Convention on genocide, calendar of events, Bethlehem and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Just Yesterday/Friday Israeli apartheid army bombed (using US supplied
weapons) three hospitals, a UN School sheltering hundreds of families,
ambulances, journalists, and over a dozen residential buildings. 25,000
tons of bombs were dropped (equicvalent to 1 to 2 nuclear bombs). In the
past nearly a month, one civilian was murdered every 4 minutes, 6 children
and four women every hour, 25 ambulances, tens of thousands of residential
buildings, solar panels, hospitals etc. Most horrifying is the denial for
civilians of water, food, medicines, electricity, hygiene (bombed sewers
and water pipelines), and all elements of life. The medical services
collapsed not just for lack of supplies but also of fuel to run emergency
generators.(forbidden by the occupiers). But the world is rising. Please
joi a demonstration near you and act in other ways (see for
actions you can do)
Here is a calendar of events:
I have been participating in 3-4 events daily (talks, interviews etc). Here
is the latest “Free Palestine Event” which I think you should watch
especially the talks by Dr. Mahathir and Dr. Abusrour

This interview must be seen and shared by everyone. In fact, I had to watch
it twice and must watch it again and again because it is truly remarkable
in its insight. Amy Goodman interviews career State Department Official who
resigned and he says Israel Is Using U.S. Arms to massacre civilians in
Gaza but adds much more about the inner workings of the state department
under Zionist Blinken rulle. It is a must see interview especially by
UScitizens (and do share)

On Friday, Israel used US weapons to bomb three hospitals, convoys of
ambulances, civilians fleeing bombing, and a UN School. Since the beginning
of the assault on the civilians in Gaza, one civilian is killed every 4
minutes, 6 children and four women every hour. 9200 civilians killed,
21,000 injured.

Young Gaza poet and novelist, killed in Israeli strike, chronicled pain of
her people

Protestors at the Port of Oakland are blocking a US ship that will be
sending military weapons to Israel . #Gaza_Genocide

Israel committee Against Home Demolition calls for an end to the Israeli
genocide of the Palestinian people

ICAHD Calls for an End to Israeli Genocide Against the Palestinian People

Here are the provisions of the UN Convention on Genocide under which we
must brig the responsible (Israel, US, UK, German et al. officials)

In all the focus on Gaza we did not want to bother telling readers what is
going on in the West Bank nor at our museum of natural history. We suffer
in the Bethlehem Concentration Camp, like other camps for the
unwanted natives under Israel’s genocidal and colonial regime (supported
since 1916 by other colonial powers). While ashamed to mention our
situation compared to the real live horrors we see in Gaza (you can follow
those at ). Below are some thoughts from me, some
photos of our vigil in front of the Church of Nativity and then reflections
from Johnnie, one of our museum/garden volunteers which give you a good
overview of what is happening here. read more at…

We must all act.
Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh