Calling His Shot – Babe Ruth to the Rescue, by Ray Zwarich

As I have written in the past, I believe that Humanity’s Rebel Nations, those nations which are in open rebellion against the Jewish-dominated US Empire’s dogged determination to ‘rule the world’,, the Rebel Alliance being principally led by Russia and China, including what’s being called ‘the Resistance’ against Israel’s US Empire-backed utter moral depravity in Gaza, are following a version of what’s known as a “Fabian Strategy“. This strategy derives its name from the Roman Consul Fabius, who, circa 218 BC, conceived and executed the long but ultimately successful Roman defense against Hannibal’s invasion of Italy. This strategy was also employed with great success against Caesar, in 52 BC, by the great Gallic hero, Vercingetorix, (though a fatal mistake allowed Caesar to ultimately triumph), and also, in more modern times, in 1812, by the Russian Czar’s forces against the otherwise militarily unstoppable Napoleon.
The Fabian Strategy involves avoiding pitched battle, avoiding direct confrontation, depending instead on applying economic deprivation on the enemy. Against Hannibal, the Romans burned all stored grain, and crops in the field, that were within distance of being accessed by Hannibal’s army. Wherever Hannibal marched his army, the Romans destroyed all food supplies, even forage for the animals. Vercingetorix managed to unite the Gallic tribes in revolt against Caesar, and, (quoted from his Wikipedia entry), “He [Vercingetorix] adopted a policy of retreating to natural fortifications, and undertook an early example of a scorched earth strategy by burning towns to prevent the Roman legions from living off the land.” Napoleon struck deep into Russia, actually occupying Moscow, but, (again, from Wikipedia) “the Russian Army….opted for a strategic retreat, employing attrition warfare against Napoleon compelling the invaders to rely on an inadequate supply system, incapable of sustaining their vast army in the field.” 
A Fabian Strategy is usually very unpopular among the population of those forces employing it, and Putin has certainly had to endure a great deal of criticism for so patiently employing a relatively passive defensive position in Ukraine, rather than launching an all-out assault to ‘conquer’ Ukraine quickly, which many/most people thought he would have, and should have done. But I believe that the visionary leaders of the Rebel Alliance are very wise in their patient restraint, and are very much due the appreciation of all Humanity for knowing, as these wise leaders clearly do, that the US Empire is led by ‘crazed’ people who cannot be counted on to act rationally. 
These Rebel Nations seem very highly focused on doing everything they can to avoid meeting their Enemy, the Jewish-dominated Tyrants who command the US Empire, head on, in pitched battle. They are doing everything they can to avoid WW3, which would very likely (as we all know) be apocalyptic, likely even causing the total annihilation of the human species. Though Russia was forced, by naked US Empire military aggression in Ukraine, to take a more assertive ’emergency’ military action, these Rebel Nations’ primary offensive against the Evil US Empire is economic. 
They are highly focused, with great success, on building a formal Alliance of Nations, the rapidly burgeoning BRICS Alliance, to work together to undermine the “world reserve currency” status of the US Dollar, which is THE factor that allows the US Empire to deficit-finance, with paper money debt, its hegemonic military aggression, its determination to ‘rule the world’. We all surely know that the only reason that the US Empire can print so much paper money without igniting hyper-inflation is because the US Dollar’s world reserve currency status creates constant demand for dollars in the world economy. Nations must have US dollars to buy crucial commodities on the world market, which are currently only sold in dollars. The rapidly growing BRICS Alliance is increasing trade in nations’ own currencies, and is even working toward creating a new ‘world currency’ to completely supplant the US Dollar.
Led by China, which currently holds some $3.2 Trillion in US Dollar reserves, many nations, including even staunch US allies, like Japan, are dumping their US Dollar reserves as rapidly as they can without creating a ‘panic’. Those old dollar-reserves, in the form of older long-term US Treasury bonds with low interest rates, are worth very little on the market. They must be held to maturity in order to redeem their face value. Newer US Treasury Bonds, yielding around 5%, are still in demand, but they also, of course, cause an accelerating exponential increase in our nation’s annual deficit and total debt. Interest paid out on our debt has now surpassed $1 Trillion per year. Our debt, already bumping $35 Trillion, is increasing at a current rate of $3.6 Trillion per year, and that rate is increasing exponentially, and the rate of increase accelerates as interest rates rise. 
We’re now caught in a fatal vortex of inflation, and rising interest rates to both forestall inflation and maintain demand for the inflating US Dollar. As interest rates rise, (some of us are old enough to remember when US mortgage rates reached 18.6% in 1981), the cost of maintaining our burgeoning debt, (the amount of interest we must pay out), rises, which causes the debt to rise faster, (we must borrow more to pay the interest on what we already owe), which causes the cost of maintaining to rise, which causes the debt to rise faster… And so on… And so on… That is what is meant by an ‘exponential’ rise. The faster the rise, the faster the rise gets faster… That’s what ‘exponential’ means… On an x,y graph, the curve of the rise shoots up ever more steeply, approaching its ‘asymptote’, which is the paradoxical vertical line ‘limit’ of ‘infinity’, (paradoxical to have ‘infinity’ as a ‘limit’)
The brain trust of the Rebel Nations, such as Russian econmic genius Sergey Glazyev, and the highly cooperative leaders of China’s economy, (which is being characterized as ‘tanking’ in the Western Mass Media because its GDP growth rate has declined to ‘only’ 5.3%, compared to the 1.3% current growth rate of the US economy), can read a graph, of course. They can see that the US Empire is already caught in this fatal vortex, (circling the toilet drain). The giant Ponzi Scheme that comprises the US Empire’s ENTIRE economy can only result, sooner or later, and most likely sooner, in a crash into utter ruin, as ALL Ponzi schemes ALWAYS do. 
Achilles was a warrior that no other could defeat face to face, but he had his fatal weakness, of course. The US Empire’s dependence on printing press debt-financing is this Jewish-dominated Evil Empire’s Achilles Heel. The Rebel Nations’ leaders all see this. They all know that the US Empire is already circling the toilet drain.   
Israel’s economy is in egregiously dire straights. Last reports we heard it had shrunk a full 20% since October 7th, and those reports were issued some time ago, and may be under-reporting the actual extent of the economic devastation in this obviously morally depraved “Nation State of the Jewish People”, (as it has actually passed legislation declaring itself to be). Israel’s GDP contraction could very well now be bumping the 30% contraction of the US economy during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Their enemy is most definitely “fear itself”, as their population continues to scurry to ‘abandon ship’. Emigration from Israel after Oct. 7th was already widely reported at 500,000 early last December. That’s over 7% of the total population, equivalent to almost 25 million people suddenly emigrating from the US. How many have now abandoned the sinking ship in the past 6 months? Google it… I couldn’t find out… The fact that this information is not available is perhaps an indication that the Jewish-dominated Tyrants who command the US Empire don’t want it known… Ya think?
We know that Putin has hosted Hamas leaders for strategic discussions, as well as all the other important regional leaders of ‘the Resistance’, and has a close strategic relationship with Iran, and with the other Arab and non-Arab Muslim nations. Russia’s own Muslim population is estimated to be between 14 and 25 million. (The new mosque just recently built in Moscow can accommodate 10,000 worshippers). Arab leaders were just recently in Beijing for a major summit conference, during which the ongoing economic cooperation between these nations was discussed at length, including discussion of joint investments in building new economic infrastructure, including a new regional mega-seaport in southern Iran, as part of the infrastructure of a major new trade route linking South Asia to Europe, which will produce prosperous economic benefits for all Arab nations.
In his welcoming address to the Arab leaders, after detailing their mutual plans to achieve mutual prosperity through ongoing and increasing economic cooperation, Chinese President Xi Jinping said:
“The Middle East is a land bestowed with broad prospects for development, but the war is still raging on it. Since last October, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has escalated drastically, throwing the people into tremendous sufferings. War should not continue indefinitely. Justice should not be absent forever. Commitment to the two-State solution should not be wavered at will. China firmly supports the establishment of an independent State of Palestine that enjoys full sovereignty based on the 1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital. It supports Palestine’s full membership in the U.N., and supports a more broad-based, authoritative and effective international peace conference.”
The historical landmark nature of the rapprochement that Chinese diplomacy managed to create in the Muslim world, an historical handshake between Arabs and Persians, expressing mutual hopes for the future, has been downplayed, of course, in the Jewish-dominated US Empire Mass Media. Many such tectonically momentous ‘things’ are happening in our world, which the Jewish-dominated Western Mass Media, of course, don’t want our population to be aware of.
Against this backdrop of dramatic events, with Humanity’s very survival very immediately ‘hanging in the balance’, the principle publisher of ‘The Unz Review’, one of our nation’s foremost alt-media outlets, Ron Unz, published an article yesterday concerning the current desperate threats being made by the dangerously Dying Empire, (My Grampa Owen, an Ozark farm-boy, who took me into the Missouri backwoods when I was a boy, and taught me how to hunt and fish, taught me that a cornered beast, any beast trapped against two walls, with no escape possible, was always the most dangerous kind of beast, even if it was only a lowly rat, let alone an ’empire’), to allow NATO-manned long-range missiles to be launched from Ukraine to strike deep into the Russian homeland. As we all surely know, Russia’s leader promised that if such attacks by NATO on Russia take place, Russia WILL retaliate not against Ukraine, but directly against the US Empire itself.
Mr Unz, a meticulously exacting writer, (sometimes a bit tediously so, but the tedium is well worth the rewards), after first repeating my own recent assessment of the OUTSTANDING work being done by Judge Andrew Napolitano and his regular line-up of guests, (and thanks for that, Mr. Unz… he’s reading this), proposed that if Russia is thusly attacked directly by NATO forces, Mr. Putin should take a lesson from legendary American baseball hero, Babe Ruth, who famously “called his shot” during a world series at-bat, pointing to the outfield bleachers, before hitting a home run on the next pitch to the exact spot at which he had pointed.
Citing Iran’s carefully measured retaliatory response to Israel’s deadly attack on the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, a carefully measured response that avoided any loss of life while demonstrating the ability of Iranian missiles to do major damage to Israel’s most heavily guarded military bases, Mr. Unz proposes that Mr. Putin should “call his shot” in responding to an attack directly on ‘Mother Russia’. Mr. Unz proposes that Mr. Putin should take full advantage of Russia’s vast superiority over the US Empire in its hypersonic missile technology, which the US Empire is yet years away from obtaining, a technology that is unstoppable by any current missile defense system, and should announce in advance, to avoid loss of life, that Russia will completely obliterate NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. 
Putin could, as Mr. Unz points out, easily sink a US aircraft carrier or two, since these dinosaur behemoths are completely defenseless against hypersonic missiles, but, as Mr. Unz points out, the unavoidable loss of the lives of US military personnel would be counterproductive to Russia’s purpose in launching a retaliatory attack. Killing Americans would likely be too provocative to serve Russia’s primary objective, as well as the objective of China, and of the alliance of Rebel Nations they are leading, which is to forestall the Humanity-obliterating horrors of WW3, while achieving their own freedom, as sovereign nations, from being dominated by this exceedingly EVIL Jewish-dominated US Empire, whose utter moral depravity is currently on fully horrific display, before the very eyes of all Humanity, in the mass murder of masses (tens of thousands) of completely defenseless people in Gaza, which INSISTS that the US Empire must rule over all Humanity.
Putin should announce the exact time of the attack, Mr. Unz proposes, so the building(s) can be completely evacuated, to avoid any and all loss of life. Just as that poor Chicago Cubs pitcher of yore could do nothing to avoid ‘the Babe’ hitting that home run exactly to where he had pointed, NATO, the military arm of the EVIL US Empire, simply could do nothing to forestall its headquarters being obliterated, even knowing the exact time of the attack.
We, meaning all Humanity, are very fortunate to have such visionary leaders at the helms of the very nations that the EVIL US Empire has marked out as enemies that MUST be destroyed. (Who remembers Cato the Elder’s “Carthago delenda est!“?). Imagine if a fiery emotionally irrational character like a ‘Hitler’ was this EVIL US Empire’s enemy. Do we think that such a character would demonstrate the disciplined restraint being so fully exercised by these extraordinary leaders of Humanity’s Rebel Alliance of Nations? Not a chance… But for the wisdom of restraint being employed by these wise and visionary leaders, Humanity might as well bend over deeply and kiss our own backsides good-bye.
I urge all to read Mr. Unz’s excellent article, suggesting, (using yet another American baseball metaphor), that Mr. Putin should aim a ‘brushback’ fastball directly at the US Empire’s head, sending these bloviating idiots to get their pretty starched-and-creased uniforms dirty as they grovel into the dust.
Hope all are well, and in Strong Spirit.
Simius Cognitius