Each of us has a responsibility to act, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Please pick the links and information of interest to you, but act, forward,
protest etc

I see dozens of horror videos daily from the ongoing slaughter in Gaza and
can’t sleep. Videos today showed bombing of families staying in the
courtyard of the Indonesian hospital. Another bombing at the Shifa hospital
A little girl no more than 10 next to her dead younger brother screaming
with her head covered with her own bleeding head wound and the splashed
blood and flesh of others all over her body. Her terrified and pained face
haunts me. Most hospitals cannot give even rudimentary care for lack of
electricity and medicines. Severe burns like from white phosphorus and
other supposedly banned weapons are not treated except with amputations of
limbs. Another video showed the horror of the lack of medicines including
pain killers for the only cancer hospital in the strip (which is now closed
as it ran out of emergency fuels for generators). I could not help to note
one of them who looked like my father who also died with lung cancer. My
father’s pain was ameliorated with a lot of morphine in his last few months
on earth. No morphine is left in Gaza so this man was writhing in pain (
https://youtu.be/1NKxkWl8CvU). Half the hospitals closed their doors as
they cannot offer any more and the remaining hospitals receive regular
bombing and orders to evacuate. I see powerful videos of interviews with
doctors who have been working without any sleep for days and they speak of
their patients and what is needed to save lives. True heroes. Here are a
couple of videos worth seeing

A foreign nurse https://youtu.be/gk7iWgCk14U

I see this ongoing horror while “diplomats” meet and dance about things to
give Israel as much time as it wants to “finish the job” (of genocide?.)
Over 5000 children are dead or under the rubble. 27,000 injured and many
will not survive because of lack of medical care in a collapse, besieged,
and bombed hospitals. Diseases and starvation will kill thousands more.
Half the buildings were destroyed or damaged and more homes are being
bombed every few minutes. 2.3 million people are thus denied basic elements
of life (shelter, food, water, medical care)! Countries would be sending
their armies to stop such genocide in any other situation. But our Arab
and Western “leaders” seem not to care at best or at worse directly
funding, arming, and collaborating with the perpetrators of the genocide
(while also regurgitating zionist lies to convince themselves and other
people why they could not act).. How much more slaughter will it take for
them and all people to say enough is enough. EACH OF US HAS A
RESPONSIBILITY TO ACT. Tomorrow/Saturday there will be events around the
world. Join one of them or organize an activity in your community (can be
any day). Spread the word, gather emails of politicians, block their
offices, shame them. Do something/anything no matter how small or how big.
Again for detailed information you can copy and paste to write to people to
dispel the myths that justify genocide, see ongaza.org We are the
millions, they are the few that profit from wars. We can end this nightmare
and we must insist on ending the bigger nightmare of a colossal historic
injustice to 15 million Palestinians. We deserve freedom from racism,
colonization, and occupation,

Chris Hedges powerful letter to the children of Gaza

Chris Hedges: Letter to the Children of Gaza

and a song of hope to children of gaza

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Must see thoughtful analysis with Amjad Iraqi and Ezra Klein

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home