The Left Have Only Themselves to Blame About Backfiring Russian Sanctions, by Martin Jay

The Left in the UK and the U.S. has never been in a more pathetic state politically. And yet, it still controls some bastions of influence over the common beliefs which media perpetuate and which are often taken at face value. Recently U.S. president Joe Biden visited the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman to beg for oil production to be raised considerably from the Saudi oilfields so that Biden could reduce the pump price back home and not face what is inevitably going to be a crushing defeat at the polls when the midterm elections happen in November. Biden’s popularity with the American people is already at a dangerously low level and even if he ignores the White House doctor’s predictions that his own health is in such a poor state that he won’t even finish his own second term as President, Biden will de be destroyed by the midterms which will be a signal that there needs to be a new candidate to take him on for president from the Democrats side. According to some press reports, already Hillary Clinton is said to want to run again against Trump, if we can believe what we are being presented as credible journalism.

In the Middle East Biden showed not only America but the whole world that the U.S. has lost its dominance across the globe and especially in the Middle East where it is now no longer the big daddy security guarantor but merely a customer who needs oil at the right price. Biden’s two years dithering on the foreign policy circuit secured that, especially when it kicked off with a statement announcing that he would make Saudi Arabia a pariah state for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and that he wouldn’t ever sit with its crown prince MbS. It wasn’t just that he looked a fool in Saudi Arabia where he fist-bumped the crown prince, it was that he was making history as the first U.S. president in history to be taken so unseriously that his mere presence drives the Saudis and other GCC leaders into the arms of both the Russians and the Chinese. Even the Saudi foreign minister said as much in a CNN interview and so what we are witnessing is a new dawn altogether and the demise of U.S. hegemony perhaps started during Trump’s period where he pulled out of the JCPOA deal with Iran – which the Saudis now accept was a huge mistake – and more recently accelerated by the war in Ukraine, which many could argue was started by Biden in 2014 when he orchestrated what could be called a coup d’etat to remove the Russian premiere in Ukraine at the time.

The role of the West and how it wants to topple Putin makes GCC leaders nervous and puts them in an awkward spot. The response from the Saudis is absolutely amazing. Its foreign minster said that what he requires from the Biden administration is help in offering “incentives” to Iran to enter into an agreement which not only secures peace but also makes Iran and KSA trading partners. The fact that they ask for that the day after Biden was in Israel banging on the war drum to keep the Israelis happy, who needed assurances that the U.S. would take military action against Iran in the event of Tehran developing nuclear weapons, is telling. The Saudis have moved on from the somewhat delusional idea that the west can strike Iran and win such a campaign there when many can still remember the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan against the Taliban. Hitting Iran is a fantasy which only the Israelis indulge themselves with as Biden looked uncomfortable being interviewed by a journalist from an Israeli network when pushed over the “strike” idea.

But there’s no harm in clinging on to dreams and fantasies. How else to describe a recent article penned by a Guardian journalist or “commentator” Simon Tisdall who – wait for it – has the solution to resolving the conflict in Ukraine. And he thought of it all by himself. Yes, the armchair foreign security buff who couldn’t take any kind of criticism on Twitter without bursting into tears – so he closed his account – has come up with a gem. He believes the solution is to put Putin in line and – ho-ho-ho – pull off a nuclear strike against Russia. Incredibly, the Guardian newspaper allowed the assistant editor to write such self-indulgent, masturbatory drivel as an opinion piece recently which leads readers to believe that this must be the official line from the UK’s foreign intelligence service, which directs much of the content on the foreign pages of the UK broadsheet of late which we saw with the hilarious made up chronicles of Luke Harding and his own fantasies of visiting the Australian publisher Julian Assange when he was living in the Ecuadorian embassy.

“The idea the Ukraine conflict could be confined to Ukraine – Nato’s politically convenient grand delusion – and that western sanctions and arms supplies would stop the Russians was always a nonsense” thunders the odious columnist who is not burdened by accuracy nor facts.

“Now, enraged by Kyiv’s stubborn resistance and hell-bent on punishing his punishers, Putin’s aim is the immiseration of Europe”.

Is it? Who says so? Where is the evidence? Well, it’s the Left’s own broadsheet which in reality wields more power than the UK Labour party itself as it has this special relationship with the spooks and is happy to stenograph their own ideas into print. Assertions don’t need backing up. Just go with Simon’s latest wet dream and he’ll certainly be happy.

In the real world, someone needs to write to the editor and point out that writing such excremental garbage is actually dangerous, quite apart from indulgent and should be discouraged. Or perhaps the piece in question was what some editors like to call “light”. Were we meant to take this ejaculation of Tisdall’s seriously or was it more of a comedy piece? There’s a clue further down.

“Intent on inflicting maximum disruption, Putin openly menaces the heartlands of European democracy”, he shrieks. “The writing is on the wall and may no longer be ignored. Enough of the half-measures and the dithering! Nato should act now to force Putin’s marauding troops back inside Russia’s recognised borders”.


Source: Strategic Culture