The Deep State War Against Trump Is a War Against the World, by Robert Bridge

Trump is merely a messenger attempting to wake us to an evil that threatens to destroy everything good and decent in the world, Robert Bridge writes.

Let’s begin this brief foray into futility by putting aside our tortured feelings over Donald Trump and admitting one thing: the FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago proves that the establishment has the power to crush with impunity any person – even former/future presidents – who threatens the globalist agenda. This has implications not just for Americans, but for every person on this unholy planet.

Facing the grim prospect of imminent defeat in the upcoming midterm elections, the cunning Democrats are doing what they do best, which is, first, to cheat like hell. Second, to unleash all the tools of oppression at their disposal against their political enemies, namely Donald Trump, the DC outsider who once promised to ‘drain the swamp.’

Florida Governor summed up the latest crackdown against conservatives as yet another example of “the Regime weaponizing federal agencies” to its political advantage, which could very well become permanent barring a second Battle of Gettysburg. Yet, it would be a mistake to think that those “political opponents” are only those of a homegrown American variety. The Cabal’s war is undeniably international; and more on that in a moment.

To put things into their proper perspective, how is it possible that Joe’s prodigal son Hunter and his lurid laptop, which purportedly houses every illicit activity imaginable – from sex with minors, to drug use, to the blackmail of foreign leaders, possibly with the blessing of the ‘Big Guy’ himself, escaped a visit by a SWAT team? And what about Hillary and those 33,000 missing emails, sent on her home computer? Where were the black helicopters to swoop down on the Clinton Foundation, the White House or Hunter’s personal crack house? Missing in action, as usual, and that’s no accident.

Such double standards at the highest levels of government can only be explained one way: the Democrats have acquired absolute control of the United States, lock, stock and barrel. Every institution, with the exception of the National Rifle Association and the 700 Club, now fall under the insidious sway of liberal ideology. How such a shocking thing came to pass in God’s Country is another question, but the reality remains: a battle is currently raging – call it a bloodless civil war – between the red-blooded American people, armed with nothing more than the Constitution and 6 million firearms, and ‘The Godforsaken System.’ Thus far, thanks to the power of censorship, deception and outright criminality, which defines the modus operandi of the Deep State, the latter is winning hands down.

And here is where “the world” comes into play. You see, these power-crazed liberals, in case anyone has failed to notice, are not content to keep their weird idiosyncrasies locked away in their bedroom closets like other respectable folks. Hell no. These twisted degenerates feel the need to tell everyone about their sexual preferences, pronouns and disgust for masculine men. They don’t even have the decency to spare school kids from the untested messaging, as though Johny and Mary have nothing better to think about at the age of five than if they were born into the correct bodies. In fact, school libraries now contain, thanks to Soros-appointed liberal judges, titles that leave little to children’s impressionable minds (take a peek between the covers of ‘Lawn Boy’ and ‘Gender Queer’ if boys performing fellatio on grown men is your thing), devoted to the endless joys of pedophilia where history books once proudly stood.

Meanwhile, fully indoctrinated parents, the wide-eyed freaky types who find it necessary to hype their mental diseases over TikTok, are leading their kids straight into the belly of Babylon, actually letting Drag Queens instruct their young ones how to stick dollar bills into their jock straps and Lord knows where else.

At this point, a question naturally rises to the surface of this poisoned river: why? Why will these psychopaths not rest easy until every single child and adult signs up to transgenderism, critical race theory, and the white-man-is-the-bane-of-earth shtick? And why is it necessary for this sheer madness to go global? Biological men are already competing alongside the ladies at the Olympic Games. What next? Perhaps these psychopaths are still sane enough to understand that unless they (i.e. the normal countries) also succumb to the disease of liberalism, they will eventually wage a counter-offensive against these demonic ideas, as is now happening in conservative strongholds like Russia, for example, where anti-LGBTQ laws are on the books and Orthodox churches are being hastily constructed across its 11 time zones. If there is anything that could makes a liberal lose their last marble, aside from listening to a Trump stump speech, it’s a country that is firmly grounded in biblical teachings.

Now for the $50 billion dollar question: Who is responsible for spreading this filth around the world? Some people will be quick to answer ‘the vapid liberal politicians’ that now hold sway over much of the brain-dead and godless Western hemisphere. That’s only half of the answer, and probably much less. The reason I say this is because the maggots have penetrated so deep into the foundation – not just in politics, but in the world of business, academia, media and law enforcement — that some other force must be at play.

The answer can be found in those fraternal organizations, popularly known as ‘secret societies,’ that are completely unbound from the tedious formalities of democratic procedure. Nothing else can explain the ideology spreading so rapidly throughout every branch of Western society. It seems that word has gone out at international lodges, which would include not only the well-known members-only clubs, like Davos and the Council on Foreign Relations, but the lesser talked about but no less influential ones, like Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones and the Freemasons. Here, dear reader, is the very blood of the ‘deep state,’ the grease that keeps the many parts of the assemblage grinding inexorably forward on its iron track.

Now, to the distant reader muttering ‘conspiracy theorist,’ it’s important to remember that these secret societies play a powerful role in Western society. They are the puppet masters who write the scripts that our leaders feel very compelled to follow — or else. And that is why the powers-that-be are doing everything in their power, which is truly awesome indeed, to ensure that Trump’s political career is crushed once and for all – they will not allow anyone to offset their diabolical plans, which are in the final stages of fruition.

  • Below is a video put out last year by the U.S. Army celebrating the new progressive ideology that now dominates not just the military ranks, but the whole country. The message, it would appear, has been endorsed by the abovementioned secret societies, as evident by the All-seeing eye that is visible inside of the pyramid – a symbol that appears on the back of the world’s most popular note, the U.S. one-dollar bill. It is displayed for a split second on the soldier’s face at precisely the 6-second

The people who dominate these shadowy organizations have one objective in common, which is to destroy Christianity and the nuclear family, thus leaving the world wide open to the seduction of their Satanic ideas, most of which are based on the empty promises found in science and technology that is now leading humanity blindly to digital-powered Fourth Industrial Revolution, which hopes to turn men into automatons, slaves.

Wake up, people. Donald Trump is not the enemy. He is merely a lowly messenger, one of many mortals that have come and gone through the years – JFK was another – attempting to wake us to an evil that threatens to destroy everything good and decent in the world. Forever.

Source: Strategic Culture