Events and updates, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Public events next 24 hours as we wind our Australia  and New Zealand tour
Wednesday 5 June 4 PM EST: Environmental Impact of Explosive Weapons in
Thursday 6 June 6:30 doors open 7 PM Aukland, NZ time public talk “Climate
Change Actions and Biodiversity Conservation in Occupied Palestine. “Dr.
Russel Norman (director of Greenpeace) in Conversation with Professor Mazin
Qumsiyeh. Organized by Palestinian Youth Aotearoa and Dayenu: New Zealand.
Western Springs Garden Community Hall, Hall 2; 956 Great North Road,
Western Springs
Friday 7 June 6:00-9:00 PM Arabic language discussion of current affairs at
Fickling Convention Centre in Mt Albert, Aukland

Open letter from Academics in the Gaza Strip to the world

I cannot find any way to describe these latest atrocities committed by the
Israeli forces. The scenes could haunt us forever:
and Israeli soldiers proud of stealing aid
andb kill Palestinians who ran a soup kitchen
Let me introduce you
…to Australian supported Gaza ‘nippers’
…to Habiba… baby found under the rubble
….to Fatima and her bird. She has walked a great distance, after being
'displaced'. This is what she has to say to the photographer who asked to
speak to her:

An example of censorship at academia (and a good reason for the ongoing
student led encampments at universities that aid genocide)

Occupation of the Israeli embassy in San Francisco:

Toward a Global Anti-Apartheid Movement for Palestine: Johannesburg
Declaration on Israel's Settler-Colonialism, Apartheid and Genocide

"Uniting for Peace" is Next Step in Invoking Genocide Convention Process to
Protect Palestine

Hypocrisy and Deceit Down Under – Is Australia a Zionist Stronghold?
Australia public servants standing up to the Albanese Government to call
for an end to the two-way arms trade
people in the commonwealth shoul push governments to apply sanctions like
they did against apartheid South Africa in 1986 \

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive