Cosi Fan Tutte… So it goes… So All of Them Do, by Ray Zwarich

Cosi fan tutte… So it goes… (literally, in Italian, “so all of them do”)… I had a friend years ago, (Italian naturally, Spano), who liked to use that expression… The beat goes on… pounding its unreal insane rhythm into our brains… Laudy-daudy-di… Laudy-daudy-da…

Is there any hope for Humanity? Surely we can find a way to live together and survive?

I wrote an ‘Anthem’ a few months ago. Are any familiar with our great American artist Janis Ian?… Surely Dylan’s peer as one of our greatest poet-musician’s, though she has not yet gotten the recognition she deserves… Like Dylan, she wrote a powerful song she called ‘Forever Young‘. A story of a dead girl, and her grief stricken lover…

It opens as the gravediggers do their grim labors:

Can you see the early morning chill?
In the frost that covers this cold hill?
Can you hear the high and lonesome sound
Of shovels striking ground?

Surely one of the most beautiful poems of tragic human love ever written. A classic theme of human passion gone to pain and woe. Remember the Kingston Trio’s classic?  “Hang down your head Tom Dooley. Poor boy you’re bound to die” In 1958, this was the #1 hit song in the nation.

Do any know Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’?

“Yet each man kills the thing he loves,
By each let this be heard,
Some do it with a bitter look,
Some with a flattering word,
The coward does it with a kiss,
The brave man with a sword!”

The last lines of Ms. Ian’s version of her take on this age-old tale of the latent tragedy in human passion:

We will watch him riding through the gates
To the prison cell that now awaits
He will never no more see the sun
And she will be forever young

He will never no more see the sun
And she will be forever young

The words are themselves powerful enough, but the hauntingly powerful melody is surely among the most beautiful that any musician ever ‘pulled out of the ether’.

In a recorded interview I have heard, (I just tried to find it on youtube but couldn’t, it’s on one of the bootleg albums I came into possession of back in the late 60s), ole Pete Seeger asked a young Dylan how he wrote so many extraordinary songs. Dylan answered, “I don’t really think I write these songs. They’re just in the air all around us, all the time. I just hear them and write them down, and then play them and sing them”.

Indeed… That’s ‘genius’ for you, eh?… As good an explanation of genius as I’ve ever heard anyway… Like LittleBobby Zimmerman, (Dylan), though never having garnered the recognition he has, Ms. Ian is a true genius…

I have purloined her powerful haunting melody, for an Anthem meant to uplift our spirits, rather than have us look into the depths of our human tragedy. (I haven’t asked for her permission yet). Here’s the refrain to my ‘Anthem’

Can we walk together hand in hand?
Can we build a new nation on this land?
Can we sing in praise of forgiveness’ grace?
Can we walk together hand in hand?

Hope is so hard to hold in this cruel, crazy world we’ve made. The ‘beat goes on’. Pounding its death knell rhythm to our brain… The beat that got us to where we are, balanced precariously on the precipice of fatal disaster, just pounds on and on and on, incessantly… Is this the best that we poor humans are capable of? Can we not awaken into a better spirit?

I have been in correspondence with my oldest grandchild, a very talented 14 year-old boy, whose mother, my middle daughter, recently told me is ‘feeling down’. I feel a little better after exchanging a few letters with him. He does not sound ‘clinically depressed’ to me. It sounds like just reasonably normal teen-age ‘blues’. I feel better… Hopefully he does too…

He plays guitar. He and I are ‘guitar buddies’. (I’m an old ‘couch plunker’). I gave him my best pep-talk. I sent him a link to one of my favorite old blues songs, ‘Trouble in Mind‘, one of the first vintage blues songs I ever heard back in the early 70s. I’m going to try to learn it so I can teach it to him, or maybe he’ll learn it and teach it to me. Lightin’ Hopkins plays it in G#m. Way too complex for my primitive skills…. Maybe I can make it work in G. “Trouble in mind, I’m blue, but I won’t be blue always, sun’s gonna shine in my back door someday”.

I often think about how the persistently unreal craziness that our nation’s Ruling Elites are imposing on us, through their highly sophisticated use of their centralized bullhorn of Mass Media, is affecting these children whom I love much more than life itself… It makes me weep, (literally), to contemplate their pain.

Young children trust the grown-ups. But teen-agers start to figure out that we adults are WAYY more fucked up than they ever could have imagined. I cringe in shame. Look at the crazy world we’re handing down to them. I weep…

I should have done more. I take personal responsibility. It’s MY fault. 74 years on this Earth. Over 50 years trying to ‘save the world’. And this utter failure is the best I could do? What a miserable failure I am. It’s MY fault. I should have figured out how to do more. It’s MY fault…

Here’s a thoughtful article from just last month, reporting that according to a CDC study, fully 44% of American high-school students now feel “persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness”. I’m SO sorry, children… It’s MY fault. I take personal responsibility. I can help my own feel a bit better, perhaps. I’ve always been good for an uplifting pep talk for my children… But I want to help them ALL… So MANY in pain… And with The Four now galloping free, hooves pounding their constant beat into our brains…the pep talks are getting harder to muster.

‘Harping’ on a theme… Interesting expression… “to talk or write persistently or tediously on a subject”. So my online dictionary defines the verb ‘to harp’. Well… That doesn’t sound so bad. “Persistently” actually sounds good. Persistence is a positive trait… Right? “Tediously”, of course, implies that one’s audience feels put upon. It could be worse. Some might say ‘to harp’ is to be ‘obsessive’.

I’m kind of like a Pit Bull. Jack London wrote a brilliant story, ‘White Fang’, that I read with wide-eyed fascination as a boy. White Fang was a wolf that had been captured and enslaved to entertain human brutes in the dog fighting pits of the wild Yukon territory. His fights lasted but seconds. His wild wolf fangs slashed quickly, and another poor dog lay bleeding out. Easy money for White Fang’s owner.

But then the wolf came up against a breed no one in that territory had even yet seen. Did you ever wonder how pit bulls got that name? The wolf’s fangs slashed… The pit bull bled, but was unfazed, and never slowed down in its relentless determination… The pit bull, through his ‘dogged’ (isn’t language fascinating?) persistence, finally got a grip with his steel trap jaws on White Fang’s throat. Not slashing and cutting, but just a powerful choking grip. Like the jaws of a steel wolf trap, once a pit bull’s steel-springed jaws clamp down, (or so Jack London told us so dramatically, as only he could), that dog would NEVER let go as long as there was life in its body. White Fang was being slowly suffocated, his eyes were going glassy. his consciousness was fading… until the story’s protagonist steps in to rescue him. And thus began a long devoted loving friendship between a kind hearted man and a fierce wild wolf…

Roll your eyes if you must, folks… But this stupid old silverback ape has a wee bit o’ that pit bull in me… I told you I would write Part 2 about the Boston ‘peace movement’, (from which I was purged for advocating for peace with Russia, as I learned yet another lesson about just how dingbat CRAZY the Woke Cult is)…. But that will have to wait another day.

I’ve been distracted by my determined pit bull grip on Robert Scheer’s throat… Roll your eyes, folks… Can’t say as I blame you..

GREAT NEWS, ladies and gentlemen… GREAT NEWS from HollywoodBob Scheer this morning, folks.

He’s just ecstatic to report that his local Goebbels sub-Committee has nominated him for fully 8, count ’em folks, EIGHT illustrious awards, for so loyally helping them accomplish their crucial work in keeping our nation’s population so confused, abused, and downright delusional that we are completely unable to organize ANY political resistance the the Ruling Elites’ iron fist rule over us.

Gee… You think this Jewish man’s jewish friends in Hollywood won’t show their… uhhh… ‘generous’ appreciation? This isb truly a BIG red-letter day for ole QuislingBob.

Let’s give HollywoodBob a big hand ladies and gentleman. You know how much he LOVES applause…Put your hands together for this devoted social hero’s recognition for his loyal service to the Ruling Elites’ Goebbels Committee…

Bob is positively GIDDY in his elation.

Geezus H… Can this actually be real? Am I in a bad dream I cannot awaken from?…

Lord, please forgive us… We’re doing the best we can…

As our children are mired in despair, as the bullets of WW3 are already flying, as we can hear the terrible hoofbeats of The Four pounding ever closer, ole HollywoodBob Scheer, while posing so clownishly as a social hero, is just giddy with elation, just as he always gets when the Goebbels Committee rewards him with riches for being such a good and loyal hound for them.

What’s WRONG with us? What’s wrong with our nation that has led us into our current predicament, which seems to present us with an increasing likelihood of utter disaster every day?

Is there ANY hope of our nation getting better, like a sick person can recover and get well? If so, what do people imagine would be the means, the process of getting better?

What is WRONG with this man Robert Scheer? Bragging about receiving awards directly from the Empire of Evil that has brought us to the very brink of the apocalypse? Oh… And he’s sure to tell us that ole Cane Toad Hedges has been honored by the Goebbels Committee as well… Let’s hear it for Cane Toad, folks. You know him… The one who thinks he’s Jesus? Put your hands together.

Applause to ole Cane Toad Hedge is like that first hit of oxy to a jonesing junkie.

What’s WRONG with these people? Almost half our nation’s children are feeling persistently hopeless, and Robert Scheer is boasting about winning awards from the Goebbels Committee, for helping them to render our youth into this condition?

The first verse of my ‘Anthem’ (to Ms. Ian’s haunting purloined tune)

Will we meet each other in the Square?
Will our children proudly see us there?
Will we work together eye to eye
Will we work to build a nation that is fair?

Imagine how it would uplift our sad, hopeless children’s hearts, to see ‘the grownups’ act like civilized adult humans, to face our problems honestly, and start to work together to solve them?…

You know why Marcuse’s good buddy, Allen Dulles, had John Kennedy murdered? What did JFK say, at American University only weeks before his murder? Did he not DARE to propose peace with Russia?

His words forever ring in my brain:

For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.

Russian parents love their children…. Do we not love ours the same?..

Robert Scheer loves HIMSELF, his fame, and wealth MUCH more. Remember what LittleBobby said, in Masters of War? “Let me ask you one question. Is your money that good? Will it buy you forgiveness? Did you think that it could? One thing I know, I’m younger than you. And even Jesus could never forgive what you do”.

Our children are falling ever deeper into hopeless despair, but Robert Scheer is elated on this fine spring morning over his awards from the Ruling Elites’ Goebbels Committee.

Roll your eyes if you must, folks. I don’t blame you.

I also sent my precious beloved grandson an uplifting song from the late, great Leonard Cohen, ‘Passing Through’. Here’s some high school kids singing it:

I was at Franklin Roosevelt’s side
On the night before he died
He said “One World must come out of WW2
Yankee, Russian, white or tan
A man is still a man
We’re all on one road
And we’re only passing through”

Indeed… Echoes of JFK… Bears repeating:

For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.

They killed him because he wanted peace with Russia… Peace on Earth….

They, the Ruling Elites did NOT,and DO not, want peace… They intended then, and still intend, to rule over all the other nations of the Earth.