SC Editorial: So NATO Wants to Defeat Russia But Doesn’t Want a Full-Scale War

Elite Western rulers and their flunkies are fueling a war against Russia that is endangering the entire planet.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg this week revealed the cynical criminality of the U.S.-led military axis. Sounding virtuous, the NATO bloc inadvertently admitted it is deliberately endangering world peace.

Speaking in his native Norway, the NATO secretary-general said the military alliance was committed to supporting the Kiev regime in order to defeat Russia. Stoltenberg also said the U.S.-led bloc wanted to prevent a full-scale war from erupting. This is delusional doublethink. By pumping Ukraine with weapons, NATO is escalating the war in Ukraine and ensuring that the conflict spirals out of control into a full-scale war between nuclear powers.

Just this week, the United States announced a further $550 million in military aid to the Kiev regime. This brings the total military support from the Biden administration so far to nearly $9 billion. In addition to the U.S., other NATO states have also funneled more and more advanced weapons to the Kiev regime. As Stoltenberg openly admits the objective is to defeat Russia. Politics and diplomacy are dead letters. This is war.

The United States and Britain, in particular, are directing the firepower by the Ukrainian forces against Russian troops and Russian civilians in the Donbass region. In a sinister echo of history, Germany is taking a leading role in supplying Ukraine’s Nazi militia with offensive artillery systems. The proxy war against Russia is increasingly emerging as a direct confrontation between the U.S.-led NATO axis and the Russian Federation.

Stoltenberg laments that the conflict in Ukraine is the most dangerous situation in Europe since World War II. Western leaders blame Russia for invading Ukraine and the ensuing global insecurity. Their purported lament is cynical and rife with deception. The U.S.-led axis created the tinderbox from the coup d’état in Kiev in 2014 when they ushered into power a rabid anti-Russian fascist regime. The transatlantic alliance has built up a war machine in Ukraine over the past eight years for the purpose of destabilizing Russia. The invasion of Ukraine in February by Russia was the culmination of duress, a move necessitated by the increasingly threatening regime on Russia’s border.

Doublethink, delusion and deception are the hallmarks of statements by Washington and its NATO mouthpieces like Stoltenberg. This is patently evident regarding other developments.

This week the world came to the brink of war between the U.S. and China over Taiwan. Washington and European allies condemn China for over-reacting to a visit to the Chinese territory by senior U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi. The U.S. pretends that the visit was “normal” and not a provocation. Yet Washington has relentlessly infringed China’s sovereignty by arming Taiwan with missiles and other advanced weaponry. Then when China responds to the growing threat on its doorstep, the U.S. and Western media decry China’s “saber-rattling”.

The United States and its NATO minions are desperately goading Russia and China into confrontation. Ukraine and Taiwan are but two battlefields in a wider geopolitical war for U.S. global dominance. The American de facto empire is predicated on maintaining militarism and war-like tensions. The emergence of a multipolar world where the U.S. is no longer the presumed supreme power is anathema to Washington and its NATO lackeys. The waning of U.S. imperial power in line with its failing capitalist economy is the driver for the rise in reckless militarism towards Russia and China.

The so-called “rules-based order” is but a euphemism for U.S. imperial hegemony. Cutting Russia out of Europe and its energy trade with the continent is part of that geopolitical game. Controlling China as if it were a colony as in the days of the Opium Wars is another part of that dirty game. Dominance over Eurasia is the objective as Western imperial planners have long sought. The route to that grand objective is through conflict and conquest. Conquest is not going to happen because Russia and China are much too powerful to roll over as desired by U.S.-led Western imperialism. Nevertheless, conflict is happening because the U.S. imperial power knows no other way of being.

Jens Stoltenberg, who is soon to take up a new lucrative job as head of Norway’s central bank, is a non-entity of a person. But his admission this week is significant to the criminality of the U.S.-led axis. Defeating Russia in Ukraine is a reckless criminal agenda that is part of a wider global power play involving China as well.

Flooding Ukraine with ever-more offensive weapons ensures that the rabid Kiev regime keeps waging war and avoids any kind of political settlement with Moscow. Because, as Stoltenberg says, it’s all about subjugating Russia. Elite Western rulers and their flunkies are fueling a war against Russia that is endangering the entire planet. Yet these criminals in high office have the audacity to tell the world they are trying to prevent a full-scale war.

Source: Strategic Culture