Developments, Humanization, and Documentation, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Will the developments highlighted below and the beginning of humanization
of the indigenous people of Palestine stop the ongoing genocide in Gaza?
Will there be better factual documentation of the atrocities? Let us look

Israeli journalist talks about Gaza

And there have been of statements and petitions. Here are just five from
– Ceasefire now, end the blockade
-One Democratic State Campaign: Stop the genocide in Gaza


– >370 organizations, 23000 demand ceasefire
– Statementsfrom Canada
-Statement by the Organization of Islamic Countries (they should have
heeded some calls from some member countries to take concrete measures
including expelling Israeli ambassadors, challenging US interests for
funding genocide, and stop buying any Israeli products)
but stronger actions maybe needed including cvil disobedience

We expect more statements and better yet more actions to come as knowledge
expands and context is given (see

There were two resignations from the US State Department (Josh Paul and
Lara Friedmen) over the unconditional support of Israel by the Biden
Administration. Biden and his Zionist secretary of state gave the green
light for civilian slaughter in Gaza. They are also sending more weapons
and plan to get $40 billion ax-dollar money to Israel (while US citizens go
without healthcare). As a US citizen myself, I find the US foreign policy
to have been hijacked by Netanyahu fascist regime. This is definitely not
in the national interest of the US. There is not much time to reverse
course since the tokenism of the few humanitarian trucks from Egypt will
not avert the Humanitarian catastrophe that is upon us.

Hebrew Language hateful and violent speech increased some 50 fold since 6
October but is starting to decrease again

Protesters arrested blocking the white house then massive rally led by Jews
in Washington DC and 300 arrested for calling on an end to the genocide.

Jewish Voice for Peace Holds Massive Rally at Capitol for Israel-Gaza Ceasefire

Now, there is incredible suffering and killings in Gaza. I implore everyone
to humanize our p[eople. “We are not numbers”
was a small project to started before this latest onslaught on Gaza. I was
proud to mentor two of the young people. We need to tell stories and
listen to people in Gaza. Documentation of the hoprrors will be critical
when we bring the Israe;li criminals to international courts at the Hague
for their crimes against humanity. Whie social media does show some
pictures and give names. We need more context and more details of peoples
lives before they were killed or their homes bombed. We also need to
document the atrocity itselg Yousef Dawwas, a promising Palestinian writer
was killed with members of his family

We are naturally more connected to those we know. For me personally,
friends like Islam Abukhair who is not political (we helped his paralyzed
son get medical care) I have over 50
other friends I tried to stay in touch with in Gaza. Many we lost touch.
Each has a story to tell. But there are 2.3 millions stories (1.1 million
Children). Here is who to follow on instagram from Gaza to get updates and
share them

Stay human, act human…. time is of the essence. One child dies every 15
minutes now.

Mazin Qumsiyeh