Tony Blair’s Response to a Multi-Polar World Should Surprise Nobody, by Robert Bridge

Western leaders would sooner drag down the entire planet than surrender their fever dream of a one-world political system.

The British butcher of Iraq, speaking on the demise of a Western-led one world order, is advocating for yet more stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction to even the score.

It is clear that Western leaders would sooner drag down the entire planet than surrender their fever dream of a one-world political system governed by the unchallenged authority of a single ruler.

“We are coming to the end of Western political and economic dominance,” the former British prime minister admitted in his annual lecture at the Ditchley Foundation. “The world is going to be at least bi-polar and possibly multi-polar.”


While most of the free world would view such a turn of events as cause for celebration, where, just like in a true democracy, a diversity of views and opinions guide the planet’s future trajectory, Blair begged to differ, arguing on behalf of naked power as the ultimate arbitrator.

“It is the first time in modern history that the East can be on equal terms with the West when… Russian and Chinese leadership cannot be expected to “behave in the way we would consider rational.”

Given Blair’s proven track record on being ‘rational,’ it would be fair to say that Moscow and Beijing are on the right path. It was the rational British prime minister, after all, in cahoots with the Bush administration, which unleashed hell on the people of Iraq in 2003, displacing, injuring and murdering untold millions in the most wanton act of unprovoked aggression in recent memory.


In 2011, a NATO-led coalition initiated a massive seven-month aerial campaign against Libya, which at the time was the most technically advanced country on the African continent. An investigation into the U.S.-led offensive demonstrated that Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi was never planning to massacre civilians, which was the humanitarian excuse for the Western intervention, and that reports to the contrary were “propagated by rebels and Western governments.”

In fact, it is now believed that the real reason for NATO’s Libyan intervention, which saw Gaddafi executed on the street by a lynch mob and his country turned into a terrorist state, was that Tripoli planned to introduce a gold dinar for oil trades.

With these Western crimes against humanity in mind, Russian President Vladimir Putin spelled out in no uncertain terms what the monolithic liberal world order – rampant with the most degenerate and inhumane practices – now represents and why it can no longer be tolerated.

“The West, which once declared such principles of democracy as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for dissenting opinions, has…degenerated into the opposite: totalitarian. This includes censorship, media bans, and the arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures,” the Russian leader said.

Instead of Western leaders preaching on behalf of democratic principles, they have opted for a tyrannical one-world order where any and all dissenters are simply eradicated. This sort of thinking, borne out of the cancel culture laboratory where differing viewpoints are forbidden, is leading the world to the brink of destruction.

Instead of embracing a multi-polar world, where national cultures and traditions are allowed to flourish, the world is heading towards a homogenous Orwellian hellscape where denizens will be forced to live out their lives under the watchful eye of an all-encompassing surveillance state that is accountable only to hegemon.

This military-industrial state will survive simply to “maintain military superiority,” according to Blair, at the very same time that “living standards are stagnating” across the Western hemisphere.

It didn’t have to be this way. Over the course of about half a century, countries like Russia and China have demonstrated a policy of non-interference in the affairs of foreign states. At the same time, U.S.-led NATO has been expanding eastward into the European and Asian heartland numerically and territorially. Instead of accepting the errors of its ways, embracing the promise of a diverse global community founded on democracy, the West has failed the world and its people. The only outcome to such a scenario is more human suffering, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Source: Strategic Culture