Call for action on the Israeli destruction of Palestinian natural and cultural heritage, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Please keep writing, keep sharing, keep acting, keep staying human. There
is hope and signs are all around us that the dawn is coming after this
darkest period. We shall overcome.

Very important Statement and call for action from the Palestine Institute
for Biodiversity and Sustainability and the Palestine Museum of Natural
History (Bethlehem University) on the Israeli destruction of
Palestinian natural and cultural heritage: The Palestine Institute for
Biodiversity and Sustainability and the Palestine Museum of Natural History
(Bethlehem University) having good long-term working relations with our
cultural and natural heritage institutions and landmarks situated in the
Gaza strip watched with horror as these same intuitions were targeted by
the Israeli apartheid and occupation army. Here are just selected examples
of recent destruction of cultural and and natural heritage and suggested
call to action….. More at


Before October 7, 2023 more than 500 trucks entered Gaza daily even though
this was not sufficient (Gaza was under blockade and one Israeli minister
had said they were on a diet!). In the 70 days since 7 October when Israel
defense minister say no food, no water, no electricity, a token handful
of food trucks entered the Gaza strip (during the short pause in Israeli
genocide campaign) and combined with Israeli army preventing any farming
and destroying farms, the hunger genocide is commented. Even the biased
world food program had to write this (without naming the culprit)

Can someone please educate us about when was the last time starvation of
millions was used as an instrument of “war”? Even though this is not a war,
it is a besieged concentration camp uprising analogous (not identical of
course) to what happened in the Warsaw ghetto uprising.


These two youtube videos are a must watch for peace and worth a trail of
discussion here

Most eloquent speech at the UN and one of the reasons I am optimistic about
our future

And this is a remarkable admission from Ami Ayalon, former head of Shin Bet
(Israel equivalent to the US FBI but with far more authority to kill and
torture indigenous people)): That Israel’s policy of divide and conquer
creating a Hamas Controlled Gaza and a Fatah (Vichy government like) West
Bank precipitated what happened October 7 and the policy of th9is most
radical govern ent will only lead to many more wars. He compares Israel’s
current strategy to that of “ISIS and Al Qaeda”. He says many people in the
current Israeli leadership set as a “political goal” to “create a human
disaster in Gaza because from the chaos we shall start again.” He says
“this is exactly the theory of the most radical, fundamental Muslim
organizations; this is exactly the theology and the strategy of ISIS and of
Al Qaeda.” Remember the Netanyahu government’s talking point that “Hamas is
ISIS”? Here we have the former head of the Shin Bet actually saying that
the current Israeli government is ISIS. Quite amazing!

US Honor- US Shame by Jeffrey Sachs

United Nations Honor, United States Shame in Gaza

The war in Gaza has been an intense lesson in western hypocrisy. It won’t
be forgotten

Getting serious about halting genocide

Getting Serious About Halting Israeli Genocide

A US Veteran speaks of hypocrisy of arab leaders (& Turkey)


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♬ الصوت الأصلي – Rahal

86 Journalists have been killed so far by the Zionazi regime. Abby Martin
says it concisely

And just few hours ago the photographer Samer Abu Daqqa and the reporter
Wael Al-Madhouh were injured by Israeli bombing at a school in Khan Younis.
Wael was evacuated and is being treated but Samer is still injured in the
grounds of the school surrounded by Israel army

Stay human (hard as it may be)

Mazin Qumsiyeh