Comment on Israeli elections, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Zionist supporters claim Israel is not an
apartheid state and is “the only democracy in the Middle East” and have
voted increasingly to the right in every election since founding their
state on top of Palestine.  Eight of 14 million Palestinians are
refugees/displaced people. Remaining Palestinians live on less than 8.2% of
our historic lands. The situation for those remaining was described by
International (UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch) and even
Israeli (B’Tselem) human rights organizations as APARTHEID.  Israel has
over 65 laws that discriminate against non-Jewish citizens and over 400
discriminatory military orders for the 4.5 million of us in Gaza and the
West Bank subjected to Israeli rule. The Israeli elections like South
Africa’s elections under apartheid only brings more misery to the natives
and a drift to fascism and more extreme racism. Israeli newspaper Haaretz
even editorialized that "Kahanism Won. Israel Is Now Closing in on a
Right-wing, Religious, Authoritarian Revolution". My prediction is that the
election of the Netanyahu (original name  Mileikowsky) and Ben Gvir and all
their racist associates will only accelerate the inevitable demise of
Israeli apartheid.  And if you want to learn more about Netanyahu who will
become longest serving Israeli Prime Minister, see this
IN leaked commentary a while back French President Sarkozy quipped to US
President Obama that Netanyahu is liar to which Obama replied that he has
yo deal with him every day

Colonial situations have only three possible scenarios: the Algerian model
(departure of colonialists at massive loss of life), the US/Australian
model (genocide of natives) and the rest of the world model (descendants of
colonized and colonizers live in one country). The reason this apartheid
remains unresolved is because there is a strong propaganda and brainwzshing
capitalizing on fears and insecurity.  There is a network of adherents to
the ideology of Zionism who were recruited to support the project of
transforming a multiethnic, multicultural, multireligious, and multilingual
society to a “Jewish state of Israel”. They are recruited to weaponize
historical Jewish suffering/anti-Semitism to serve the nefarious political
ideology. Those groups vilify decent Jews and any human rights advocate to
continue funnel billions of dollars annually to support this apartheid
system and to support wars and conflicts in our region.

The Arab League “leaders” meeting in Algeria meanwhile continue (like
European leaders) to cow-tow to Zionist whims and desires as long as the US
wants them to (otherwise they are threatened with an end like that of
Saddam Husain of Iraq and Muammar Qaddafi of Libya). But the recent
election in Brazil and previous ones in other Latin American countries show
that you can indeed challenge imperialism and Zionism. While young Israeli
Jews are brainwashed into their assigned roles based on a
superiority-inferiority complex, young American Jews and young people
around the world are awakening. Our planet faces real dangers and these
dangers are not from terrorism or victims of colonialism who resist, The
dangers (climate change, habitat destruction, overexploitation, wars etc)
are to be faced by all of us. The children of the elites and
privileged will not escape. Time for all to wake-up.

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive