Babies in their Beds, by Ray Zwarich

Most of us surely know that in Ukraine the utter defeat of the Jewish-dominated US Empire, which had its sights set on ruling the world, is at hand. Russian troops are steadily encircling Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, into a surrounded ‘cauldron’, and are advancing slowly, cautiously, and steadily all up and down the line.

What might the Elite Tyrants of the US Empire do, to avoid graciously handing over their swords, hilt first?
In West Asia, in Gaza, the monstrous moral depravity of the self-declared “Nation State of the Jewish People”, which is being propped up, of course, by the Jewish-dominated US Empire, just continues to get ever more horrifically monstrous, as the poor crazed nation of Israel seems to think that demonstrating even more utterly monstrous moral depravity is the best response when a desperate world’s only legal bodies, the ICC, and the ICJ, take measures to try to restrain it.
Two excellent presentations were given yesterday on Andrew Napolitano’s ‘Judging Freedom’ Channel, one from Colonel (US Army-retired) Douglas MacGregor, and the other from brilliant retired British diplomat Alastair Crooke. These two people are among the finest and hardest working ‘truth-tellers’ in the Western World right now. These two brilliant men see the current state of Humanity’s existential crisis in much the same way, but from worrisomely different angles.
I watched the one with Mr. Crooke first, as he discussed his concerns over the dangerous threats bombastically belching forth from the sinking-ship US Empire, already fatally ‘holed’ beneath its waterline, to attack the homeland of Russia directly, using its poor suffering proxy, Ukraine, as its launching ground. Sycophant politicians in both Europe and the US, lackeys of the US Empire’s Ruling Elite Powers, are advocating for “allowing Ukraine” to use US Empire-supplied long range missiles to strike deep into Russia. Since the Ukrainian military is currently crumbling into chaos and ruin, even losing its command structure itself, as masses of troops are openly refusing to follow orders, and since no one in this crumbling Ukrainian military is trained to operate the proposed long-range missile systems, “allowing Ukraine” to use these weapons against Mother Russia itself means that US Empire personnel, American and European military personnel, will be targeting and firing these weapons.
Russia knows that, of course. Despite the ongoing and increasingly ridiculous contentions of the US Empire that Russia’s defensive attack on Ukraine, to prevent it from becoming a US Empire launching ground for attacking Russia, ‘everybody knows’ the actual truth, which is that Russia is defending itself against naked US Empire military aggression, and that it now faces exactly what it feared all along, that the US Empire would launch an attack on it from Ukraine. If long-range missile systems are used against Russia, it will be American and European soldiers, which will be called “advisors”, operating them. Russia has warned that it will immediately retaliate, not against Ukraine, but against the US Empire itself.
Our eerily somnambulant population, here in the proverbial ‘belly’ of the Jewish-dominated US Empire Beast, distracted as always by ‘bread and circus’, does not even seem to be paying attention, as holders of high-office in our own government, as well as in Europe, are now openly advocating for the IMMINENT commencement of WW3.
Do we not understand?… Russia has clearly warned, and no one should doubt their deadly SERIOUS intent, (they’re the ones already fighting, bleeding, and dying, after all, while the US and European bloviating politicians are only threatening), that should US Empire weapons be used to strike deep into Russia, attacking the Russian Motherland itself, Russia will immediately respond, not against Ukraine, but against those nations attacking it, against the US and Europe.
WW3 will be full-on raging…
Remember ole Country Joe and the Fish? “And it’s one two three what’re we fightin’ for? Ain’t no time to wonder why.. Whopppee we’re all gonna die!”
Why are ‘we’, check that, why is the US Empire attacking Russia? Why should Russia be ‘our’, check that, why should Russia be the US Empire’s deadly enemy? The answer is, of course very obvious… Russia is the US Empire’s enemy because, like China, (also our ‘enemy’), and like a rapidly growing alliance of nations those two rebel nations are leading, comprising the largest share, by far, of the world’s population, refuses to bow down in fealty to the dictatorial ruling authority of the US Empire. The Jewish-dominated US Empire is determined that it must rule over all Humanity. And it is resolved to attack and kill the people of any nation that refuses to obey its authority.
That is the ONLY reason that Russia is our the US Empire’s enemy. The Russian people are NOT enemies of the American people.
We are living, boys and girls, in a nation whose Jewish-dominated tyrant-leaders have captured our own nation under their iron-fisted control, and have openly and imperiously declared that THEY must ‘rule the world’.
That is ‘the truth’… That is the “ineluctable reality” (apologies to James Joyce) that we are unwilling, or perhaps just as yet ‘unable’, to face. We are living in the belly of an exceedingly EVIL Empire, which has OPENLY declared, (Wolfowitz Doctrine…. and/or Full Spectrum Dominance… anyone?), that its Super-Wealthy Jewish-dominated ‘Elite Commanders’, its Ruling Tyrants, which have already captured the US itself under their iron-fist control, must sit on their gilded thrones, built atop the mountains of gold they have stolen from the American people, to rule over all Humanity.
THAT, ladies and gentlemen, IS the TRUTH!…  It just IS!.. Look the ‘ef’ around you!… Our nation has very obviously been captured under these evil people’s control. They are VERY rapidly becoming ever more ‘totalitarian’ in exerting their power over us. These SAME exceedingly evil people are on the verge of launching WW3, in their crazed determination that they should rule over not just our nation, but over ALL nations, over all Humanity.
Trying to get our somnambulant people, distracted as we are by ‘bread and circus’, to open our eyes and see this, is like pointing up and asking us to see that the sky-above is BLUE!…
We are living in the Evil Empire. English is the primary language spoken here, but in the secret chambers of the most powerful among the Ruling Tyrants, Hebrew is also commonly heard.
The Jedi Warriors, boys and girls, speak Russian, (and its Caucasian (Indo-European) variants)… They speak Chinese, ands its Asian variants… They speak Arabic… They speak Spanish…  They speak Swahili, and its African variants… Etc… Etc…
‘We’, strike that… The Jewish-dominated US Empire, are NOT the ‘good guys’. Just look up people…The sky is BLUE!… See it?… How can we possibly not see that to most of the people now alive on our planet, ‘we’, strike that, our nation’s Ruling Tyrants, are now ‘the Bad Guys’?
In his interview with Mr. Napolitano, linked above, Mr. Crooke considers the possibility that these dangerous threats against Russia from the Jewish-dominated US Empire, these threats to actually launch WW3, are just a lot of “huffing and puffing” from a dying behemoth whale that knows it will soon be going ‘belly up’. But, as we ate our hot-dogs and delicious potato-salad during our 3-day Memorial Day weekend, the people who now rule over us, the US Empire’s Jewish-dominated Ruling Tyrants, were indeed threatening to “allow Ukraine” to launch long-range US Empire missiles deep into Russia… And Russia was warning that it WILL immediately respond in kind… NOT against Ukraine, but against the US Empire itself…
The birds’ song in the morning sunshine outside my window is now become an eerie sound… As the threat of Humanity’s Apocalyptic self-annihilation has never been greater than it is this very morning, life goes on around us, as on any other morning. Birds sing in the cool morning air. People drive to work, listening to the usual drivel on their radios. Children board school buses giggling and laughing. Old women go out to the curb to check the mail.. As Apocalyptic War threatens the life of every one of us, and of everyone we love, more this very morning than it ever has, it’s just another ordinary day in our insane modern world.
I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis in ’62. I was in 8th grade. 14 years old. I remember what it felt like as the entire nation was transfixed, in “motionless astonishment”, by the ‘clear and present danger’, holding our collective breath in apprehension. In every class at school, our lessons were suspended, as we feared that at any moment a brilliant flash might herald our final fate. In those ‘olden days’, people were still at least sane enough to not want to study, or teach arithmetic, or literature, as the very real threat of sudden and imminent death hung over us all.
Today the danger is MUCH greater, but few of us are even paying any attention at ALL… It’s just another day… As nuclear launch crews in Russia are doing intense practice drills, as the targets of Russian hypersonic missiles are already being dialed-in to their computer-software, we just go on about our ordinary business. Just another day in this crazy world that is lorded over by these EVIL US Empire’s Ruling Tyrants.
Colonel Macgregor’s interview with Judge Napolitano, (which I watched after Mr. Crooke’s), was somewhat calming. The Colonel talks about the fact that the US Empire is doomed to inevitable defeat because its power depends on its vassal nations acting against their own best interests. They’re just not going to keep doing that, Colonel MacGregor advised. The steam-pressure is already mounting, to nearly being ready to ‘blow’, for them to STOP serving the tyrannical US Empire and to START serving the interests of their own people.
Although Germany’s ridiculous US Empire lackey, Olaf Scholz, is still ‘holding the line’, for example, Colonel MacGregor points out that the German people are suffering terribly as the German economy continues to slide through its current terrible recession toward a seeming inevitable even more terrible depression. So recently the industrial economic powerhouse of Europe, with a prosperous population, after the US Empire cut the German economy off from its lifeline of ‘affordable energy’, when the US sabotaged the Nordstream Pipeline, the German economy immediately began to ‘crater’. The US Empire delivered a deadly blow to its own ally. Everybody knows. (Apologies to Leonard Cohen). Everybody saw… The Empire’s idiotically transparent lies only fool idiots. ‘We’, strike that, the Jewish-dominated US Ruling Tyrants attacked our its own ally, delivering a blow that now has the German people shivering through winter, and suffering in a cratering economy. Germany now must pay fully 5 times as much for LNG (liquified natural gas) shipped from the US, as it would be paying, and was paying, for gas coming through Nordstream from Russia. Paying that much for energy to power its factories, its products are no longer competitive in price on the international market. As Germany’s factories continue to shut down, the German people have ‘suddenly’ been delivered from prosperity into shivering poverty.
The Jewish-dominated US Empire deliberately delivered a devastating death blow to its OWN ally. And everybody knows it did. But Germany’s own clownish lackey of a ‘leader’ is still supporting the US Empire, as the pent-up anger of the German people rises to a ‘revolutionary’ pitch.
Sholz’s day are numbered, Colonel MacGregor predicts. He thinks Germany is on the verge of open revolt against the Empire. He thinks Germany will leave NATO, and when it does, NATO will crumble into complete shambles. The EU itself is skating on increasingly thinning ice.
Colonel MacGregor referenced the fact that the most important Arab leaders are now in Beijing, discussing investments in major ‘liberating’ economic infrastructure, (liberating them from US Empire-dominated economic infrastructure), including vast international investment in a mega-seaport near Bandar Abbas, on the Straits of Hormuz in southern Iran, as part of a major trade route being planned and built to link south Asia up into Russia, and then inevitably on west to link Germany, and the rest of Europe.
Colonel MacGregor, a brilliant analyst, thinks the very foundation stones of the US Empire are shifting, and are likely to soon crumble, not merely to political factors, but more immediately to hard-core economic factors. Political allegiances will follow people’s inherent economic self-interests.
Europe wants and NEEDS to develop its trade with Asia. ‘Eurasia’ is a ‘NATURAL’ formation of economic interests that the Jewish-dominated US Empire canNOT forestall. They may as well try to force a great river to reverse its flow and flow uphill instead of to the sea… Europe cannot remain loyal to the US Empire, because its own best economic interests lie in ‘Eurasia’, in the economic infrastructure that the Arab nations are, for example  currently (right NOW) in Beijing discussing and planning with Russia’s close ally, China. This new mega-seaport, and this new trade route infrastructure, is an auxiliary of China’s visionary multi-trillion dollar BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) project connecting the huge and still burgeoning Asian Market with Europe. While ‘we’, strike that… while the greed-crazed US Empire’s Ruling Tyrants spend trillions on weapons and bombs, China is directing trillions in international investment wealth into building economic infrastructure, seaports, roads, bridges, high-speed rail lines, etc, that will build shared prosperity broadly among the Common People of every participating nation.
The Jewish-dominated US Empire has ‘cooked it own goose’. The US Ruling Tyrants have economically exploited the American people so cruelly, they have garnered so much of our nation’s wealth into so few hands, that our ‘buying’ power’ simply cannot compete with the growing and spreading wealth of Asia, where more of wealth is flowing into the hands of the Common People, and thus is immediately available to buy things. They are already a ‘richer’ market than are Americans struggling to pay for our groceries and our monthly bills.
People in America can’t afford to keep ourselves housed and adequately fed, and pay our medical bills, without foregoing buying things that the BILLIONS of people in Asia can increasingly afford to buy.
Europe will “follow the money”, is what Colonel MacGregor is telling us. They will do so because it is in THEIR own best interests to do so. The Common People of Europe WILL rise in revolt against the European Ruling Elites, if those Elites keep serving the US Empire’s interests, rather than the European people’s interests.
Colonel MacGregor remarked that the European Elites are already moving in that direction politically, as evidenced by the European nations that are openly defying the Jewish-dominated US Empire by giving official recognition to the Palestinian State. This ‘political signal’ could not be more blaringly clear.
So Colonel MacGregor and the equally brilliant Alastair Crooke see things very much the same, but from sharply different angles. Colonel MacGregor is more optimistic in recounting that the days of the tyrannically evil US Empire are numbered. Mr. Cooke agrees that the Empire is doomed to self-defeat, but tends to worry more about the Samson Option. The great Jewish hero, Samson, killed the enemies of the Jews by bringing the temple down on his own head, as well as theirs. Will the Jewish-dominated US Empire suffer defeat graciously? Or, choking on the bitter acid bile burped up from their own fetidly gorged bowels, will they rather take all Humanity down with them?
I urge all to listen to these two interviews… (About 35 minutes each)…
The days of the Evil Jewish-dominated US Empire are numbered. The only question is what will this evil deadly beast do as it falls into its own demise. These are people who are now murdering human babies in the beds. We, the American people, and our brothers and sisters among Europe’s Common People, are living under the power of tyrants who are every bit as EVIL as humans are capable of being. What is there that is more evil than murdering masses of innocent people, including masses of children and babies, in their beds?
Hope all are well, and in Strong Spirit.
Simius Cognitius