End of year message and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Make your year-end donation either to Gaza (see ongaza.org for suggestions)
or the West Bank (also undergoing attack). If you chose to donate to our
Palestine Institute for Biodiversity and Sustainability (to help
sustainability of human and natural communities), please go to

Why I am optimistic about 2024 despite the ongoing genocide in the Gaza
Strip largely absent from Western media coverage? Just the two bits of news
yesterday could be enough to depress us: that about 1000 children had
undergone amputations without anesthesia and that Israeli trafficking
business in Palestinian organs is flourishing. Well, let me explain my
optimism despite the horror. …. more with links and photos here

For the new year we should all pledge to redouble our efforts. See:

My (?prophetic) words in May 2021 that are still true: Tormented dance of
the colonizers

Vanessa Beeley: Christmas like no other

Saree Maqdisi: How can a person make up for seven decades of
misrepresentation and willful distortion in the time allotted to a sound

No Human Being Can Exist

Our friends at the International Middle East Media Center (
https://www.imemc.org) are in need of volunteers. Volunteers would provide
online support for the longest-running fully independent English language
news website in Palestine (began in Beit Sahour in 2003). They ask that
volunteers be available for at least 2 – 4 hours a week (or more)
consistently to help summarize and edit news reports (no journalism
experience or Arabic language necessary). The editor-in-chief is a veteran
Palestinian journalist who got his start documenting the first intifada in
1989 for print news outlets. Please email news@imemc.org if you are
interested and have availability.

Our Institute (palestinenature.org) plans to redouble our efforts to serve
people and nature: watch for our upcoming annual report, plans for our
tenth year anniversary which we celebrate in June, and plans for the future
(all coming in January). From our institute we wish each of you (friends,
colleagues, donors, volunteers, activists) a productive, healthy,
human-friendly, and eco-friendly 2024.

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh