Ego is the enemy and six other items, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

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ITEM 1: Ego is the enemy: reflection on the sad state of current affairs
and hope for the future of Palestine and the world (on my blog)

ITEM 2: Protesters shut down airport terminal at San Francisco for 158

ITEM 3: We remember our friend Rachel Corrie, an American student murdered
in Rafah 21 years ago (see Like the 150,000+
Palestinians murdered by the Israeli colonial regime over 76 years, the
killers do not face justice because of a strong Zionist lobby that shapes
policies and ensures continuing genocide supported by the west

ITEM 4: Israel lied (again): We knew it, the world knew it but still they
cut of aid to the only entity (UNRWA) that can help Gaza civilians.
Israel’s aim is genocide and liquidatuoion of the Palestinian cause) and
UNRWA provided limited Food, medicine, water so it was targeted for
physical liquidation (by bmbings and by pressuring governments to stop
funding UNRWA). Canada, EU and Australia did resume aid but not the US
(Israeli occupied territory)!
Maternal and girl’s health in Gaza

Bisan reports in English from Gaza Strip:

ITEM 5: How Israeli universities are an arm of settler colonialism: Maya
Wind’s new book meticulously demonstrates how Israeli academic institutions
were created to serve the Zionist colonization of Palestine. They continue
to do so to this day while fueling Israel’s university-military-industrial

How Israeli universities are an arm of settler colonialism

Prof. Nadera suspended by the Hebrew University for exercising free speech

ITEM 6: US (under Zionist lobby) push to ban TikTok is due to young people
spreading truth about Gaza

Gaza Solidarity Played Major Role in Renewed US Push to Ban TikTok – WSJ

Washington’s Renewed Urgency for TikTok Ban Is Due to War on Gaza

Lobby Cause America’s Downfall? In full view of the world, the US is
facilitating “some of the worst crimes of our age,” an action that could
ultimately cause America’s downfall… Why is this happening and what can be
done about it?

Will the Israel Lobby Cause America’s Downfall?

ITEM &: War on Gaza: How Israel’s leftists quickly lost their compassion
for Palestinians

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh