The Great Reset Phase 2, ‘The Hunger Games,’ by Eamon McKinney

It is the collapsing financial system and the attendant inflation that is the main cause of what is rapidly becoming a global crisis.

Does it seem like you are living in a science fiction movie you saw when you were younger? The world today appears to a collection of clips from that genre that foretold a dystopian and dark future for humanity. Collapsed economies, food riots, brutal militarised police, total surveillance, and relentless, increasingly absurd propaganda. No longer a future scenario, this is happening now in more than 100 countries across the world. As more than 90 nations are now perilously close to defaulting on their debts, we can expect that these protests will spread and intensify. The tragic situation in Sri Lanka is a portent of what is to come. Food and energy shortages are further damaging economies that were already devastated by the Covid scam. In truth there is no real shortage of either food or energy. It is the collapsing financial system and the attendant inflation that is the main cause of what is rapidly becoming a global crisis. Many causes and culprits will be blamed for what is coming, but it needs to be recognised that all of these problems can be traced back to one source. And, none of this is accidental, it is another move in the Globalists’ plan for the “Great Reset”. If Covid was phase one, Food is phase two.

The Great Reset requires the destruction of economies and societies as we know them. To the Globalists it is all about maintaining control following the inevitable and probably imminent collapse of the neo-liberal financial system. Starving the world’s population into submission appears to be an obvious part of that plan. This is a future in which those not killed off by Covid, will be eating bugs. What would have been considered a wild conspiracy theory just a few months ago is now hard to deny. Fires at more than 100 food processing plants in America, baby food shortages, and deliberate refusal to restart America’s own abundant domestic energy resources are indications of the deliberate nature of this plan. Biden’s first action upon election was to shut down the oil pipeline from Canada. Without affordable energy there is no fertiliser, without fertiliser there is no farming. American farmers have felt themselves to under pressure to not farm ever since Biden took office. Daily it appears that the government is enacting new measures to further exacerbate the problem. California for example has enacted a new law that prevents independent truckers from accessing California ports. Independents make up the majority of the truckers and this will only serve to create more supply chain chaos as was witnessed at the L.A. ports last year. The chaos endured for months and was the cause of a further destruction of thousands of smaller businesses who couldn’t get stock. Incompetence alone cannot explain this.

As with most on the Globalists’ agenda this was years in the making. The Rockefeller Foundation is strong supporters of the WEF, (if they weren’t, it wouldn’t exist) The foundation has been writing about “re-setting the plate” since 2020. This is what it meant. Complete control of the food supply by the major agricultural multi-nationals. Frontman Bill Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in America, and rapidly buying up more. He is invested in baby milk, and there is a shortage of baby milk, he is in invested in farmland, and there is a shortage of food, he is invested in vaccines and there is a pandemic and more pandemics promised to follow. See a pattern here?

Rockefeller puppet and longtime Globalist shill Henry Kissenger said more than 30 years ago: “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” The Globalists no longer control the global monetary system, alternative systems driven by China and Russia have stripped them of that monopoly. They no longer control the world’s energy, as recently proven by Russia and Saudi Arabia. All they have left is food with which to control populations.

All have seen the farmers’ protest in the Netherlands against the government’s proposed land grab under the pretence of cutting nitrogen fertilisers. The Dutch agricultural sector is primarily composed of small multigenerational farming families. They will not comply, their protest has been joined by farmers from around the world who are facing the same threats. This pretence of eliminating chemical fertilisers is part of the UN 2030 plan, and the Great Reset. Any notion that it could produce outputs at sustainable levels has been shattered by the results in Sri Lanka and Ghana. Both were pressured to eliminate chemical fertilisers in return for inducements, which they did. Now those once productive agricultural sectors have been devastated, forcing these once self-sufficient nations to import foodstuffs with foreign currency they no longer have. There is no immediate solution to this, famine and further social unrest will inevitably follow.

The Globalists prefer to move slowly, implementing their plans incrementally so that they may pass unnoticed by the masses. However, time is not on their side, winter will soon arrive in Europe and the full effects of the absurd and self-destructive Russian oil and gas embargo will be felt. The Western world cannot replace the needed oil and gas that it once got affordably from Russia. Beyond just agriculture, homes will go unheated, industry will be forced to shut down and inflation will make the basic necessities of life unaffordable for the majority of the people. The Globalists will very soon feel the full wrath of the “Useless eaters” they would like to eliminate.

Prior to the current farmers’ protests many were unaware of the WEF or the realities of the proposed “Green New Deal” outlined in UN Agenda 2030. This imperialist fantasy is being understood now by rapidly increasing numbers of people and outside of a handful of uniformed climate alarmists and ideologues, no one is going along with it. The Globalists have seriously overplayed their hand and underestimated the power and common sense of the “useless eaters”. The world as we know it will look very different in the years to come, but that future will not be decided by the Globalists. The determining factor will be how quickly the masses raise up and recognise the common enemy, Russia is not the enemy of the European people, nor is China, the common enemy of mankind is to be found much closer to home, in Davos, Brussels and Washington. Once enough people realise this, the world will be a better place.

The Globalists are not to be feared. Their actions are ridiculous and every time they speak they further expose themselves. That they thought that they could force the Great Reset on the world shows how detached from reality they are. The arrogance displayed from Klaus Schwab and the WEF in explaining to us what the future they have decided on looks like, will usher in their downfall. They are losing and their agenda is failing, if it wasn’t they would have won already. And, for the Globalists who seem to be taking their ideas from Sci-fi movies, In the Hunger Games, the people win, and the elites have nowhere left to hide.

Source: Strategic Culture