Conspiracies in High Places, by Peter Myers

Communism has fallen, yet it seems to reign in our universities, courts, and the UN. Open Borders, Gay Marriage, Sex change, Hate speech Laws: these are the signs. The secret: what has fallen is Stalinism; that’s all.

In its place, the Trotskyist variant largely dominates our culture.

The Bolshevik Revolution was an invasion of Russia by atheistic Jews. When Lenin died, a triumvirate took over, Kamenev, Zinoviev and Stalin. Stalin was the junior member, and the only non-Jew of the three.

Stalin stole their conspiracy. Too late, Kamenev and Zinoviev joined Trotsky’s Opposition movement. Stalin executed them all.

The Revolution which Stalin betrayed was one where the Family was abolished. People ate in communal mess-halls, instead of in family units. Children were urged to rebel against parents – Trotsky says it clearly in his book The Revolution Betrayed. There was an attempt to have children reared by childminders, rather than parents, but the government found that the family did a better job, and more cheaply, because parents look after their children for free.

The Feminist and Gay movements which emerged around 1968 were anti-Stalinist and broadly Trotskyist.

In recent decades, Left governments have promoted Free Trade (i.e. imports), Open Borders (i.e. mass immigration), minority rights, Feminism, Gay Rights, and Hate Speech Laws.

The sanctification of the Nazi Holocaust is a central part of this new “Universalism”. But it hides one particularism – the Jewish. Thus, the “International Community” can consider war or sanctions against Iran, for acquisition of nuclear weapons, but not against Israel for doing the same.

Jews are at the forefront of anti-Discrimination and Hate-speech laws. But they are in three factions: Globalist, Zionist and Green Left.

The leading Globalist mouthpiece is the Economist newspaper, owned by the Rothschilds; George Soros is part of their banking empire. The Green Left are the Left faction of the Globalists. Both support open borders and minority movements, but they differ over Israel and Zionism. The Globalists and Zionists evicted Jeremy Corbyn (of the Green Left) from the leadership of the Labour Party, over his pro-Palestinian stance, deemed anti-Semitic.

The students mounting protests over Gaza belong to the Green Left, which is broadly Trotskyist. Zionist Donors are forcing governments to crack down on them. Yet all three factions belong to the ruling elite. The Biden government has just mandated the use of Pronouns identifying one’s (fluid) gender identity; this is a Green Left policy.

The Globalists promote the World Court, and have talked of bringing Sharon or Netanyahu before it, whereas Zionists oppose that.

Globalism derives from the anti-Stalinist variant of Communism. It has a Jewish core, historically the same Jewish core that launched the Bolshevik Revolution. The bankers are in league with Trotskyists.

Stalin’s defeat of their conspiracy has come to naught, because Trotskyism survived in the West and is now culturally dominant. They have implemented Gramsci’s March Through the Institutions.

Only when you realise that Stalin stole the Jewish conspiracy, can you comprehend how the same conspiracy is operating today, still preaching Universalism but practising Particularism.

In my book The Cosmopolitan Empire I explain how these three factions have taken over the conspiratorial movement of Cecil Rhodes, known as the Round Table or Chatham House. The original Rhodes members constitute a fourth faction, the “British imperial” or Anglo-American.

The Rhodes conspiracy is evident in the Five Eyes intelligence network and the UKUSA agreement. But even though its structure remains, its content has been reversed. Rothschild has taken over from Rhodes. Whereas Rhodes advocated emigration FROM Britain, the Globalists advocate mass immigration INTO Britain and the West, and also the removal of Rhodes’ statues.

There is only one book where the structure of the One World conspiracy is analysed correctly – The Cosmopolitan Empire: One World but Whose?

Unlike most conspiracy literature, this book backs up controversial statements with References, APA-7 style. It’s academically rigorous, yet free of the Political Correctness that plagues universities today. The book is of university standard, yet has been written outside academia, and right here in Qld.

Five Appendices detailed specific conspiracies:
1: Media Blackout on JFK Assassination
2: The Balfour Declaration as a Secret Treaty
2A: Fake Hate Crimes and Antisemitic Attacks
3: MH370 Solved: The CIA and the Broken-Wing Display
4: The Attacks of September 11, 2001
5: Evidence that Stalin was Murdered

Although it’s very daring, the censors allowed it to be published. For a substantial book of 468 pages, with a comprehensive Bibliography and an Index, the paperback price is low, $US25 or A$42. The eBook is US$5.99. Buy it while you can, and help get the word out. It’s available through bookshops, but mainly at Amazon:

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