggering one third of the CIA’s entire budget, more than the combined budgets of the world’s three largest news agencies, is so intimately intertwined with NATO’s intelligence services.

Although we can discount puff pieces like this BBC tripe that Ukrainian soldiers simultaneously fight Russians and conduct online university level classes on tourism, this kind of BBC swill opens the door for British Hibernophobe Liz Truss to peddle her tripe. Although Truss has repeatedly displayed her rank ignorance to Sergey Lavrov, and a smörgåsbord of British MPs, the bigger question is why British buffoons like Truss should be given a hearing when Saudi Arabia and China find them objects of undisguised ridicule.

Gone, it seems, are the days when Anglo America’s finest were lions led by donkeys and in are the days of them being led by pampered jackasses, all of whom seem to be as arrogantly empty headed as Truss.

Here, at 1:31:00 in this John Pilger video on NATO’s East Timorese genocide is British Defense Secretary Alan Clark explaining that cats, dogs and hamsters are better objects of our charity than are the East Timorese the British and Australians helped slaughter in their hundreds of thousands. If you wonder why the Johnson junta put more effort into saving Kabul’s cats, dogs and hamsters than in saving innocent Afghan children, remember their priorities in East Timor, think of Donbas’ Alley of Angels and weep.

Blockades, Logistics & Supply Chains

Liz Truss now informs us that she intends to bequeath the loot she steals from Russia to Zelensky’s robber barons. Germany, not to be left behind as it almost was in Europe’s Rape of Africa, has helped herself to three liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers that are the property of Russian energy major Gazprom. Turkey has pocketed a Russian cargo ship carrying grain because Ukraine’s robber barons asked her to do so. America is currently robbing Syria’s oil and wheat, Greece, thinking Uncle Sam had her back, felt emboldened to steal a tanker of Iranian oil, and Israel feels emboldened to steal from all her neighbors, when she is not bombing them.

Because all of this presents Russia with a looming accounting problem Truss obviously can’t comprehend, let’s keep it simple for this chartered accountant by first reminding her that France is still trying to recoup monies lost in Russia as a result of the 1917 Revolution.

So, let’s assume, for exemplary purposes, the net present value of all public and private Russian losses, over $400 bn at last count, from NATO’s punitive sanctions is $100. Let Russia deduct from that, in addition to the cost of Russia’s military contingencies, all NATO claims on Russia. Thus, if McDonald’s option to re-enter the Russian market is worth $1.50, that leaves $98.50 to be accounted for. If Japan’s oil investments are worth $5 (before fees for disruption are added), that would leave $93.50 to be accounted for. If $1 is subtracted over Diageo sabotaging the Smirnoff vodka brand, that leaves $92.50 compounding at market rates to be repaid in gold, rubles or some other acceptable currency, with Russia’s debtors re-imbursing Russia’s creditors. As regards all $400 bn+ Russian public and private assets and reserves seized overseas (say $15), any outstanding overseas Russian debt (say $8) would be subtracted from them and the $7 balance, suitably compounded, added to the amount NATO already owes. In short, leave it to Russia’s creditors to re-imburse Russia’s debtors and let Russia free to recoup the balance however she sees fit.

Although that is a gross over simplification of Russia’s (and NATO’s) accounting problem, the objective of this exercise would be to come up with a $1 trillion+ ballpark figure NATO and its allies owe Russia (Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Yemen) and for that figure, suitably compounded, to form the basis of future repayments and final settlement through arbitration or war.

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

If Germany could manage to cough up the Ruhr after Versailles, then paying back Russia for its current transgressions is possible, even though Germany’s trade surplus is now kaput and Deutschland racked up an impressive €1bn deficit in May, its first deficit since 1991 and all because it refuses to use the Russian raw materials she depends on to stay competitive. Though that is good news for NATO lapdog von der Leyen, it is bad news for responsible Germans as their future is bleak and that is even before their overdue compensation for their vandalism of the Nordstream pipeline and the tankers they stole is factored into our spreadsheet.

China’s Rubicons

And then, to further compound NATO’s debit, there is China, which NATO boffins still regard as the proverbial paper tiger they thought it was when Chinese troops swarmed over the Yalu River on 19 October, 1950. The Americans, the British, the Australians, Kiwis and the rest of the usual suspects were kicked from the Chinese border all the way back past the 38th Parallel and, in the case of the UNMC, as far back as Okinawa in American occupied Japan.

Though the Korean War is often referred to as The Forgotten War, the Chinese and Koreans remember it for very good reasons, not the least of which is that the USAF bombed North Korea right back to the Stone Age to coin arch war criminal Curtis LeMay’s infamous words. With regard to China, The Battle at Lake Changjin is the most expensive film China ever produced. Costing $200 million to make, it has raked in close to $1 billion so far, making it the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time and providing a healthy profit for its sponsor, the Chinese Communist Party, which also fronted the finance for its sequel, The Battle at Lake Changjin II.

Although the BBC, CNN, the New York Times, the Daily Telegraph and similar NATO outlets rubbished the movie for not following NATO’s Forgotten War narrative, that is to miss the important point that Western cinema goers were not its primary target. For all its artistic faults, The Battle at Lake Changjin tells a younger generation of Chinese citizens that China’s hand was forced in Korea because MacArthur thought China’s diplomatic overtures could be ignored, like they were the pleadings of a beggar. The Korean War showed that China, if given no other choice, will cross not only the Yalu but all its other Rubicons as well.

Following the dispatch of Vietnamese peace keeping forces to Cambodia, Chinese forces crossed the Vietnamese border where Vietnam’s battle hardened troops, led again by the legendary General Võ Nguyên Giáp, once again acquitted themselves with distinction and proved to the Chinese that they should not unnecessarily complicate matters in South East Asia.

Prior to the Covid saga, China and the world witnessed the National Endowment for Democracy‘s NGO thugs foment unrest in Hong Kong, hospitalizing Chinese citizens and even immolating some of them, all in the name of some nebulous Anglo American post-imperialist democracy. The Chinese security forces held their hand and have established some semblance of law and order there.

And then there is Taiwan, which China labels a renegade province and has repeatedly stated its determination to re-integrate it when the time is right. Cut to the bone, China will go to war over Taiwan if NATO again ineluctably forces its hand. Although I long ago wrote all about this in Japan: The Toothless Tiger NATO, showing it has learned nothing from the Korean War or any other war, is now turning the Taiwanese issue from a slow simmering diplomatic dispute to a hot button nuclear one. China, as the Korean war shows, is up for the challenge because, as with Korea, it sees NATO leaving it with no other option.

Although the United States Seventh Fleet has faced down the Chinese Navy on several occasions in the Taiwan Strait, time and the asymmetric warfare advantages of China’s vast missile systems are all on China’s side. Given how ineffective they are in Israel, NATO’s proposed Theater Missile Defense systems cannot indefinitely protect Taiwan and America’s other East Asian colonies of Japan and South Korea from a determined Chinese attack. As South Korea cannot be defended under any contingency, one would imagine that diplomacy would trump war but that would be to misjudge NATO’s gamblers for rational players, who weigh the odds.

As an amphibious Chinese assault on Taiwan would have to be at least as big as the D-day Normandy landings but infinitely more difficult in execution, one must ask what are NATO’s true intentions regarding Taiwan. The only explanation is that NATO’s reckless gamblers are betting on themselves emerging as the ultimate winner in its planned lop sided economic showdown with its Chinese and Russian targets, assuming, of course, Russia but especially China play along.

WEF WWF Silence

Although German manufacturers have made some muffled complaints about how their country is being destroyed to serve NATO’s Ukrainian interests, the World Economic Forum has been uncharacteristically quiet. That august body, which has so much to say on everything imaginable, has nothing to say on Ukraine, Taiwan or any of the other kindling NATO is using to set the world ablaze. Even the World Wildlife Fund, that darling of NATO’s Royal families, seems unconcerned at the ecological carnage Ukraine is experiencing. It is almost as if NATO sees no worthwhile angle for them to spin and Europe’s Royal families have been ordered to put a sock in it.

Rubber Hits the Road

God does not play dice and neither do the leaders of Russia and China. Though the Anglo Americans have gambled their empty IOUs on bringing China and Russia to heel now and forever, that cannot happen as the Indian sub continent and Latin America will not choose starvation and permanent servitude over peaceful co existence with Russia and China. Because the NATO empire has gambled and lost, she stands to sink into historical oblivion as countless empires from the Aztecs, Hittites and Sumerians up to Hitler’s 1000 year Reich have before them. They should have the grace to cash in their chips, pay their gambling debts, take themselves, their weapons of war, their NGOs, trash media and dreams of conquest with them and bow out from the world stage as gracefully as those buffoons can manage. NATO is a beaten docket, whose race has run and whose chips have all been lost. No more Casino Royale for Biden’s mafia except, that is, in cheap as chips Chinese parodies.

Source: Strategic Culture