Who Rules Europe? by Declan Hayes

The European Union and the euro must be unwound and Germany and France must again plough their own furrows, Declan Hayes writes.

Though explaining who really rules Europe begins with the Peloponnesian wars and carries on through our more recent Napoleonic wars, it only ends when the governance issues Pericles and Plato first raised are finally resolved. As Donald Kagan reminds us that Pericles believed he and his fellow Athenians should “decide public questions ourselves, or at least come to a sound understanding of them,” his Spartan squabbles are an excellent place to begin our analysis of Europe’s current decline, not least because Pericles and his Peloponnesian wars form the intellectual underpinnings of Europe’s real rulers, such vile Americans as Dick Cheney, Victoria Nuland, Robert Kagan, and his father, the aforementioned Donald, the noted scholar on Pericles’ wars.

These pretentious thugs see Europe’s current dilemma as the same matrix Pericles faced. They want us to have no clear understanding of who we the people (demos) are or where the power (cratos) to rule us lies. Our European nations must not be sovereign, independent actors or form autonomous alliances. When, like the Irish, we vote against Europe’s (sic) interests, we are forced to vote again and again until we vote the right way, their way. Whether we are looking at Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany or Italy, we the people must have no meaningful input into the power matrix, their power matrix.

Power, it seems, is ever above and beyond us. It must rest with others, with the European Commission, the European Council, the Troika, the European Central Bank or some other lot who get to dine with the G7 or World Economic Forum’s crews who, their media mouth pieces assure us, know best.

Because we have no control over these rulers, we cannot hold them to account by penalizing them or swapping them for “the other lot,” a process only meaningful where there are fundamental differences between that lot and the other lot and when the media allow the proper articulation of contrary views and public opinion, what the informed and enlightened masses think of issues.

But there is the rub. We, the masses, irrespective of how informed or enlightened we may be, have no meaningful say. Napoleon’s remedy of giving us a whiff of grapeshot has reemerged in the Netherlands, France and Canada where those nations’ plastic Napoleons face revolts that also simmer beneath the surface in the other satrapies that form the EU zombie.

Flawed as he was Napoleon was, at day’s end, a leader, a Spartan artillery officer, who infused his Grande Armée with the most astounding esprit de corps. Napoleon’s mere presence on the battlefield was, according to Wellington, worth 40,000 men and his march on Paris during the Hundred Days is but one instance of what a force of nature Napoleon was; that Carl von Clausewitz invented modern military theory on the back of Napoleon’s campaigns is another.

Great as Napoleon was, Pericles was no slouch either. He not only kept the Athenian alliance in line but he kept his home front happy by honoring Greece’s gods and not getting carried away by his own rhetoric, rhetoric being the mass media of the Athenian square.

If you want the whole nine yards on Pericles’ intrigues, then Donald Kagan is your man. And, if you want to see how a perfunctory understanding of ancient Greece or Napoleon’s Europe has screwed up our modern world, then Robert Kagan, Donald’s pompous sprog,  Victoria Nuland (Robert’s wife), their pal, the draft dodging Dick Cheney and the rest of their contemptible collaborators should be your first port of call.

Today’s world would be a much better place had Robert Kagan never left Athens, the city of his birth but whiled his life away writing odes to Grecian urns, and admiring ancient Athenian busts and buildings. Instead, he rocked up to America, wormed his way into power and spent the last 20 and more years writing screeds on why Russia, China and a litany of other countries must be destroyed “to promote liberal politics around the globe”.

Victoria Fuck the EU Nuland, Robert’s better half, has not only been the driving force promoting those liberal politics in Ukraine but she has been recorded actually hand picking the Ukrainian junta, Zelensky and his Russian speaking compatriots obviously not being up to the job themselves.

And, if we ask, cui bono, who benefits from the effluent Kagan’s clan spread, Dick Cheney’s quasi criminal Halliburton enterprise supplies the answer. And bully for their American dream we should say and it is a pity they no longer have Jimmy Cagney, John Wayne or even Yankee Doodle Dandy Rambo to showcase their latest crimes to the world or at least that part of the world, Europe particularly, which supports America’s never ending global plunder.

But this brings us back to the questions of Pericles and Plato as to who is to rule and, though Kagan and Nuland are in no doubt about that, the proximate question is why Europe is so blasé with their own destruction at the hands of these circus charlatans.

Though the answer can be found not only in Pericles and Plato but also in Tolstoy’s War and Peace, where the Tzar’s court consists of parasites and their hosts, of those who contribute and those who leech, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi and the other parasitical midwives of the European Union supply the more proximate answer.

The Marshall Slush Fund, working through Kalergi and other reprobates, kick started the drive for European unity but on America’s terms to ensure that Western Europe would never pose a threat to the Cheneys, the Kagans, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas and those other draft dodging Kalergis raised to rule us, Europe’s human oxen.

But these students of ancient Greece, who put Serbia, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Ukraine to the sword are no tried and tested Napoleonic marshals who earned their epaulets under fire and became, with time, superb leaders of revolutionary France’s men, each of whom famously carried in his knapsack a marshal’s bâton and all of whom were imbued with the true sacre feu, the sacred fire, Sparta’s deep desire to win or perish in the attempt. To these latter day parasites, perishing, in Cheney’s own words, is for others; they, being infinitely more important, have their other, parasitical priorities of consolidating their power and building their undeserved wealth at the expense of us oxen.

This state of affairs can only end by Europe casting off its North American yoke and all, like Kalergi and von der Leyen, who blindly serve it. The European Union and the euro must be unwound and Germany and France must again plough their own furrows. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization must be disbanded, with the U.S. and Canada ordered to stay on their side of the pond, Britain cast adrift and the rest of Western Europe cut free to sort out our own affairs in accordance with our own interests, our own traditions and our own gods, not those of these war mongering American parasites.

On top of all that, creeping Jesuses like Kalergi, von der Leyen and the Kagan crew must be sent out to pasture, if not to prison for their naturals. If Abraham Lincoln’s rhetoric at Gettysburg about government being of the people, by the people, for the people is to mean anything and if Europe is to have a future, then the Kagans, the Nulands, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Cheneys and the Bushes who are all bluster, blarney, bombs, bullets and dirty deals need to be deposed so that Sparta’s sacre feu may glow anew. Although locking up these gangsters and their partners in crime, and metaphorically throwing away the key, are necessary pre-conditions for Europe to be ruled by the people, and for the people, they are not sufficient. Once their power base dissipates, then there is hope that the Satanic mindset their bread and circuses consumerist cult fosters may end and a reinvigorated Europe, free from their cant, may arise to bring light to overcome the darkness they have assiduously sown.

Source: Strategic Culture